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Null & Void the Repugnancy

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer; CEO of Fine Art Gallery; visual artist; performing artist and composer of songs.

Australia doesn’t follow the laws of UK. Australia’s legislation follows, The Federal Constitution of Australia Act. That Chapter V, The States-109, Inconsistency of Laws; of that Act, addresses the matter of all legislation needing to comply with the Constitution, which is also in the Overview; reminding the Legislative Council, Executive Council, and all politicians that any repugnancy is null & void ab initio, ‘When a law of the State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency be invalid.’ (No homophones permitted in serious legal matters, and the meaning is clarified in the Overview.)

In 1946 there was made an amendment to The Federal Constitution of Australia Act, for means of holocaust prevention. That agreement, held back, by Request and Consent laws, of England, which are now no longer applicable, Australia (Request and Consent) Act 1985; Australia Act 1986.

In 1986, then, the holocaust prevention amendment, should have been complied with, after 40 years of delay and denial. Instead, there was a push to legislate Disabilities Services Act 1986, and Mental Health Act Vic 1986, and other States/ Territories. The intercorporate cartel (medico-pharmaceutical) obstructed compliance, and pushed for funding of electronic weapons licences tests, and poisons tests, that hook into a device, or block use of electronic device. That, at a time when, police violence against First Nations Australian people (civil rights demanded); elderly were violated, citizens (without a UK parent) were usurped; medico-pharmaceutical child molestation (civil rights demanded); that and molestation via the electronic devices, that were medico-pharmaceutical spies evasions (were subjected to forced human experimentation when attempted to be reported by people whom knew about espionage reports from 1930s-40s), and war crime on Australian law-abiding citizens.

2022, and after two years of obvious details of espionage weapons assaults, in Main St, Maldon Victoria, Australia, being reported to Attorney General, Australian Federal Police, and other Official Govt Office, as well as United Nations; while compliance with 1-V-51-xxiiiA has been demanded, in the provisions, services must not be forced, and should not be funded, since they cause disturbance to peace, order, good governance.

When prosecuting espionage, ask is that the historical offenses not be the focus, but only there for an understanding, to make certain they’re not being used, in electronic weapons devices, stalker apps, to obstruct justice; obstruct the Constitution; and null & void of repugnant legislation (so to comply with 1-V-51-xxiiiA of The Federal Constitution of Australia Act).

The Power to Act, and comply with Due Diligence, is there, and necessary in 2022.

It is Legislation, that is referred to as, or a verdict – when the term ‘repugnant’ is used. The reference should not be other than that, and definitely should not be used to refer to people.

The breach of contract – Repudiatory Breach, and other breaches, that are fundamental, and mean that the nonbreaching party terminates without penalty on their part. It is Breach of Statutory Duty, that is most relevant here, as violation of an obligation imposed legislatively, and failure to comply with obligations imposed by legislation. That, causing repugnancy in legislation, and Breach of the Peace, a violation that is criminal offense of causing public disturbance by disorder in the conduct. And how can there be order in the telecommunications- radiocommunications- spectrum, when the Legislation is not in order, and is so obviously repugnant. Violation of Covenant, the express promise to comply after agreed on to not force the provisions in 1-V-51-xxiiiA of The Federal Constitution of Australia Act.

A contract, always a Formal Agreement.

There should not be contrariwise said of those words, they are legal words. And when used in another way, it might be said to be poetic licence, though that is just to say informal language or offensive language.

When the legal words are informally used to attempt reputational damage on a human, it is horrifying for the person, to not be in the employment necessary to make certain the work is done. To put the word repugnant on the person, is undesirable offensive.

Though, if necessary must be directed to the employment, the seat of Power to Act with Due Diligence, and name that the ‘repugnant’. That must not be blame-shifted, to a person whom isn’t in that seat of Power to Act with Due Diligence to null & void the repugnant legislation.

When the inconsistency and contraction is so obvious, the Office responsible lose esteem, if they do not act, to null & void the repugnant legislation.

The Legislation that must be made null & void, is unnatural to humanity, fundamental law, human rights, as well as contrary to The Federal Constitution of Australia Act (1-V-51-xxiiiA).

Australian citizens have been subjected to insults of being named ‘all migrants nearly’, and songs inappropriate to citizens and patriotism (being used as if they represent Australia).

Offense of usurping and violating citizens of Australia, in espionage, that must stop, punishments for theft and exploitation of biometric ID. The offenders medico-pharmaceutical cartel, also obstructing the work necessary to stop spies evasion from blame-shifting onto Australian citizens (whom live all their life in Australia, and have allegiance to Australia). The Foreign Interference Espionage, data-theft, is a very serious crime, perpetrated by a medico-pharmaceutical cartel, that has increased their fascism in 2022, and war crimes on Australian citizens.

Request is that by Parliamentary Law, that a motion be sought to immediately make null & void all legislation that is non-compliant with 1-V-51-xxiiiA of The Federal Constitution of Australia Act. That no funding for any of the list of provisions/ services until the repugnant legislation is made null & void ab initio. That means, from the beginning, though, there really shouldn’t then be a movement to prosecute historical offenses, as that would not be in the public’s interest, when the prosecution of the intercorporate cartel is so urgent for Australian people, peace, order and good government. The provisions/ services of 1-V-51-xxiiiA, only may be given, when they’re for peace, order and good government; when the provisions/ services of 1-V-51-xxiiiA, are causing disturbance of peace, disorder on the radiocommunications-telecommunications and spectrum, and lobbying government through centrifugal force, and traffic violations, and reconfiguring of charges – that is when the provisions should not be given. That there are also espionage by those provisions, services that is human rights violations, torture, that is law-abiding citizens, unarmed-civilians. That, and also violations of Court proceedings. That patent claims, that are biomedical, must be rejected, there is patent/ patient, mix-up and that really isn’t for peace, order and good governance.

That the intercorporate cartel, need to be stopped from perpetrating crimes under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006, as well as human rights violations, that include sabotage of business, and assault by espionage device on law-abiding citizens, unarmed civilians.

The Cert car is violator, in Australia. Cartel conduct, RANZCP fellow, espionage.

The repugnant legislation is being used as accuse on Government, and the citizens of Australia. Hefty charge, being used to sabotage, and infiltrate and violate, theft, usurp and monopolise industry and Government.

The corporations, are international, and businesses involved are not Australian – they don’t deserve to have a licence for business in Australia, and many have extensive network, that required inspection for deport issues. That the circle-play is a muck, and that of recruiting firms are usurp on Australian citizens CV/ résumé. That said most Australian people wrote ‘resume’ and even if they didn’t, they still got exploited.

Australian citizens have their skills, their qualifications, workplaces – all subjected to foreign interference espionage scrutiny, as if they are ‘abstracts’ for Court. That has to be said here, because Universities, workplaces, Courts, Government office – then thefted from as well as the Australian citizen. The cartel, then attempts to get High Security data-theft, to ‘impress’, and by that recruits the Official, into compliance, takes their shipping, as if olde military (various tactics of foreign interference espionage). That medico-pharmaceutical cartel, are the unconstitutional legislation, that is then used to silence, torture, enslave, arbitrarily detain, theft biological information from – civilians, citizens, whom attempt to speak out against the intercorporate cartel. The person then said to be Military Acoustic Defence (MAD) speak; not guard’s speak; and not of that office, though seems to know something – the medico, then takes that to be medical acquisition determination, and mucks the necessary purpose for law, to stop violations.

When a citizen, a civilian sends writing to a Government Official, and there is something written on it, to ‘ignore’ or ‘this is non-compliant’ – that must be also in 2022, given to the potential likelihood that there is blame-shift, and if the citizen, civilian, is ignored, by Government Official – then, in comes the intercorporate cartel, with the inveigle. That has a momentum, though, it must be recognised as enemy combatant, and usurp, that will destroy peace order good government. It is a fascism, or backwards/ usurp on the law, for criminal purposes. That and the biometric ID of the civilian, citizen is being exploited, and sometimes that is international violation alert (due to the person being an author of civil rights, holocaust prevention published, such as myself).

It is essential that as CEO of Fine Art Gallery, that I am understood to be whom I am, never the intercorporate cartel, that whitecaps my business, and fires espionage at my human body.


Administrative Arrangements Order 13th Oct 2022

Australia (Request and Consent) Act 1985

Federal Constitution of Australia Act

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006

University of Tasmania Law Review

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