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Limits and conditions for equipment

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer; owner of The Painter And The Writer Gallery

Science is a limiter, it isn’t creative. When science is criminal cartel fascism, people condemn the direction of that science. Science should work to make certain the fascism doesn’t violate the citizens, whom are unarmed.

Licences for electronic weapons, have limits for a reason, a very good reason, they’re dangerous if misused, mishandled, and all safety precautions including monitoring, auditing must be there. Not everyone can have a licence for an electronic weapon.

When there is a violation, such as foreign interference data-theft, or espionage assault, or attempts to sabotage and theft from another security application – there has to be a way of making certain that such a person never is permitted any such equipment again, and is severely punished enough to deter anyone from perpetrating espionage crimes, serious cartel activity, and misuse of licence, or unlicenced electronic weapons, or modification of electronic weapons.

A device found to have several different human biometric ID maps, scans – that is a very serious crime. There isn’t a ’14 year old patent’ that would permit anything like that. That and when the biometric ID thefts, are clearly said to be alerted to authorities, as thefts, and espionage assaults, by another location, and harming the human whom has opted out of all digital biomedical files.

A person with ‘disabilities/ Utility Model’ whom ‘doesn’t want security to scan their irises’ and is biometric ID theft of another, upon entering airport, is ‘hazard’. Maldon Incorporated, located at #BendigoWest might be overlap at Melbourne Airport.

Horrible intrusions on my workplace, my humanity, my potential holidays.

There has been ‘ode to Christmas tree’ in espionage transmitters in 2 days prior, and if that in a bag at airport contrivance, then likely to be theft of family IDs, and nasty export issue.

Not permitted to be pushing limits, boundaries, nor attempting to blame shift by espionage device onto anyone using that word, ‘limit’, when that isn’t the correct direction. That and any impostor attempts on airport staff, should always result in arrest, search and seizure.

This awry, is transmissions awry, it has 2022, on it, though sometimes the cartel are old data-theft and conspiracy to attempt something like that.

When there is a large quantity of alcohol, travelling interstate, people seek licence permit; overseas there are so much more conditions, limits, restrictions. When there is espionage involved, and potential arrangements, that are boundary push, it cannot be named ‘chrixmas party alcohol’. False bottoms, and other horrors, that has been in transmitters awry in Maldon township, Victoria. I don't seek that, they're exploiting my biometric ID, the horrors.

Too much attention given to perpetrators of crimes of espionage assault. Why did journalists, that want to confuse the issue? The perpetrators obvious fascism. Then, the journalists were, ‘oh no no no’ on civil rights asks of citizens persecuted by the intercorporate cartel, and legislation obstructed in compliance with holocaust prevention amendment to the Constitution, leaving Australia for 76 years, with a repugnant legislation. The mainstream media, doesn’t look confident, unless they do the task for the people of Australia, never for the criminals, whom spy into packets they shouldn’t have the ‘shrink wrapper’ for, and say they advertise for that to the camera’s brat.

Limits. Limits for indulging in the idea that a data-theft might be a former-factory worker. Limits for indulging in the idea that a person whom carries a Christmas tree into an airport lounge room is legitimate air-flight staff attendee, not someone testing out a theory co-conspired under the ‘ode to Christmas tree’ and conceal by carol singer contrivances.

The limit of 25 years for espionage, can that be extended if there is also a treason charge? And further charges add more years, when attempt to convert the treason charge into ‘ode to Christmas tree’ and other violations, such as espionage assaults? That kind of boundary push on the Courts, might be necessary deterrent in Australia.

Then, there is evidence given, when law-abiding citizens are not given the justice, recognition, and understanding they deserve, and are subjected to horrible assaults from foreign interference espionage that keep claiming and reversing charged, and turning a bad answer into a correctional matter by spyware.

If that were all it were, that which is over there, where some people are ‘playing a game’, that has some data-theft from a movie; that would be to limit that. And if it were limited, that would be as it should be, though, there is no sense in saying that there isn’t another device that is overlay, and other elsewhere, when there are horrible espionage weapons assaults being fired at a human, that should not be subjected to the violations of criminals whom are meant to be limited.

When there is something that a cartel is phishing for, and another person doesn’t want anything to do with that, attempts to do something else, is what a person does. When the cartel intercorporate continues to intrude, there is no reason in authorities whom attempt to say ‘oh but we limit it, it is only a little fun play’; and ‘nothing to see here really that is what we think’; and ‘where is the big obvious on Christmas day that was said to be there on a Sunday elsewhere’. That is when, a citizen asks, which task-force do you work for? And are you an impostor or following one, because you don’t seem at all educated in that that which is serious cartel activity involving foreign interference espionage. Nor have you looked at footage over 2020 to 2022. Where were you then?

Every department of Government, and all citizens have to be aware that there is serious cartel activity and foreign interference espionage and what it looks like and how they might report that or action that, to make certain it doesn’t continue. If the activity isn’t parades of horrors in the street, then, there is other, and some of that is only able to be understood by certain departments of government, or people mucked into that (whom really don’t want that).

Reasons to not allow for espionage – there is a 25 year sentence for espionage for a reason, do we have to go into the reasons? Security management, is meant to not be sabotaged. Please don’t demand further information on the terrorists prosecution and conspiracies to act, and intentions, and that which they perpetrated. Crime needs to be shut down and shut up, not permitted a media with which to carry-on, and further data-theft usurp the people.

There should not be medico-pharmaceutical encroachment on businesses, it serves no purpose, and is sabotage.

The necessity for limits are there, for all business. For people to be encroached on by another business that attempts to assert authority on all, really isn’t permitted. It is only legal purpose of business, that is a due diligence matter.

When another business intrudes on the staff, that is when authorities have to step in or business start thinking about how they might make certain that the hotel in Main St, Maldon, might never again fire an espionage weapon at the human eye of someone whom they have thefted the biometric ID of, and are naming their device app ‘nerska/ nurse cart’. It is entirely a legal matter. It should not be there. There should not be a hotel that uses hostage-like system in their apps, on staff of other businesses in the street. Horrible sabotage, on human, and hotel is attempting to claim that is ’to protect their glassware!’ from ‘shock app’ that they’re ‘trying next week’.

When authorities don’t take action quickly enough, they are very callous and don’t recognise the consequences of their inactive duty.

Then there is further Evidence for the Courts, of the law-abiding citizen, still delayed justice, while authorities look upon the horrifying experiments on citizens, as ‘new tech’ when it is outrageous fascism, and crimes against humanity.

There are probably some fears that a person whom has been persecuted in Australia, whom is an author, visual artist, and performing arts. There shouldn’t be fears of the arts, though the intercorporate cartel will attempt to blame-shift.

Records of transmitters, that are espionage, are not something that all departments of government should have access to. And really, the civilian population, should not be subjected to shortwave transmitters via RANZCP fellows, Gregore Shultz ‘eat more cream’ and Alx Cckrm.

When there is ‘animal riter’ on an apple, and said to be ‘pig farm’, that not permitted, and is said to be RANZCP fellow, Christina Spratt, threat and menace on orchards every year since 2020. That RANZCP fellow, Gregore Shultz was the data, ‘tobacco riter’, so Spratt, might not be in the triage-triad of the intercorporate cartel group. There has been attempt to data-theft acronym IRA, as was in 2010, heavily, and other 2010 data-thefts of the RANZCP fellows and cartel that involved Christina Spratt.

Then there is Social Media, that has allowed an Australian citizen, to contact the world immediately and say what it is to be attacked by fascists, when they muck into your word-play, and look ridiculous. It isn’t Social Media that does that. It is that the fundamental laws, the legislation, are breached, the duty to act on the obvious inactive. That the ugly horrors would attempt to data-theft South of France situation that was shown on Social Media, is something a country should immediately recognise as criminal. Do they detect that? Is asked. What is Australian Government getting? Is the repugnant legislation getting in the way of detect? Why isn’t there a strong media coverage?

So as a Professional Writer and Editor (Diploma) and Bachelor of Arts (Monash), I have qualifications, as a writer and I don't have a contract with a wage, to limit what I am saying. And, I'd prefer that, rather than having to let the world know how the horrors exposed themselves in obvious parades and transmissions I want immediately actioned by authorities, whom understanding that remote devices are wrong to use when there is a hostage system. Think of me as your friend, and fire at your enemy and harm me while the enemy gets away with accusing you and thefting further, and that horrible, is the result of security (you) not understanding that -

Independent Journalism Australia

#BendigoWest espionage assaults mean there is serious cartel activity

The violator is ABN 96 383 717 571, transmits, ‘we’re getting a clear to do similar as in France only worse’; is conspiracy to terrorism, ‘only with lights and dangle them at her shop window or something like until they exploit’. Horrible trespass.

Further evidence is there for International Courts, if access is denied, for law-abiding citizens, and that of violators WEAVER, CATHLEEN; ABN 31 988 927 787, open as if they are a business when their unlawful activities have been the most obviously wrong in Main St, Maldon, Vic. The trespass is a frequency that is a data-theft, and pain-threshold, and transmission, ‘I don’t think we’re getting through to her that this isn’t what you do when you have that of a subversive next door to you’, that isn’t 44 Main St, Maldon, Vic, it is Wilson, ‘Air New Zealand flies today tweeps, if she posters this up the way she postered the rest up yesterday. Pfizer-PHON and all that we don’t even know what it is that makes it so funny but sht it is hilarious to be a fascist’. Wilson are a carpark cartel, for the Spital.

That is there, because the intercorporate cartel are right off the horrible today and want to ‘celebrate victory over Victoria and declare state emergency on everything’ via their ‘ph in on Pfizer apps’ and name that ‘talking telephonics’.

Intercorporate cartel Pfizer to Wilson transmits, ‘You expose it at your peril, they won’t believe what happened to them’; reference is to the Pfizer ‘hooks in eye’ ugly that is CFA worker paid to ‘blonde and black’, and corrupt, that violated me, in my Fine Art Gallery. That the violation continued. Security matter is serious when Fine Art Gallery is mucked into the Courts system, via radical lawyering which was also there on 27-12-22, and destruction of cloud formations, to conceal, is really a reveal. ‘Funny’ as in really off, horrid, bold abuse of Australia, and Australian citizens.

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