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Negate is necessary

Australia doesn't want to be accused of aiding and abetting people smugglers for the known enslavers and torturers in Australia - psychiatrists and their accomplices. Psychiatric facilities, the concentration camps in Australia, have been in existence for decades, increasing in their horror, and encroachments on Government. Australian people want to stop slavery, they do not want to aid and abet pirates/ smugglers of people to Australia, for the psychiatrists to torture, enslave and exploit for horrible cruel experiments.

Therefore it is counter to Human Rights, to allow anyone to Australia, via smuggling systems, that refugees are already being e fast-tracked into the medical system, according to what journalists print (and what victims of psychiatrists know, likely to be enslaved and tortured). Australia could be held responsible for aiding and abetting a trafficking of slaves for forced human experimentation. Which, neither the people of Australia, nor the Government wants. Nor do the victims, whom are usually children.

Australia does have hostile propaganda via the medico-pharmaceutical companies, and this, is claiming to be 'cause' related, claiming to be 'human rights' when it is nothing of the kind.

Right now, it is dangerous for Australia to be party to 'refugee' applications via the medico system. It is dangerous for Australia to allow anyone in through pirates and people smugglers. Australia does not want to be accused of 'importing slaves'. That would be disastrous.

Negate is necessary - to deny medico-pharmaceutical companies, and render them ineffective. Their supplies need to be blocked.

Nullifying of the legislation that is an offense to Australia's Constitution 51xxiiiA, so that civil conscription will be stopped. Slavery, torture, espionage, sabotage, terrorism - these crimes must be stopped. And, once they're stopped, policing criminal intent, at the Docks, will be much easier. And, the medicos, then, won't have any power to force themselves on people through the legislature, they will be considered a criminal for doing that, and prosecuted for their offenses.

Signing International Agreements, are about what makes Legal sense for a country, at time, when and if they can do what is asked. Refugee status, has a place, but not hand in hand with piracy, people smuggling, and enslaving torturing medicos demanding that people be brought to them for 'treatment'; and, that is is the situation right now. Right now in Australia, it's a really wrong to advocate for refugee status via medico endorsements, and it could make some legal firms doing that, accomplices to crimes they didn't recognise they were entangled with.

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