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Musicians alliance

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer; author; visual artist; owner of The Painter And The Writer Gallery.

I love music. Always have enjoyed.

There are rules with music for a reason, as in busking, or street performances, that have to do with making certain that musicians are not falsely blamed for spyware equipment. In Main St, Maldon, Vic, there was a ‘busker’ that was accessing sky unlawfully, and causing disturbance to the peace. The crime is espionage, not music; and unlawful access to sky, is spies evasion spymuckit. No one wants to listen to that, because it has frequencies that are never music to humans, nor the circuit layout of the street.

Unlawful tests of electronic weapons in Main St, Maldon, Victoria, Australia – are witness intimidation, war crime. The council is corrupt. And I am wanting the Australian citizens, whom enjoy music, to make certain that the situation of spymuckit is understood not to be music. Has to be obvious. It usually is, the mechanical contrivance.

Victoria, is different busking licence to City of Melbourne. I understand that, and I don’t want a busking licence because I have a Fine Art Gallery, that I own, and must look after. When I play music I have composed, and use my voice and instrument, it is part of my business. I am not under anyone else’s roof. Also, I want people to purchase something, I don’t want the violence of money thrown at me, that sometimes occurs with buskers.

I am being white-capped, in the state of Victoria, Australia, where I have lived my entire life. I was born here, there is no question as to who I am. There is no reason to categorize me, apart from employment.

The witness intimidation, the witness intrusions, that are horrible espionage assaults, are not about me being this or that.

The morning on this day started with ‘bikes’ and pharmaceutical company attempting to impostor a group of women, that are known as Lesbian. That, is also horrible for that community to be blamed for the spyware, so they have to name it, and say what it is, and whom those horribles are, are not anything to do with their community, that they are violators to their community. Same with musicians. Same with galleries.

Quite an effort on my part.

What category am I? Fine Art Gallery, whom is song-writer with performing arts qualifications, and is also an author.

I also have to name the criminals that are firing espionage assaults at me, while I play music in my shop, or promote my gallery to the street, without any amplification, or any electronic device.

Civil rights Fine Arts/ Entertainment industry law-abiding patriotic to Australia. I want reinstatement of thousands of years of understanding that First Nations Australian people have, in the Constitution. I want that because it makes Australia strong, to have that, like other countries have that, and reinstate that after invasion. Australia was invaded 240 years ago, we need our civil rights to be understood by personnel in positions of power.

I do not want the Art Community sabotaged further, and that will never be through me, that it is sabotaged, it will be through ignoring an obvious whitecapping of a law-abiding Fine Art Gallery, and citizen (myself).

It is very important that when I apply for a grant, that there isn’t a usurp by cartel, that the Victorian, Australian grant system immediately is able to detect that, due to the most obvious situation that is war crime violation. Be selfish, be ignorant, and lose everything.

Please defend human rights, music that is law-abiding, reinforce the laws, and don't allow for my fine art gallery to be white-capped further.


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