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Medicalisation of poetry

an exhibition for the Abolish Psychiatry Library in Maldon, Victoria.

Abolish Psychiatry prefers the business of poetry, and wants the business of psychiatry to be shut down.

People need to think freely.

we need to:

Stop Psy Killing Poets.

Reasons why the business of psychiatry must be shut-down, and poetry allowed!

Transcript from vlog

Poetic license – is not a medical measurement

To be supervised and managed by the psy.

A poet refines an analogy

That goes above a psy’s limitations.

A poet’s understanding of the soul is deeper

Compared to the dictating white-coat

That whites out poets with ill-terms

In order that the psy’s product be sold.

Greed is rarely a reason to become a poet,

Tho’ regularly a reason to become a psy.

Passionate words, paronomasia,

Well become the poet,

And should not be made into criteria

For pills and electroshock,

Yet the psy will take the poet

For a specimen in their laboratories.

Poets read into the world for meaning,

And the psy diagnose the poet’s insight as ill.

Poets often like to rhyme,

And the psy diagnose this as echolalia.

Poets write and rewrite all the time –

And the psy diagnose this as hypergraphia.

Poets are often financially disenfranchised –

Psy get paid extremely high wages

To diagnose poets as ‘doing poorly’.

Poets speak to the nuance of emotions

With a gradient of language

Provided for the sensitive –

The psy medicalise this as ‘flight of thought’.

Poets have long had comradery –

Yet at times have felt alienated.

Alienist, was a term for psychiatrist in 1886,

And alienists targeted aliens for dissection.

Making meaningful understanding of the earth,

The heavens, society and the reason to be,

While speculating on mystery,

Is the realm of the poet –

The psy denigrate this as ‘psychotic.’

Poets hear the myriad speak –

Rhythms of nature and machine

Become lines of poetry.

The psy symptomatize this as ‘voice hearing’,

And label poetry as a serious illness,

Forcing drugs into a poet to stop their sense.

Poets may see a vision –

And make a poem from that,

To elucidate a societal quest.

Psychiatrists medicalise that as ‘hallucination’

And tie the poet up, electroshock them,

Drug them – depriving the world of poetry.

What psychiatrists call non-sense

Is what makes most sense in poetry.

Poets grieve deeply because they love deeply

And choose to express that grief –

The psy label that depression,

Turn the poet’s weight of words

Into the lie of a chemical imbalance.

Poets experience purple euphoria

In order to write the most exuberant lines –

And the psy want that blocked out

With neurotoxins that shut the poet down,

Labelling exultant poetry as ‘mania’.

Poets want to open a window to the world

The psy want to seal up everything –

So the breath of poetry suffocates

In the psy’s toxic air-conditioning.

Psychiatrists dictate what people should do –

While poets want the world to think freely.

The poet does the opposite of the psy –

So the psy wants the dreamy poets to die.

Poetry should not be medicalised,

Poetry is where people connect –

Psychiatry institutes a disconnect

And inflicts atrocity that should be criminalised.

Psychiatrists are paid highly through our tax

To label poets who get a tiny sum

From the government coffers ‘a burden’,

Even while exploited forcibly by psy

For lucrative, cruel human research.

Poets look for what is wise –

Psychiatrists slap orders, violate, pollute

And devise a scam of disease on humanity.

Poets are murdered by mandated products,

Yet the psy keep claiming their saving lives.

Psychiatrists want more money for their ‘beds’

Yet poets want the #right2refuse

Psychiatrists’ products, procedures, programs

And their bloody perverted beds!

Psychiatrists break-down poets

Into agreeing torture is good for them,

In order to be allowed a pencil and paper.

Psychiatrists never have the soul of a poet –

Attempts at poetry by the psy drip

With the blood of violated poets’ lives,

Poets who were silenced by psy –

Singing their cries behind locked doors

The psy’s cold attempts at poetry –

Just a theft, devoid of a muse.

Jung was not creative, never a poet –

He stole from the women he violated,

Women who were labelled ill by him

For their poetry, inner creativity,

Internal rhythms the psy called ‘hysterical’

To be removed, taken,

Made into the property of psy.

Much rather be under the pen of a poet,

Then the dirty callous pen of a psy.

Poetry defends human rights

Psychiatry obliterates human lives.

Buy a book of poetry and it can last forever –

Go to a psychiatrist

And you’ll be their specimen forever.

A book of poetry can uplift your life,

Give you insight, knowledge and sense –

Go to a psy and they’ll have you down

Into an ill thing for liking poetry,

To be exploited for vile, cruel exploits.

Psychiatrists put everything

Into bureaucratic terms –

That fail the poetic license.

Poets share a love of language –

Psychiatrists share an abuse of power

And an attempt to control organic language.

Poets create love, beauty and togetherness –

Psychiatrists create fear, loathing

And a myriad of ways to torture

A poet into obedience with the rule of psy.

A psychiatrist’s pill doesn’t produce poetry –

That neurotoxic pill causes

The killing and maiming of too many poets.

Poets are not tortured people

Quite inverse.

Poets are only tortured

When psychiatrists are torturing them,

Demanding the poet say

That the torture is for their own good

And that they will curb their poetic ways.

Of the way the psy conduct themselves

Poets believe is conduct unbecoming a poet –

But poets don’t violate the psy

Because they don’t like their behaviour.

Poets just want psy to stop killing poets!

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