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Licences and Qualifications

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer, CEO of The Painter And The Writer Gallery.

Licences and permits, are increased importance, at times when there is espionage and serious cartel activities, and breaches of radiocommunication devices and telecommunications, fraud, data-theft, and horrifying human rights violations.

Attempts to control a person’s litigation, that should apply directly to that person. It isn’t a small situation, when the courts are attempting to control a corporations litigation pushes, that include espionage violating the courts, and parliament and high security. There are, however, Closed Door clause, at law, for the courts to apply to Foreign corporations, that are known for serious cartel activities.

It is important that victims of crime, that are citizens, are never usurped by serious cartel activity, pushing for fraudulent, and frivolous litigation, and dilatory tactics on issues that need immediate attention.

The Closed Door clause doesn’t apply to Australian corporations. And it certainly should not be said that if one partner, to a business, outside the business, applies to the courts, and is given a label – that should not be then blame-shifted to the other partner; and it certainly should not be that of ‘the husband gets to litigate and she, the wife does not’ – that is misogyny, and it is also an old marriage law, that is abolished. For that to be in espionage, and to obstruct my necessary prosecution of an intercorporate cartel, to obstruct necessary arrests of intercorporate cartel that are in premises next door to myself. It is horrifying that if misogyny has been used for this obstruction of arrests of cartel; and prosecution usurped, by espionage on my business partner and husband, to ‘court battle’; ‘to case win’; even though, he isn’t qualified to practice law (and he not pretending to be qualified) that the espionage activity, via the cartel, might be doing something else, that legal teams do, that is recognised, that gets him through, for them, the cartel, inveigling with deceit as victims of wage-theft.

Here I am, attempting to demand that an intercorporate cartel be stopped from exploiting my biometric ID, and my work, and that the Government reporting system, be improved so that they, the Government, are not then wage-theft on me, via a reporting system that is prolonged, cruel, violent, and corrupt. That, is undesirable for Government, because, they do need to be law-abiding, or they lose content, and are more easily attacked, and the cartel, then attempt to get employment, and wages, and awards, recognition, that law-abiding citizens should be getting.

Attempts to deny the necessity of prosecution of cartel, and RANZCP fellows, prior to marriage, and business partnership, was there.

I don’t want anyone wasting water, and old habits of people running water, are plumbing issues, usually, not to warm tea-pots. The cartel induct strange habits on people, while the cartel are running a truck that is rattling the houses. That is espionage. That and the cartel are water theft.

‘How many case loads have you won’ – was the line, that was data-theft, from espionage firing, onto Mr Glenn Floyd. I’m not a lawyer, nor is he. That line, is security matter, and he wants me to resolve it quickly, so, even though Glenn Floyd, isn’t a Performing Arts qualification, he is acting on behalf of, another, to talk out the issue.

The cartel truck ALTERMATE ENTERPRISES PTY. LTD. ABN 38 111 446 194, this time in Tobin Lane, and day prior attempting to park in No Standing Anytime, in Main St, Maldon, Victoria. Both times, associated with espionage. The ‘casing’ activity, that is a crime. There is also usurp on Constitutional Rights, for holocaust prevention and First Nations Voice.

The case management is an old legal matter, that Australia is still violating. The case management violation RANZCP. The RANZCP fellow claim that victims of psychiatrists’ violations need ‘case management’, and the victims subjected to further cartel activity, and demands on their time, to do activities for the case manager.

There should not be mandatory -alternative-dispute-resolution-methods, for serious cartel activity.

OAIC and other Government office, must understand that when there is serious cartel activity, the victim of crime is subjected to a hostage-system, and torture by espionage assaults, cartel equipment, electronic weapons. Must not have that violence by espionage being ignored, and must not have that in any dispute-resolution-methods. The cartel using the term altern/mate, as a business entity, then using NATO data-theft, and other data-theft, to push Government to ignore the truth. That ALTERMATE ENTERPRISES PTY. LTD. ABN 38 111 446 194 usurps an International USA brand name, with criminal activity. Upsets. The brand name and idea of natural, nature, naturalisation, paddock, plate and padlock, are used on the truck, and for Entity trading as. That on this day, ‘sheep dog trials’ where New Zealanders in Australia use espionage, were used as ‘cover up’ and then talking up that of hiding things in sheep. Horrors.

Legal terms are also being reversed, and mucked by the cartel, to getaway, with espionage violations, and horrible crimes against humanity. That then attempt to be said to be ‘trading with crates’. Espionage assaults on human, isn’t ‘trading with crates’. Though the cartel transmits, unlawfully, ‘not much if any beer spilt so what we’re just a swap jam meet nothing’; ‘so what if we rattle their cases and cages a bit, stupid bird told me off in the street as if I’m a hen pecked dick I want out if this goes straight to ASIO’, is Altermate, that is cartel, with truck.

RANZCP fellow also attempt to reverse cash and carry clause (cash for items that are prohibited sale). Understood Military angary necessary, usually. RANZCP fellows with pharmaceutical corporations, are perpetrating that. Evidence is substantial that concealment is by exploiting the people that RANZCP fellows arbitrarily detain, torture, and theft from.

Unarmed-civilians, law-abiding citizens arbitrarily detained by RANZCP, have everything they have, including clothes taken, and cash kept separately to wallet by the RANZCP staff, put in a cash draw, mixed up with everyone else’s. Same with shoelaces, instead of being placed in same place as wallet, clothes and other ‘carry’ items. Then, mixing up shoe-laces is known, and cash. Sometimes underpants, socks disappear; jumpers shrunk, or missing.

The cartel are conspiracy to murder, theft, sabotage, discredit, by espionage and terrorism. Don’t negotiate with terrorist cartel, jail the terrorist cartel immediately. Negotiate with people whom are being subjected to espionage assault, and the cartel hostage-system. Don’t exploit the victims of crime, witnesses, though, don’t ignore them.

The cartel discuss ‘weapons’ and ‘pfizer details’ – they’re a co-conspiracy, a crime. That then the cartel attempt to blame-shift that onto people whom are trying to stop the cartel crime, and speak only about the Legal means to prosecute the cartel. It is not aiding and abetting the crime, to report the crime!

Cartel must not continue to exploit frequencies allotments, licences, permits, emergency signals and claim ‘lost to follow up’ on patents, and then exploit humans, the RANZCP fellows write into espionage and poisons standards as ‘patients/ patents’; and put claims on the person, the law-abiding citizen, as if the citizen were a patent, a ‘thing’. Tracking, tracing, the citizen, intruding by medico-pharmaceutical satellite technology, on the law-abiding citizen, is horrifying breach of privacy, is horrible torture, violation of a witness. That, is a horrible war crime on Australian law-abiding citizens. That RANZCP fellows and cartel usurp law-abiding citizens, to get security management to give RANZCP that a signal that indicates honesty.

Loss, includes an outcome of risk. RANZCP fellows always talk up risk to patent/ patient, as part of their horrible Structural Error on the Tribunal/ Courts.

When the matter is Follow-the-settlements Doctrine, being used.

Adjustments, claims, and settling for insurance. Talking up unexcepted and unpredictable disappearance, or diminution of value, of things – Insurance policy, a contract law. It should not be then blame-shifted to take possession of people, and their everything and persecute them for the rest of their lives! And accuse them of being ‘unpredictable’ and ‘having disappeared’, and ‘in disarray’ and ‘deteriorated’. This is exactly what RANZCP fellows perpetrate on honest citizens in Australia.


There is that which a corporation has to report. The corporation pays the personnel to do the task. The perpetrator that fires an electronic weapon, or does as paid to do so by that corporation, and exploits another’s ID, and work – that perpetrator must be charged with crime of espionage assault.

That has to be there, so there are no further violations.

The further has to be, so there are no further violations.

The violators will not stop unless they are severely punished; and everyone knows never to perpetrate that crime.


Black’s Law Dictionary; 11th Edition; Garner, Editor in Chief; Thomas Reuters.

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