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No Civil Conscription allowed

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

There is no margin for error in legislation that doesn’t comply with Australia’s Constitution. State/ Territories must not violate 51xxiiiA. Remove all legislation in flagrant violation of Australia’s Constitution and criminal code. Civil Conscription must be stopped. Australia’s Constitution obeyed. The Australian Executive Council, the Legislative Council do not have the right to refuse full implementation of 51xxiiiA.

It will never be less unseemly what has been denied and in breach of Australia’s Constitution, for 75 years, that of forced human experimentation, slavery and torture, legislation that promotes genocide of Australian people. That which is against the lives and livelihoods of Australian people, in violation of Australia’s Constitution 51xxiiiA, a holocaust prevention writ, won in a 1946 referendum. The Australian people voted, they chose. The Australian people cheered that no medico would be able to force themselves, or their products on the Australian people again; that psychiatrists would never be able to ever take people by stealth and indoctrinate an overt denial of reality. Australian people would be able to tell the horror of what psychiatrists had done to violate and pervert the justice system. That stealth weapons and overt denial of reality would no longer be concealed by a box-set of this or that, or said to be charitable orders. That the horrible toxic muck forced on the population would be stopped, and medical and social services personnel would be no longer able to scam and force themselves on the population.

To speak the truth about the pharmaceutical cohorts, and what medical devices that are electronic are being used for, to conceal cause, injury and damages to life on earth, and lives of Australian people. Australian people no longer handled into another’s schedule, a criminal’s schedule whose code of conduct is being inquired on by Government Forces overseas. That which forcibly claims another, for extradition, should never be claiming Australian people whom haven’t worked or travelled overseas, yet, that has been what has predominantly been the concealed crime. Outrageously obviously wrong. The culprits being foreign entities that are known world-wide for genocide, that of pharmaceutical companies, using people innocent of those crimes as ‘scape goats’ for their evasion of the justice system.

An elaborate masking of concealed Crimes Against Humanity and the Commonwealth, with threats and menacing of terrorism, on anyone whom speaks to the truth of the rights given in the 51xxiiiA amendment. The Australian Government being pushed to continue to be refuseniks of their own Constitution. Legislation still in breach of 51xxiiiA, causing National Security disasters, when all that is needed is implementation of 51xxiiiA, and the human rights, that of no civil conscription, that of being able to reject medical personnel, and their demands of what they want to insert inside, or force Australian people to do, or carry. That of being able to expose the medical personnel for their unwanted intrusions, and the pharmaceutical cohorts as well, and reject the false position in society that medical personnel have claimed. Then, of being able put psychiatrists in gaol for their disgustingly cruel, and hideously violent slavery and torture regime.

Don’t get in the way of implementing 51/23A of Australia’s Constitution. It is the contract all Australian people, and visitors to Australia must be obedient to. That is the Civil Rights situation. Any lobby group that detours from that, any profiteering, is a professional testing out Australia’s security systems errata, which is obvious hijacking, exploiting dangerous semi-conductor threats and menacing, that goes against the Australian people, and with the enemy to the Australian people, and, is an obstacle that gets in the way of removing the ‘ripper’ legislation. That legislation in flagrant violation of Australia’s Constitution, that legislation, that is forced medicine, is criminal intent by psychiatrists and other medicos and pharmaceutical firms, and accomplices.

By no means is Civil Conscription allowed in Australia; and that the States/ Territories in Australia are still permitting legislation there that is Civil Conscription, and psychiatrists, psychologists, and other medical and pharmaceutical companies are profiting from this – makes those States/ Territories in Australia in breach until full implementation of Australia’s Constitution, and that 75 years of breach of contract finally at a close.


IMPLEMENT 51xxiiiA of Australia’s Constitution

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