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Law term - Infection

Medico-pharmaceutical companies have taken a word referring to customs and shipping, and attempted to name people as shipment of contraband.

That medicos have turned the scales of justice upside down, by using Legal Terms, that are old, in a way to put the crime on another and evade justice.

Simple law matter of Infect, and such as that means, isn't arguable, it is is definition.

Too many shipments to Australia have been infected, that means tainted with crime. The rule applies to a shipment if the owner of the owner of the contraband, that may be seized or otherwised treated in some manner as the contraband itself.

That criminals attempting to Stigma Property, do illicit exchanges in front of a business, or home of a non-criminal, attempt to apply this rule of law, as well, is out and out fraudulent concealment tactic. Though, that is why such, when noticed, must be reported. See prior blog about Mechanical Contrivance.

Doctrine of infection doesn't apply to an owner of another business, that no only wants nothing to do with criminal intent and actions, abut actively takes action to make certain that the crime is kept separate from their business.

That psychiatrists whom are infected, contaminated, tainted with crime - attempts to stigma a person with crime, that the psychiatrists are guilty of. The psychiatrists injecting of the poisons standard breach, and firing the frequency standard breach at the persons innocent of crime. Then the psychiatrists putting in a claim, that the person is not guilty due to mental impairment of a crime that they're not even involved with, not even formally charged with by police; that the psychiatrists put that in classified, in writing, in industry code. There are Courts that look at that charge, which is only for when a person has actually perpetrated a crime, and originally was for when a person was known to have been under the influence of another's experiment of chemical, or frequency Spectrum, that is harmful to humans, it sometimes was to do with Church related indoctrination, and 'the devil got them' said, though technically, for the Courts, that of interference bandwaves, and secrecy on those invisible weapons, known to the Docks, and other carriers. The psychiatrists, stepped in and said 'they'd handle it', the people that were accidentally influence, and let authorities know what was what. They didn't, because the psychiatrists were the criminals perpetrating the invisible weapons more than anyone else, that was not military.

The psychiatrists that perpetrate the crime and attempt to substitute a person for that crime, and name that person the crime, are further compounding their crime - and the actual crime, is the psychiatrists and pharmaceutical company cargo that 'risks' being impounded at the Terminal if inspected and the illicit is detected, as part of the shipment, then, the whole cargo is seized. That such must apply to any importers that are doing a dodgy business, including those that are packaged goods, that really cannot be said to be food exactly, though might have that label, and be demanded to have an ingredient list, and are a questionable standard, when marked as food. Usually those companies that do that are medico-pharmaceutical funded, and useless products in their stores, and only make a profit, due to the illicit.

That infection, is a property law, and the Doctrine of Infection, applies as such to the two properties, that of illicit and licit, in the same shipment, that necessitate the seizure of all.

No one wants to be falsely accused of another's criminal business, by stealth, nor have their Property subjected to Stigma by another's criminal business.

That which is in the impairment that is restrictive, that of such as is leased to the psychiatrists, the property that they have put Stigma on. The owners of the property have the right to shift the psychiatrists on, for reasons as the psychiatrists' corporation being attainted with crime. That Stigma on Property is there, so that Property Owners know better than to rent to such outrageous criminals, as psychiatrists are, that violate people on their premises, and people external to the property in the community. Very Serious Crimes Against Humanity cannot be ignored.

Attempting to infect entire communities with fraudulent indoctrination by stealth, is the propaganda, that people world-wide, have been subjected to, by medico-pharmaceutical companies, and the awareness is there. Though, there should be stronger awareness of that definition, where, people understanding how indoctrination and propaganda occurs, on mass. That and buying what is licit, is not the crime, buying that which is illicit, is a crime, though, it is not the same crime, as that perpetrated by shipping licit with illicit goods, and using devices, threats and menacing, and such to attempt to conceal that crime of Infected Carriage further. That of mucking legal terms, high security data-theft (fixation); and that of practices long abolished to do with old writs or 'leaf matter', being exploited by criminals, using stealth device, or mechanical contrivance - such as the statute of addition.

Medico pharmaceutical companies wanting immunity from being diminished. Medicos wanting immunity bath. Broad immunity grated to a witness that he or she will not be subject to prosecution. Legal protection against an adverse action in a civil suit - a protection, that is a business judgement rule, that protects a corporation from effects of poor decisions - that is not something that such crimes as Infection, can keep claiming; given the cover up, and the witness intimidation is such an outrageous scandal; and so damaging to the economy of a country, the people, the heritage, and industry that allows for such.

It is a colonialist action to attaint a population as crime and say - they're infected, while violating the population by stealth.

There are 6 Million horrible criminals in Australia, that should have been gaoled decades ago, that have profited and gained power from slavery, torture, arbitrary detention and external crimping of 6.5 Million Australians that never have perpetrated such crimes, or any crimes.

That the medico-pharmaceutical companies have attempted to infect all Australians with their crime of illicit goods. That the accused medico-pharmaceutical companies are infected with and by that meaning, define infected, Black's Law Dictionary, 'tainted with crime.' All Australian citizens, should not have to be punished for the crimes of the accused intercorporate.

Australia must think seriously and stop 'security waver' for such that might be potential treason, bribery and other high crimes of security data-theft, without racism; that medico-pharmaceutical companies should never be given 'security waver', when likely the medico-pharmaceutical personnel have organised and programmed a wave-form to induct that which is passport, while innocent Australian people are being told by a psychiatrist, that they have 'reached an impasse' because the person does not and will not accept pseudo-medicalisation, slavery, torture, arbitrary detention and external crimping - that the psychiatrists are attempting to enforce, to get that 'security waver'. Very very dangerous, to not understand how horrible it is to ignore the crime further.

Psychiatrists need to be removed to gaol, their organisation in Australia FRANZCP, must be abolished for not only Crimes Against Humanity, but also Treason, Bribery and other High Crimes.

Giving infirmity to the Courts by deceit and stealth and illicit deviceware compounds the crimes. Awareness of stealthwares needs to be acute.

There can be no denial of debt and liability of those horrible criminals that attempt to flick the policing chase, onto someone such as myself, while I write this blog. I don't cover for criminals. Policy of Abolish Psychiatry is to out them and their obstruction, and ridicule of Australia's justice system.

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