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Mental Health literacy = hate-speech

People must stand up to whitecoats, and we’re not just talking comedians standing up against them. Though, the people who most especially need to be speaking out against whitecoats are artists, because they are the people, well meant to be the people who are allowed more freedom to speak than other kinds of work that have a more formal and bureaucratic framework.

Australians have to start thinking -

  • Do NOT allow for the medicalisation of artists.

  • Do NOT allow for the medicalisation of venues, through whitecoat sponsorship.

Australians should lobby venues that accept whitecoat sponsorship for more freedom of speech, in order to curtail the massive growth of whitecoat propaganda replacing real entertainment, that likely will occur post-lockdown:

  • Whitecoats have profiteered from government money & should not then use that money to encroach on the voices of artists and venues who have had their profits shut down.

  • True human rights do not medicalise artists and their trade secrets, skills and ways of being.

  • Propaganda is really boring, dull, and annoying – and is hate-speech to those who have been most violated under those terms, and would be recognised as such by the rest of the community, if more freedom of communication was allowed.

  • Artists speaking out against whitecoats have for some time been denied a platform, pushed into disenfranchisement, and subjected to forced psychiatry… this can get even worse.

The movies advertised for the ‘story behind the music’ gaff, to medicalise the musician, this also happens with the medicalisation of novelists and denigration of visual artists into ‘symptoms’ for medicos to be ‘experts’ on.

The arts are not something to apply medical conditions to, the arts are about communication, and important to humanity, because arts allow for people to speak in ways, or see in ways outside the regulatory frameworks.

When we have a society whereby the writers who have written autobiographies, to speak to the vile pollution of the Mental Hygiene Movement, are ignored, the musicians who have written and performed music to speak to the horror and pollution of the Mental Hygiene Movement, are ignored, while whitecoat propaganda is given funding from our government that has gone into debt, for medicos to then encroach on such industries that they are not experts in, and force them into becoming boring propagandists, this is really not okay. That's not about human rights, it's about silencing the victims of whitecoat corruption, and snuffing out freedom of speech, and places and careers where people tend to think beyond the frame.

Along with abolishing psychiatry, there must also be a recognition that the terminology that psychiatrists use is hate-speech. And that the violence inflicted under coercion and force, is not something people want. That psychiatrists break people under torture, to be obedient laboratory specimens. That psychiatrists will threaten parents into being obedient laboratory specimens, and plainsfolk propaganda, in order that their children are not taken away. No one wants to be subjected to human research, society should know that.

Abolish Psychiatry is working on policy so that such whitecoat hate-speech can no longer be considered formal language, and the horrifying damage inflicted under those terms can be more widely recognised.

At the moment the hate speech of the psy exploitation racket is uttered by officials, and for those people who have been subjected to forced psychiatry by psychiatrists, it is like verbal weapon in their face, a threat that is regularly carried through with the most life-destroying violence.

Our party believes that there needs to be a time when no self-respecting journalist would ask such a question as – ‘How are you going to deal with the mentally ill?’ because mentally-illing a person is a vile, cruel thing to do, it is hate-speech, it means subjecting a person to pseudo-science labels, denigrating them, dehumanising them, threatening them, accusing them of ‘symptoms’ accusing them of needing to be medical subject matter, accusing them of being emergency medical subject matter - that is about being subjected to invasive cruel research 24/7 for the rest of their life. And so far there has been little access to justice to stop this, due to the encroachment of medicos as advisers in the legal professions, allowing for medicalisation of people to be above the law, above any kind of real questioning by authorities, and thus denying victims of psychiatrists access to equality before the law, denying VOP the right to self-defence, and to justice. That’s the nature of the mental health associated organisations in Australia, and the psy's language is a BIG part of that.

Looking at psychiatrists' language historically, the eugenicists in Australia, who were predominantly psychiatrists, aimed at controlling people through language, for the purpose of medical exploitation. Language that is used to exploit people, to kill and maim people, as part of lucrative human research, is hate-speech. Hate-speech is part of the victim-blaming cover-up propaganda in exploitation rackets. Artists and other professionals that promote hate-speech, are making their work propaganda, and so they then are propagandists, in a vile cruel regime.

The current government’s funding of training every workplace in ‘Mental Health Literacy’ needs to stop.

Hate-speech has no place in the workplace.

This includes formal workplaces,

as well as the arts.

Victims of Psychiatrists have asked that we all think on April 28th about ways of stopping whitecoats intruding on the workplace with Mental Health hate-speech, for World Day for Safety and health at Work.

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