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Looking after the economy

There are crimes that are so unspeakable horrible and hush hush, that should never have an innocent person accused of them. These are crimes of espionage, that journalists and artists don’t want to be accused of, and shouldn’t be, unless they are actually doing horrible sabotage and espionage activities – such as psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies are. When an innocent person is accused of such crimes, it’s an inverted-law, and the innocent person is enslaved and tortured, and the whole world is meant to look upon that in horror and say – get the real criminals you corrupt bastards! And stop buckling under the pressure of the horrible criminals that threaten and menace.

That which uses the term, ‘protecting our vested interests’ in Australia has been an horrific enslaver and torturer for over 200 years. It doesn't have to be, but it has. The term 'protection' should never mean locking up the innocent, and allowing the criminals to roam freely. Psychiatrists demanding that the Australian government give them funding to make the sabotage increase, isn't protection, and it isn't care, but that's what the psychiatrists have been calling that. What protection should be about, is allow the people innocent of crime to be free, and stopping the horrible criminals, the psychiatrists, whom are in positions of power, that are destroying, ‘vested interests’ that doesn’t have to be ‘bigger than big’ and if the business is such, then the business cannot be criminal intent and actions, or that ruins the economy, if there’s too much of that.

In USA, a famous woman being subjected to laws intended for horrible espionage crimes, that govern control of finances, and so much else. A woman dancing on stage and singing is not going to be the horrible crime of espionage and sabotage, the horrible crime of narcoterrorism, especially when she is and has always been so obviously patriotic to the USA.

It is noticeable to the world, that collegues making films tried to ‘comedy’ that of the inverted-law on the USA citizen. People should’ve understood that then. It’s not anything secret, it’s a law matter, that should never be repeated in USA, or Australia or anywhere else.

Crimes are not secrets, when there is a crime of slavery and torture, people think about why, how, what on earth and whom is the criminal evading detection, that put the crime on another such that what is meant to be for goal of sabotage and espionage-related offenses is put on a person whom cannot possibly be doing that crime, and is a civilian whom is now rightly to be much celebrated for speaking out against the slavery and torture that is forced psychiatry.

Psychiatrists have some equipment with legalese of ‘dangerous conditions’. That, is espionage equipment. That and the chemicals that psychiatrists have violated people with is the crime, and if USA needs to find the sabotage and espionage criminals, that’s where they should look, at the psychiatrists whom likely stole USA secrets while torturing and enslaving that famous woman whom on stage sings and dances. Psychiatrists are very dangerous and should not be without that kind of strict monitoring and detention, they put upon the woman innocent of their crimes, likely claiming ‘she made a packet, with dangerous conditions’. The psychiatrists and their pharmaceutical companies did and do that, reading the legalese 'conditions apply' and recognising what is and isn’t a crime, to claim as a patent, should be obvious, only espionage being what it is, inverts, skisms, and confuses what is.

An economy cannot exist forever handshaking with criminal intent that inverts-law, and allows for evasion of prison sentences for the horrible criminals that want to enslave, torture, sabotage, infiltrate and dictate what can and cannot be said about what is obvious. And, the arts and entertainment industry, must always exist to expose the horrible criminals that enslave and torture, sabotage and dictate.

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