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Obedience to Constitutional Law

author- Ms Initially No, policy writer

25-11-21, letter was sent to the Attorney General. There was some response in the backseats, that Attorney General was being held back from speaking to Constitutional Law, at a Parliament session, after letter was sent.

This was the letter

Obedience to Constitutional Law_25-11-21
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Citing Overbreadth Doctrine – that if a statute is so broadly written that it deters free expression then it can be struck down, made invalidated, voided – is not a back door for further violation; Crimes Against Humanity and the Commonwealth, that trespass on the Crimes Act. Overbreadth doctrine is a way of saying there is more to this – and people will have to fight to make certain that the finger is not pointed in the wrong direction again, as to whom is the treasonous act, and not blame poetry, or falsely blame living heritage as being in the way of logistics.

There must be some understanding of what is forbidden world-wide, to have in legislation – slavery, torture and external crimping on innocent and law abiding citizens – that being understood to be not permitted to be legislated. Only horrifying dictators enslave and torture a population after they have invaded a country; and are hated and loathed world-wide.

When espionage, stealth weapons are an overt criminal act – that the Government funding the organised crime violating the people, fails to act – their parliament is dissolved; and usually another dictator steps in promises to stop the horror and horrifies the world when they do the opposite. What is needed is that the slavery and torture and external crimping be stopped, that the legislation be compliant with known laws against what is destroying Australian people’s industry and ability to work.

If Australia does not know how-to stop the dangerous machines and satellites being pointed at innocent civilians, industry and businesses of Australian people, instead of the treasonous traitors perpetrating treachery, sabotaging everything – then Australia needs to be using another pointing system.

Citing Rachet Theory – Enforcing Constitutional Law, exercising the enforcement of power – the term is that the enabling clause works only in one way – such as ‘but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription (1-V-51-xxiiiA The Federal Constitution of Australia Act), to say that Police must recognise that it is a crime to enslave, and traffic for enslavers and torture a person with medico-dental provisions that medico-pharmaceutical companies must not be permitted to ransom; and the Executive must not cite ransom factor, as a disincentive to vindicate one’s rights in court, for people whom have been enslaved, tortured, and subjected to external crimping, and are law-abiding citizens of Australia, whom do have a right to due process, to Prosecute the Persons With Disabilities Attainted with Treason, whom enslaved, tortured and subjected them to external crimping, without being expected to pay a ransom to treasonous terrorists.

That people must not be made hostage in Synthetic Id; that Synthetic Id is a horrible crime, for that reason.

A country must be able to tax collect, law enforce, and never allow for such ransomware; that pushes to point of the rap to a law-abiding citizen instead of the treasonous criminal, terrorist and accomplices perpetrating sabotage.

Australia does not want to be invaded; and law-abiding civilians do not want to be invaded internally by electronic stealth communications devices, that are being used by treasonous criminals that have inveigled by device into positions of power. Australia does not want to war-mongering propaganda that other countries do not want criminals to have, and Australia doesn’t want hostile propaganda against its people and their industry and their witnesses to crime; Australia wants to stop the insurgents in Australia, that are treasonous criminals; and stop the witness intimidation scandals (that are a war crime).

Legitimate Government Objective is to have a good international rating as a law abiding country, a country that is honest when signing a Constitutional to abide by. When that includes a holocaust writ, and a referendum, it is particularly important that all legislation be in keeping with that which is there, in the Federal Constitution of Australia Act (1-V-51-xxiiiA). The fundamental right for Australian people to not be enslaved, tortured and subjected to external crimping must be there. Australian people do not want criminals exploiting them so that those criminals can evade the businesses, industries and Government Forces that are trying to stop the horrible criminals. Suspects of treason, must not ransomware another person and name them a quasi-suspect for model of operations, as medico-pharmaceutical companies do in Australia.

Citing Rational-basis test for Constitutional law – means complete compliance with that which is ‘but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription’ of provisions cited as may be given in 1-V-51-xxiiiA. That provisions may be given funding (if for peace and good governance) but the provisions must not be forced.

Citing Vagueness Doctrine, Constitutional law, in and when pertaining to Persons With Disabilities, that are employed by the Crown; that and investigations of corruption, whereby the difficulty of State Secrets and Lawful Soundings, are there and need application to Attorney General on the best ways and means of Due Process Requirements. That Criminal Statutes pertaining to Espionage may give direction to, and must be expanded upon in the High Court of Australia, where these matters are best understood.

There cannot be contradiction for the Australian people. That Criminal Statutes and other Statutes must not contradict the Federal Constitution of Australia Act.

What needs to be voided, must be voided. The Mental Health Act of Victoria must be void, rendered of no validity or effect; and the treasonous criminals that enslaved, tortured, witness intimidated, externally crimped law-abiding civilians, MUST NOT BE PERMITTED to empty their finances to another country, or hidden place; to emit, evacuate, or execute; or leave or vacate; nor exploit chemical tracing in people they injected with concoctions (fraudulently claimed to be for a virus, with the intention to externally crimp those people to enable treasonous criminals to be immune from detection, except by the people being violated by a false point and decoy system on Poisons Standards, Customs, and Ports; that has similarities that are understood by intelligence on ransomware and biometric data theft that pertains to State Secrets).

Nullifying the statutes that have validity or effect – means any contract the government has signed with the Persons With Disabilities Attainted with Treason, that usually also have allegiance to a foreign power (dual citizens, or residents, or visa), that such a contract is to be considered a fraudulent contract, to be likewise voided; void ab initio; null from the beginning, from when that contract was first entered into.

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