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Minimising Air-pollutants: removing toxic hygiene products

Politicians are needed to ask questions, that children may well be told to shush on, and have every right to ask.

The worst air pollution is caused by the eugenics-based products forced on the population. These products need to be banned, and the sooner the better. Their widespread use in personal products has been an aggressive push in not only advertising, but also a misguided pseudo-medical coercion, on a concept of hygiene, that is based on the idea that a toxic substance is something that can be put on the human skin on a regular basis.

The air-pollution caused by Personal Products, alone, in a closed space such as public transport, office spaces, and lecture rooms – must not continue. People shouldn't be having to wear masks in such spaces, that will never fully stop the toxins from harming them.

Policy on re-educating people on the advertising regime that has been pushed on our population since the 1920s, resulting in a false understanding of what cleanliness is. The truth is – toxins on human skin are something that should be immediately removed, not left to soak into the skin, and then reapplied several times a day.

The Mental Hygiene coercion also involved, demanding mothers to wipe their nipples with toxic products, and then, pushing formula on babies, in order to be ‘hygienic’. The toxic hygiene industry has a lot to answer for, and these personal products that cause air-pollution, need to be recognised widely as false and misleading in the way they’re marketed.

These products need warning labels, so people don’t harm themselves or others with them.

If people knew they caused suffering to their favourite musician, by using a known toxic irritant, they’d be horrified. If people knew that the reason a lecture was interrupted was because a person used a known air-pollution-based irritant to deliberately sabotage the event, people would be outraged.

Using air pollution devices knowingly to cause witness intimidation, or advocacy intimidation – needs to be immediately recognised as a crime.

Recognising what air-pollution can be tolerated by most people doesn’t take into account potential acts of sabotage that are linked to covert devices. The Australian people don’t want what they love and treasure destroyed by careless policy, that doesn’t take the physics involved in air-pollution, or even recognise the hazard of widespread use of toxic hygiene products, into accountability for damages.

A politician can give an understanding of the interaction between personal products and other air-pollutants and covert devices have been used to harass the public. Simple physics to some people. This is why Abolish Psychiatry is important to the Australian people, because we’ll push for the legislative changes that have long been needed.

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