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Legislation needs to be in order

Author, Policy writer - Ms Initially No.

The take-over of the paints – whom is pushing that?

The take-over of aeroplanes – whom is pushing that?

When that of ‘patent and pattern recognise’ is the push; that should be patent declined, and research centre shut-down.

All of the cages of programs, including good governance – always are in the way of creative art, human expression, and speaking the truth. They’re only meant to be obstruction against criminal intent, and for personnel whom are paid to keep boundaries.

Be employed in a particular work, that is Government, Employee of Crown, know there are boundaries, and know when unlawful direction is being pushed by a corrupt official.

Civilians, are meant to be able to do speak to the truth. They don’t know the details of Government, and they’re not spying on Government, and they want good Governance for their country. It is important for a big country to have a civilian population; that isn’t encroached on by cages of programs.

For Government employment there are very good reasons to keep secrets.

Suable – Capable of being sued. Capable of being enforced.

Sua potestas – The natural power that one has over oneself.

Suapte natura – In its own nature, and Suapte natura sterilia being barren of its own nature.

Sua sponte – of one’s own accord; voluntarily.

When there is a spell, on a sing, and when there is a stingy steal from the singer, and a singe threat; and attempts to patent plants by cutting, grafting and budding – which is nothing new, and hairdressers name a ‘permanent wave’ and ‘attachments’ (which they can patent their tools for), but those whom are mucking with life, must not be permitted to patent life (though they can patent tools that are to do with cutting, blowing, or attaching.)

Olde saying was, ridiculous to patent, and – best in the show, prove that to the Judges and audience, and get buy-ins that way.

People whom said they were asexual, were saying – go fk yourself, you cannot have me, had enough of that muck, don’t want to think on it. Which is abstinence, though, not wanting to be held by church ritual stylings. People say some words, they haven’t seen how that is used, and then, realise that isn’t to be said, when the medicals name that a term for their violation. And hairdressers say – that is only for the scissors and the other hair cutting equipment, so no one’s upset about another being near their locks.

Never assured,


But either you are on land, at shore, or at sea.

Australia must not perpetrate assart; the crime of destroying forests and making land arable. The lawyers need to do clearance; never the same as – real-estate; state forests; Sacred – that must not be destroyed.

Paper used by Clearance Lawyers, could be recycled, 100%, nothing to do with life of forests. That and treason named treachery, to stop the contrivance that enters the radiocommunications every time the intercorporate cartel’s crime of treason is named.

Boundaries of comparative advertising, do not include usurping another’s business, or prosecution/ lawsuit.

Stopping asportation, larceny – of those employed by Govt, to stop assailant; assart; assassination; assault; and fraudulent assay. The minting and the weights and measures and such really shouldn’t be mucked by psychiatrists whom enslave, torture and arbitrarily detain, and name people with contrivances of their patent applications. Horrible dictators the psychiatrists, that use dictators codes and things, to push for world domination.

Assecurare – to make secure by pledges all formal promises and obligations, or agreement to comply with holocaust-prevention-writ 1-V-51-xxiiiA of The Federal Constitution of Australia Act.

Don’t want that going into the intercorporate cartel field warehousing, where their inventory, financing method is revealed, and then then possession of ‘third-party’ is said to be insurance. Need to have the legislation in order, not all that mucking into to convert numbers, and shift things, and change the fields. If the writing isn’t correct in the legislation, the writing isn’t correct – it has nothing to do with electronics or the field detections systems.

Assembly, and the right to, without being violated, or being violent; or obstructing justice or other reasonable law enforcement, such as Protocol for Parades – don’t lean against shops. Assembly must not be 3 or more persons whom intent to perpetrate a violent crime, such as fire into radar detect and sabotage that, and fire the radar tracking at human body of witnesses, shop owners, or shop security, or interfere with policing of the street. That this is some of the things that have been breached recently in Australia.

Assensio mentium – agreement of minds.

All legislation must comply with the Constitution.

When legislation is given Royal Assent, approval, that willingness to permit legislation to pass must not be ‘jack door’ and ‘jack ask’; or there is trespass.

The legislation needs supervision for all to be in order, in Australia, for every state, including Victoria, where people have outwardly named the crime of criminal conduct in parliament – horrified as joker legislation has been passed. Ignorance of constitution should never be an excuse given every member of Parliament has sworn an oath to be obedient to The Federal Constitution of Australia Act, and any details Victoria wants to add in their own State Constitution, must be compliant with the Federal Constitution of Australia Act.

There should not be anything getting in the way of the Compliance Order on the Executive, to make certain the legislation is in order.

The obstruction is medical practitioners, and pharmacy purposely using legal terms incorrectly, with physics and poisons standards breaches, and data-theft, to name patents that should not be permitted, or products that should not be permitted. Using court security data-theft, then, blaming a person reading a book. It isn’t the reading of books, that should ever be a problem, when reading is lawful reference; not device-coding breach reading via electronics and sky-links not permitted.

That breach, concealed by the innocent person reading a book, and then said to be a ‘negligent read’. Then courts in Australia, only allow for negligence claims against Medical Practitioners, is not something that should be that way, when Medical Practitioners need to be charged with treachery, slavery, torture and other Crimes Against humanity and the Commonwealth.

Supine or advertent negligence, in which the Medical Practitioner is aware of the unreasonable risk that he or she is perpetrating; must be asserted, and, not blame-shifted onto the victim, whom the Medical practitioner is falsely claiming to be ‘at risk’, and ‘neglecting health and safety requirements’ – is where the Medical Practitioner must be found guilty. That crime of neglecting health and safety requirements, taking that which they should never be taking, that and for concealment tactics, conspiracy criminal intent in conferences, or instructions to another to perpetrate on radiocommunications transmitters and other espionage devices, and intentionally acting to perpetrate the uncertainty of result, or risk contrivance. The assumption of risk; and potential loss that a corporation believes it can cover either with available capital or self-insurance; and triage muck on the grid systems, then naming the crime emergency medical department patents waiting lists, bed patents needing buyers, and patents dead.

That a medical practitioner assigns risks to patents; uses insurance-based legal documents; and then assigns patients to patents, as if they are one and the same in OSI layering medico-pharmaceutical biometric violations, that are utterly fraudulent in content, and are induction on courts, governing officials and industries that have not fought to stop intrusions.

That there are classified risk patents and inherit risk patents – that is where humans subjected to the unlawful contrivance in medico-pharmaceutical espionage devices scam-patent overlap that onto the patient. The fraud in OSI and biometrics. Violated by the psychiatrists, the people, subjected to slavery, torture and arbitrary detention, under unconstitutional, ambiguous legislation that necessitates voiding by the very nature of the legislation being repugnant. Peril results if the joker or ripper legislation isn’t voided soon enough.

Rebel against enslavers. That, is very necessary.

People caution this, when warcrime is perpetrated by the psychiatrists.

The psychiatrists in Australia are enslavers, torturers, whom arbitrarily detain, and theft the citizens, and treason the country – so why would people have a problem condemning the horrible criminals?

They’re scared.

There is that area of law regarding – sanguis, the right to judge cases involving bloodshed, in 1860s. Attempts to stop violations in food and human recouperation industries, that may involve wounds that need rest and non-filthy circumstances. That Sanitary Code, and the contracts, resting-houses had to sign and get an official stamp for approval, to say that their staff were not criminals. That, then, claims of breaches, were that, a criminal perpetrated that violation of mentalism (old term for espionage device) on the person resting with a wound, and not just violating the recouperating-person’s thinking, electrical muck on their wound as well! And, then blame-shift, was often that, then, nothing resolved. The alienists, then psychiatrists, increased that blame-shift.

Right to refuse treatment, was said over 60 years ago, is the right to roll a die. Everyone should have that right, was said. Then, the medico wanted all facets of the die rolled, to be pertaining to a medico treatment. People asking for the right to refuse, said death was preferred to any treatment the medico offered, and the medico then used physics breach, to murder the person attempting to rest and recoup.

The person just wanted to refuse the ugly violence of the medico. That is the human right, to not be assaulted by a medico, the right to refuse all medico services and provisions and not be assaulted by the physics weapons for refusing the physician to the Poisons Standards, that should always be controlled and should not be allowed a name that includes soul.

More reasons than ever to abolish psychiatry.

More reasons to keep psychiatrists away from your soul.

Moral rights of artists, musicians, as well as biometric ID thefted from artists – that being used by a café cartel, to test pharmaceutical equipment. Horrible. The RANZCP fellows, in Australia, Victoria, that instruct the pharmaceutical violators, to use that radiocommunications, devices and espionage breaches with data-theft and unlawful sky access to memory-of-song programs they are not even licenced to use. Outrageous, intrusions and muck of industry, to blame that of music, when the noise pollution is the unlawful use of Frequency/ Spectrum allotments that are harmful, intrude on radar, and flick onto civil rights activists, and other businesses.

Those emissions, that need to be reduced, the emissions of unlawful physics, attempting to use Soul Music, as concealment, for their ugly.

If there isn’t satisfaction, with the intention, then, there should not be further acts of the same, or similar, against a person’s wishes; and that includes the sadisdation, that is the security obligations of the Government to stop the espionage activities, that include medico-pharmaceutical secrecies, that have to be stopped from being secret, if they devices are being used against humanity and good governance.

Psychiatrists force interrogation meetings with victims, that psychiatrists name ‘appointments’. Cancellations of appointments that are forced appointments and agreement by psychiatrist to reschedule the forced appointment.

Ringing up – has been violated, with criminal intent and actions by psychiatrists.

The psychiatrist says that the person has gone AWOL and not turned up, and has no details of the reschedule. Too often this occurs.

Method by which commodities dealers cooperate to discharge contracts for future delivery in advance, by using offsets, cancellations, and price adjustments, thus the cost of actual delivery and change of possession, is legal term – Ringing up.

That should not involve slavery, torture, arbitrary detention.

And forced interrogation should not be name, ‘appointment’.

Contrivance by psychiatrists to change possession, holding property, (and if holding person and property liable, that is criminal laws to do with serious espionage crimes, never to be medicalised, or spies evasion is the result via the corrupt medicos). The holding of property, and exercise of dominion over property; that of a medico, or pharmaceutical operative, found guilty of possession of unlawful material object, such as data-theft. There must not be blame-shift on this crime to a person being subjected to forced psychiatry, and when that is there, the criminal medico, or pharmaceutical operative, must then be understood to be attempting additional crime of concealment, and violation that likely involves assault by remote device on victim; and then, further attempts to enslave, torture, and arbitrarily detain.

That the psychiatrist claims a phone of a patient/ patent called, was ‘ringing out’ and contrives to possess a person, for that of the restriction on the making of the order of sol. That there’s several brandings. That branding a person with a chemical lace, by forcing the person to take the Poisons Standard, and linking the person to the brand by tracking, and tracers.

That the psychiatrists or connected pharmaceutical companies, on one order are said to be crime, of prohibition; prohibited articles. That is an Infect, and other product, is the comes-with; and must be seized, that shipment, all of it.

That should not then in a reverse, on the legal necessity.

RANZCP fellows, should not be able to demand police or anyone else perpetrate asportation of citizens, for the possession of psychiatrists perpetrating slavery, whom are guilty of possession of certain articles of infrastructure - ‘unknown to policing that are medical and biological contrivances that are known to many men and few at courts but we know good and well what men at work with military want with the frayed not and frayed so be it’ – for that would be a crime of trafficking to enslavers. That and military have stated only thus of – test the chemical to see whom takes to that.

RANZCP fellows are outrageous crimes against humanity, and theft from Government secrecy, and that of international data-theft, is also crimes that RANZCP fellows have perpetrated. RANZCP fellows are traitors, outrageous treachery on humanity.

Hostile possession/ adverse possession being contrived by psychiatrists. That psychiatrists are guilty of being hostile force, and yet psychiatrists attempt to blame the victim of being hostile; the victim whom doesn’t have powerful radar, intruding equipment. Possessing the victim, a human, is a hostile act of holding the person hostage, and torturing the person, then using that person’s fight and pleading for justice; that psychiatrists then attempt to violate the person, until the victim agree to that which the psychiatrist dictates.

That if adverse-interference with jury, is that which a psychiatrist perpetrates, via the victims being tortured, enslaved, arbitrarily detained, then, that is treachery that the psychiatrist is perpetrating, and obstruction of justice. When there is add on contrivances, crimes of misuse of power-grids, and false-push to parliament of scam-lobby, that is treachery, similar to that perpetrated on a jury.

The psychiatrists are exploiting squatters laws in Australia, and possession, pre-emption of public land being said to be adverse, and person to be barred, and other contrivances – to claim humans. That the pre-empt that improper conduct will get worse, if the person isn’t claimed, is wrong. That the psychiatrist has caused the stink, via their misuse of remote devices. Then, pushed an espionage errata to have a victim kicked out of a pub, or a public bar.

Threat and menace charges on psychiatrists should be that which businesses, personnel, people should be able to prosecute, with the person (whom is being threatened and menaced by the enslavers, torturers whom arbitrarily detain and theft biometric ID.)

That claim of patent running out, and improper conduct increasing if the patent runs out for walls, sealants and other building and construction infrastructure.

That the security of patents, don’t apply to heritage buildings.

That an infrastructure grant said to be about security management crisis funding, should not include medico-pharmaceutical industries. That should especially not be for a heritage listed town, building, and construction.

False claims and threats and menacing via remote device, and crime of espionage, is sabotage on building and construction – never protection. The tricks and muck and contrivances and induction of the medico-pharmaceutical secrecies, and their ways of hiding the data-theft (from equipment industrial) in horrid hit and flick onto human bodies, is really nasty to the human, and if the industry stupidly keeps firing without checking their aim, they really harm people whom, are not the machine they are after. That said, there some shifty industrial insurance scams as well. And Industry with dangerous machines has to make certain they never firing at humans whom don’t have the device, or fitting electronic, that is causing damage to industry.

Naming the sign-in to unlawful access/trespass, that which is the switch on the industrial device messed with, or the civil rights activist’s equipment, identifying numbers – should never be something that is possible. The victim being violated by the intercorporate cartel’s data-theft, once they’re given evidence to authorities for the false claim and misdirections, to be stopped, that should mean, the intercorporate cartel don’t get to violate further.

That psychiatrists are a false-claim on a probation officer’s role in stopping crime, of criminals whom have made an agreement. A person whom isn’t on a parole officer’s list should not be subjected to stalking by medico-pharmaceutical cartel.

That the Official Stamp, must not include that which is a crime. If pay roll, and stamp letter is fraud attempt by psychiatrists to up their fees on Government Office, that needs to be outed, and stopped. Horrid when RANZCP fellows are also involved with stamps of approval on food industry requirements, and mix-up pigments into criminal intent and actions that the RANZCP fellows have perpetrated deliberately, to get around another crime, or conceal a lobby to parliament, that might obstruct the constitution, and push to pass repugnant legislation, by calling up the race-course, or getting a corrupt official to trace a horse.

If psychiatrists are Stamp Acts, fraudulent use; then that is deeds, contracts, legal papers, bills that English Statutes require. And, those squatters in Australia, fraudulently using that to claim hostile/ adverse possession of real-estate, and psychiatrists perpetrating the possession of real-estate and people. That the horrors that came to Australia in 1780, pillage, plunder, violent murderer, enslavers, torturers, thefts and obscene destroyers to denigrate the authority of the people and their rite to deny trespass – not at all friendly traders, for the people that lived in the nations of Australia for thousands of years.

That if Stamp Duty is being fraudulently used by psychiatrists – that pertaining to tax raised by requiring stamps sold by government to be affixed to designated documents, thus forming part of the perpetual revenue – that would be High Crime.

Standards for Stamps!

When the author of this writing, Ms Initially No, is said to be of good standing; and has a right to make a legal claim, or seek judicial enforcement of duty, demand human rights, and constitutional rights – that is true, and could be easily said in a court of law.

Horrible medico-pharmaceutical cartel corrupting purpose of Government; and sabotaging citizens, civilians, cannot be said to be good in any way. The medico pharmaceutical corporations, making claims, as third party, that is an intercorporate cartel. That the criminals have not yet been jailed; and the criminals are acts of claiming to be protecting rights of others, and criminal in attempts to usurp others, and are never of good standing in the community, despite positions of power at medical facilities.

That criminals so horrible as the medico-pharmaceutical cartel in Australia, should not be permitted to make false claims of being a displaced person, or refugee. Nor consort to find means to aid and abet others, into criminal intent and actions, and thrift the International Human Rights Standards on that which a person that makes that plea. That when there is slavery, torture, and arbitrary detention of over 7 million Australian people every year, and 80,000 murdered via the medico-pharmaceutical cartel – there really would not be good reasons in a person claiming refuge ask via medico-pharmaceutical cartel contrivances.

Revoke is used in Tribunals that are Structural Error. That a judgement that necessitates revocation for factual or legal reasons of blame-shift onto innocent citizens, civilians, by those consorting with cartel, whom are using remote devices, espionage, and data-theft that is concealment via medico-pharmaceutical secrecies. That revocation must not be in favour of the medico-pharmaceutical cartel; that have obstructed justice; contrived by espionage to theft the courts of reason, sense, and obstructed and perverted constitutional rights holocaust-prevention-writ 51-23A, into ‘convert the number to a phone call or other’ and ‘convert the number to time for additional short changing arrangements’ frauds of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Wilson, RANZCP, and Alfred Health. That in Victoria, Australia, is the intercorporate cartel, that is most aggressive overt-covert, known for cavorting in Main St, Maldon, Vic, Australia – and witness intimidation warcrime, on civil rights activists that have demanded constitutional rights, and abolition of psychiatry.

The horrible psychiatrists in Australia have been arbitrarily detaining, enslaving, torturing, and testing the victims of psychiatrists’ violations, with questions as if the people are patents. The psychiatrists wants the questions answered in order to fill in a patent recapture, or patent recall application. Puts a victim through torture and interrogates them, to get strong enough answers. Then, the psychiatrist writes the Government a bill for that interrogation and torture and asks for a receipt.

Have to counteract, that, oppose the psychiatrist’s fraud and violations.

Document by Ms Initially No. Fair use is that which abolishes psychiatry, stops forced psychiatry.

Legislation needs to be in order_04-09-22
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Definitions relevant for this document

Vaughn Index – attempt to list documents the USA Government wants to shield from disclosure in Freedom of Information (FOI).

There shouldn’t unnecessary leaking of documents.

Consumer Price Index – is different, pertaining to Australia.

Wage Price Index – is different, pertaining to Australia.

Vaughn Constructions – is Australia, National Construction Company. That must not be reliant on medico-pharmaceutical poisons and physics standards, security infrastructure due to that of corruption in medico-pharmaceutical corporations.

Moral right – copyright of another author or artist, see also integrity and attribution rights.

Satisdation – the giving of security.

Satisfaction – the giving of something with intention, express or implied, that is to extinguish some existing legal or moral obligation.


Black’s Law Dictionary; 11th Edition; Bryan A. Garner, Editor in Chief; Thomson Reuters

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