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It's easy, just contact us - and when details are approved we'll send you a membership confirmation.

If you need to activate the Shield for Victims of Psychiatrists who are being politically persecuted by psychiatrists, our party connects with other members, and collectives such as Victims of Psychiatrists, and worldwide organisations, to gain freedom from torture for our members.

Party Member Fiona Smith activated her shield for freedom from forced psychiatry and has had success! We're not working with lawyers to get her compensation for the violations psychiatrists have inflicted on her. And we're keeping her petition open for that purpose.

Recently Janita Thurston activated her party membership shield, so please sign her petition for freedom.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jul 27, 2020

I have been lied to and tricked into taking concoctions of psychotropic drugs since I was 14 just over a few learning difficulties and troubled upbringings that I would of gotten over with time anyway. I am now 37 and less than 2 years ago I went through HELL to get out of the system and detox off these disgusting drugs apart from 1 which gave me some very strange physical and mental symptoms and will have those memories for life, more traumatic life experiences from the ones I stupidly put my trust in. The abuse and trickery that goes on in these clinics, most people have absolutely no idea. What the hell has this world come to, it blows…

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