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Naming Electorates

Some talk in Australia, on some of the names of the electorates, and how Australia has kept names that are offensive to all Australian people. That an area in Melbourne said to be named after an enslaver, and how disgusting that was to continue.

Australia has a traditional electorates already, that have been there for thousands of years. That would be something that I'd support. I'd also support 1st Nations Peoples in Constitutional amendments - that having Powers Equal to the Executive, that make sense, because their leaders have understanding necessary to the purpose of looking after that land in the content Australia.

That the Term Traditional Custodians of the Land, is often used, by Officials, though, this is English language. So, it isn't correct.

That, while making certain that the amendment, is honoured, and people are not denied and delayed their Powers to be Recognised for their work; that this amendment is not subjected to what occurred with the 1946 with the Constitutional Amendment 51xxiiiA

that has been in The Federal Constitution of Australia Act, for 75 years (that Australians have the right to refuse psychiatrists, and it is a crime for any legislation to exist in Australia that forces, or orders an Australian to take medico-dental provisions.)

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