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Merit of Legal Victory

A 200 year old tradition of avoiding/ voiding people whom attempt to speak the truth of slavery, torture, arbitrary detention (that is forced psychiatry).

That which has enough legal value to prevail in a dispute.

That which has enough civil rights value to demand an audience.

Should not be denied.

Justice should not be obstructed.

Civil rights is always obvious, and people whom are indoctrinated into hatred by unfair, unjust, inequitable unsubstantiated that gets pointed at a person, as if they were a product, when they are not the psychiatrists' dodgy packaging. The psychiatrists whom are torturers push a person into saying they agree to a packaging, and the person only does this so they won't be injected with 24/7 torture. The false claim of psychiatrists on people, has to be stopped.

Victims of psychiatrists' violations need this - Merit of Legal Victory.

How do we get that when victims of psychiatrists' violations are being falsely labelled in covert equipment, that is street management/ policing, that attempts to point to victims of psychiatrists' violations as the psychiatrist's 'thing/ disability/ security' that is an awry crime and is registered by the psychiatrist whom has perpetrated forced human experimentation, insider-trading, and treacherous data-theft, though keeps deflecting that around to patients that are then said to be patent packaging?

It is about Merit of Legal Victory, for Australian civilians, whom are being exploited in 'things', by usurpers whom are permitted Merit of Legal Victory. Usurpers should not be given that, psychiatrists cause a Structural Error in a court, when given Merit of Legal Victory usurping purpose of the courts.

Psychiatrists must not be able to exploit protections, that are intended for Victims of Crime. Victims of psychiatrists' violations, are thefted of entitlement, that are to do with Legal rights, such as - that a violator may not approach a victim of crime.

War crimes, perpetrated by a psychiatrist's disability/ security/ thing - and victims of psychiatrists' violations being named 'disabled'. Rarely is the term Person with Disabilities, used for people whom don't have a 'thing', that might be scrutinised for spyware, though 'disabled' is used. A human body, that has nothing inserted in it, that isn't an electronic device, cannot be scrutinised for spyware. The psychiatrists, and their pharmaceutical cartel, exploiting victims of psychiatrists' violations, thefting their biometric ID, and attempting to decoy their system errata, into a human's body, should be detected.

It is for this reason, that psychiatrists must not be permitted in court, their devices/ disabilities/ things/ securities, must not be permitted to have secrecy clauses from Australian Government. That Psychiatrists are unfit for Court.

It is only when the Courts reinforce that, and anything else that attempts to violate human identity - that will be when there is victory for Australia, the Courts, the legal system worldwide, and the victims of psychiatrists' violations.

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