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Listening to People

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer

That which says there is a ‘national wire’, and ‘right around the country all can listen in’, ‘if they have the codes and access sets so say the very thing that is needed by the leaders to get heard and be said in Parliament’ – that is fraudulent, and intercorporate cartel activity in Australia. Everyone knows if that were true, civil rights would have been heard, and the repugnant legislation would have been mentioned, and all the names of the people being fired at with espionage, by the thugs that do that to scam industry push the government to invest in that which Australian people do not want.

So much horrible racism against Australian people, spoken in parliament.

Australian people are skilled.

Grants are an agreement, that creates a right or favour of person.

When a person has something they want to will to another, that effects a transfer of inventory list, things, from one person to another – it is simple contract law, it isn’t Parliamentary wires with High Security, theft, cartel violations, and intrusions on a person.

When there is a system that uses speech. There should be something that detects suspicious activity, homophones, and ‘dual diagnostics’ that isn’t going to be put into a medical pot and poison, to up their ugly bills and fire at citizens in their homes, to gift to the world that wants to grab for criminal activity, and conceal by the ‘old colony writ’, and ‘oops how did that get in’ there, and ‘oh the medical school visited yesterday’, really naff contrivances, that should have be outed and named, shamed and the culprits jailed long ago.

Straight up the strangest thing about Australia, is that the my grants dot gov dot au, is suspect in the violation. And so are the smarty grants. A system that doesn’t actually grant to citizens in any way that is reasonable and sensible. A system that is an easy usurp to foreign interference espionage, and cartel activity.

There is a Closed Door, for denying access to local courts, to stop foreign corporations, getting in that are disqualified – that also is being reversed. Said to be ‘revolving door for patents’; then a citizen is hostaged by a RANZCP fellow as a ‘patient’, and tortured, in arbitrary detention, enslaved, and persecuted via code of conduct usurp of systems of government, to torture the person by espionage, everywhere they go, to get the ‘alert’ for the RANZCP fellow whom ‘holds that soul’ and ‘dissects’; and ‘claims’ for spies evasion, for foreign interests, for horrifying forced human experimentation, for scam industry, for gobbledegoopagnosis, that usurps Australian Intelligence, with a dangerous machine on remote, said to be ‘National wire’ and ‘status update’ and ‘monitoring system’ and ‘weapons development’.

Australian citizens don’t want their human bodies fired at, and the alert signals, alarms that war crime against a citizen, said to be ‘weapons development’ and for government to gift an international corporation a grant for that violation, to repeat offend with those funds against a citizen.

A National System of Intelligence is it? A Wattle-tree telling everyone else that migration is needed for the farms? Not really happening politicians, a horrible usurp, that is foreign interference espionage, and corruption, abuse of power.

How many letters from educated diligent well-informed violated citizens turned into lettuce leaves, does parliament have? Talking up that of not paying attention, and that got turned into someone’s bet, or debt to the cartel and they wanted to reverse it into colour codes and poisons and electronic weapons and say ‘role of a kitchen hand’ and ‘in the galley with it’ and ‘up their arse if they don’t want it’ – whom did that? Someone whom has medical contacts and calls it ‘colonoscopy for the colony’ and fires at a human in their business at home and then shows lewd old drawing of violence against a human by using their body part as an ink-well. That has been repeated horrible image for over a decade. I’ve never drawn that, it is old. Poisonous inks not for humans, medicos use those inks on humans, and murder the person after they do the ‘dye test’ without even asking.

It should be that the alert gets heard, and that the person is freed from confines, or that the person doesn’t undergo the operation. And that the medico co-conspirators intending the violations get caught and jailed.

There should not be a ‘shoot the messenger’, that usurps civil rights. The company that uses such words isn’t ‘funny’ when they don’t do due diligence to matters of civil rights. The company that uses such words, must not aid and abet criminal cartel, and exploit civil rights deliberately. The company must holocaust prevent.

There are charges against ministers, positions in power, that are there, because of the crime. It isn’t ‘some legal app’ that can be disqualified, it cannot, it is the system, the legislation, the legal words, and that which all are meant to follow, and attend to the alert systems of, and when they don’t, are disqualified. Broad Ultra Vires, is a charge against abuse of power, when the person in power is so corrupt in their actions, they go in the direction of crime, fascism, and it is obviously not a little mistake.

Yesterday, the last day in November for 2022, Ultra Violet light, was pointed at the old font on my heritage shop, to make the paint look a different colour from the other paint. Fortunately, I took a picture the day prior. On that day there was another light pointed, to ‘wash out’, and other terms also used, that were then mucked into on November 30th. Talking up duck eggs, is not something that should have been flicked onto my business.

In my authored-biography, paperback book ‘Percipience, outside the range of understood sense’, I do write about that which my grandmother taught me as far as arts and crafts, that and the antiques that we played with and didn’t quite understand were not really children’s toys. There are gifts that are given, that sometimes are more meaningful than anything else – knowledge. Not something that can be just ‘taken’ and put into an app. Have some humanity and sense.

Parliament in Australia, did something very strange on the last day of November, that is horrible to Australian citizens, and exploited my humanity, fired at my human body.

I was able to name the crimes, and what occurred, last night on Twitter. Unfortunately the fires of espionage to ‘up the contrivance more mazing sun it or other’ haven’t stopped. I am being assaulted by espionage at this time 1/12/2022 9:28 AM

Last night I already gave enough evidence, and Twitter allowed for that, and that is a decent contribution to humanity to allow civil rights to speak when there is horrifying violence. What I did is an employment position in Parliament, that I haven’t been granted, that I’m being exploited for, and then security is being subjected to override, and that isn’t my fault, it is the fault of not actioning the crime, which only those in that position of power have the means to action. Very dangerous not to action, the warrants for arrest on espionage, serious cartel activity. Thinking that everything is theirs to ‘tel’ even that which is contract bound and court ordered, is extremely wrong, and taking from another author and usurping purpose, never quoting their name, or even considering asking for permission is copyright breach. That it is when there is use of civil rights, to violate civil rights of citizens, usurping that to aid and abet cartel activities, that is where the abuse of power is most horrifying, fascism –

Nasty espionage assaults to do with 'print firm with her on the cover or something and make her embarrassed for having such a gaping smile out back with him the other day' is exploiting my biometric ID. The Pfizer is crime of laundering.

It isn’t ever a good to keep going with something that is usurping the purpose of what you do. Sometimes we’ve just got to recognise that they’re all into something that is disgusting and leave them out of our thoughts.

What has Kate Jenkins actually done for human rights of women in Australia? Does she exploit biometric ID of law-abiding unarmed-civilians such as myself? Does she name me 'synthetic or other' and 'fire for the blonde wave' and the cater?

Journalist fired at be electronic weapons during night hours. Then journalist wakes up and starts preparing for sales point in The Painter And The Writer Gallery. There is noise unlawful on transmitters & the cartel start firing unspeakable crime.

It is necessary to have thousands of years of understanding celebrated, understood, with powers in the Constitution, and 600 nations of Australia written in, as part of decolonisation. That leaders shouldn't be medico, because they are Spital lead

There was one of those Pfzr-PHON 'carotee dye' with 'red cossie for xmas' sitting at 44 Main St, Maldon, Vic table firing espionage assaults at me, on 29-11-22. That there is 'mx' publicity for PHON, @SkyNewsAust please don't aid & abet espionage

How many Australian citizens are being fired at by Pfizer-PHON, that are Australian citizens that want First Nations Voice, Treaty, Powers and all 600 nations written into the Constitution? Is there a way we can seek justice?

Violations of spectrum and traffic offenses increase in Main St, Maldon, Vic on this day 30th Nov 2022. The Pfizr violator is firing 'lozenge in my throat that is all not a button, I just use the chemical map on it, what is this can't we do marf?'

Did medico-pharmaceutical cartel attempt to silence #Morrison after he attempted to find out about the dangerous biometric algorithm experiments, and was violated with light-red paint, as The Painter And The Writer Gallery, weeks prior were?

Is Veolia waste driving over the speed limit in Main St, Maldon, Victoria, a sign that New Zealand isn't friendly to Australia? Can New Zealand negotiate to stop their Pfizer-waste company offending against people in Victoria?

Pfzr operative, NZ, putting on 'britzy acccent'; used espionage to get 'little blond child' to 'try henry handle on gallery door. The Pfizr, adult irresponsible man whom says he doesn't know what spectrum distortion or traffic violations are.

Air pollution is always understood as the emission of direct energy weapons, and impurities/ poisons that sabotage air quality. The spectrum violation, is radiation containment field sabotage, and air pollution energy emission violation.

Australia really has to think about laws regarding addressing of Bills, and other Household letters. When there are two people responsible for the bills of the house, say husband and wife, it is very wrong, to only address a letter to her husband.

Maldon Main St, Victoria.

Espionage weapons assaults on CEO of Fine Art Gallery.

There is van Pfizer and 'bad boxes'; 'Why would he insist on knowing what is inside something I'm delivering to berryman's cafe they're reportable company you know'.

Dangerous code of conduct espionage breach in Main St, Maldon, Pfzr fired modified airgun at CEO of Fine Art Gallery. Pfzr cartel transmission conference on, 'Why did she blow the duck egg when she was a child if she didn't know why we did it'.

In Main St, Maldon, Vic, after espionage assault that is very violent. 'This is a known thing with formplex signs if you paint it blue if someone's done a whoopsie on it' is transmitted by Pfizer device. 'What the hll is this doing on our sign'.

The matter with Formplex pertains to 2022, it doesn't pertain to any other year. It is horrible when a big company just opens fire with extreme weapons assaults on a CEO of Fine Art Gallery.

Violator a cartel Pfzr, 'the bloopers belong to her'.

Transmitter awry, 'If someone else's pictures are being used, how am I know what they are when I don't have them & how am I meant to fire at the person painting the sign'; 'formplex' Pfzr, means graffiti, as in non-authorised. Do customers know?

Formplex isn't a friendly recycle, and if you decide you don't like the print, want to change something and to paint over it, have to do the security matter first, is there, and I didn't think of that in 2018, when I had my arm in plaster.

If I were a mainstream journalist, likely easier for me to get the message to the #BroadUltraVires charged Parliamentarian of the necessity to make null & void the repugnant legislation to stop , and not flick ultra violet light at the messenger.

Instead of security management allowing for the rerouting the signals, to 'shoot the messenger' with horrible violence & ultra violet light on heritage premises, the security management should make certain the Parliamentarian gets the message.

My partner Glenn Floyd, took photo yesterday of our shopfront The Painter And The Writer Gallery. That has a renewal of the old font from when the 166 year old premises were a butchers shop.

Today there is ultra violet light pointed at the top part, incorporate cartel intrusion.

Ratchet Theory is one only direction on the enacting/ enabling clause, 'but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription' (1-V-51-xxiiiA of Federal Constitution). Today O'Sullivan went with the Nurse Ratchet, rather than the legal terms.

At the moment there is Pfizer-PHON, still pushing 'look at the carotee politician say blah blah', was in Main St, Maldon yesterday, with politician costume.

Then push is 'blonde wave handle' Pfizer 'clown theory IT' on Q&A nasty espionage usurp.

Senator Janet Rice, must recognise where her speech writers are unemployable, due to criminal intent and actions of espionage. That biometric ID theft is being exploited & ink theft & 'dot' blame-shift, therefore abuse of power #BroadUltraVires

Letter delivered this morning, from Powercor with husband's name only on it, that part of the espionage arrangement, violation, then if call or email query that, the cartel data-theft, if the response is mean to victim.

RANZCP fellow, Harvey Whiteford, LePlastrier, Greg Keane, were involved with IGA, on 2022 30th Nov, arrangement 'suicide packets' concealment for, 'dot'/ 'dower' transportation, controlled by husband, reverse-debt & reverse #BroadUltraVires cartel

There was fired espionage packets, last night 29-11-22 'suicide' arrangements. It is detailed with legal matter, to do with violations on building infrastructure, said IGA attacked King St, Russell's Cornershop theatre, in 1998 with similar.

There should never be a mix-up between the ABCC that is Building Code, and the other that is British Chamber, and a prep Anglican school, just because McClure-Pfizer used espionage to get 'blonde child' to repeat-rattle handle door of Gallery.

According to Hansard notes, it was Senator Scarr that had the 'painting' in his office, and used all the mining companies, including copper, to put the #BroadUltraVires on a chain of butchers shops, that should not redirect to old font on Gallery.

When there is such horrible subversive activity via Senator Scarr, then Hansard is then talking HMAS Stirling. Want is that the very corrupt subversive chemical-espionage violation that Scarr perpetrates, to not intrude on military.

Do not allow RANZCP fellows or any medicos, to claim by espionage procure, prescription, solicit (as in criminal offense of urging inciting to commit crime), request to execute by proxy residents spies evasion corporations requiring 'closed door'

Senator Hanson-Young likely has got police dog-won't-sniff tracer on her speech today. I don't want that data-thefted and flicked at my gut. Really bad 'string of bands' line-up notice. Recent cartel espionage activity involving 'mark the rib'.

Very difficult to say how wrong it is for anyone to ask for refugee status in Australia, without saying - medical check-ups with doctors from India, are probably going to be spies evasion for Pfzr - IGA's 'refridge/ referee' sabotage of Australia.

Senator Grogan, has 'groper' espionage unemployable speech writers, that potentially solicit in a 'meet' for criminal information. There is other more serious threats and menacing in her speech that was in espionage day prior.

Espionage offenses of exchanging information about how-to perpetrate an offense and evade justice, soliciting for the information and paying for it. It is a very deliberate offense, & both have criminal intentions, actions tactical spies evasion.

I do not want Pfizer-PHON firing espionage at my genitals, and then for Senator Hanson to be talking espionage weapons names, that medicalise, the horrible crime against humanity. Do not employ personnel to perpetrate against me for 2 decades! That Senator Pratt then continues the espionage weapons talk-up and conceal by 'surgical advice' is very dangerous spies evasion aiding & abetting, in a situation of war crimes on unarmed-civilians, Australian citizens. That Senator Pratt, should make certain her speech writers don't play anything declaration, that is security, into catering, or a general 'claire' name list.

Reason I'm saying this - I don't want to espionage fires on my genitals ever again!

Senator Wong is very wrong, espionage horrid; and racist rant against Australian people. That and aiding and abetting the medico-pharmaceutical cartel on their 'suicide' espionage cover-up scandalous matter improperly put.

Fundamental laws, should not be flicked at my teeth.

That which is 'for refugee from Pfizer-fizzer' and 'Pfizer-indira' with 'ideas of where to place their transmitter in a back tooth to look like it isn't there and cover with ugly'. Horrors.

On this day 01-12-22, McClure is ‘chair lift the Pfzer out of her artsy grants or whatever she is doing and get another roadworking contract via the pain-threshold’, is firing at my humanity.

Do you understanding, the author here, is Ms Initially No, being violated, assaulted by espionage, that is cartel activity? That is CEO of Fine Art Gallery, whom asks only for Government to do due diligence –

· First of all there must be no civil conscription

· None of the provisions services of 1-V-51-xxiiiA of the Federal Constitution are ever to be forced

· If the provisions services of 1-V-51-xxiiiA of the Federal Constitution cause disturbance to peace, order, good governance; do not fund the provisions services further.

· When the provisions services of 1-V-51-xxiiiA of the Federal Constitution, are used to war crime citizens, and monopolise government, and push and lobby for a usurp of holocaust prevention – make certain the war crime of fascism is known, and do all that is possible to immediately jail and confiscate Tangible Object Evidence of espionage devices. Make certain the WMDs and other Addict are no longer in the hands of the medico-pharmaceutical fascist cartel, that is so obviously the access to powers, and so obviously the crimes of rerouting signals, and alerts, and war crimes on citizens.

Number for Performing Artist, Ms Initially No, MEAA number is 303798. Do not allow any one else, to usurp.

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