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Law Enforcement on Treason

When treason gets into inverted law, it’s horrifying for a country that doesn’t do enough to stop the criminal intent straight away.

That with psychiatrists’ treasonous intent, the risk and danger to a community is the corruption of Officials and perception. The laws regarding Insanitation, that of medicos and trial period of how long they were watched in their prescribing of chemicals and other dangerous and risky advice; that wives of medicos had to also be watched for ‘coverture’, that of espionage, and money transfers.

Watching a medico ‘in their early practices’, that was corrupted by the medicos being appointed as Peer Review, when that’s a task for Law Enforcement. Disabilities of Medicine, required permanent disqualification for carelessness, and bad practices. That negligence and malpractice was used as failure to observe a duty imposed, as a by-law, and that is outrageous when the offense is Treason. That and negligence is specific to the excess of privilege, when criminal intent isn’t overt.

Australian people, and people worldwide have wanted justice, for a long time. The psychiatrists that have violated Australian people, with murderous intent, should not be allowed to get away with killing 80,000 Australian people every year through Civil Conscription.

Protests against psychiatrists’ intention to treat people as slaves and torture the people they abduct. That’s something that I’ve been protesting for years, and still do, in a way that is law abiding.

If I were in Parliament at the moment, I’d be pushing to have the Treasonous psychiatrists put in gaol, and Civil Conscription Abolished. And urging for our mainstream media to give some history as to the understandings of how laws and policies are perverted, and how espionage is used to usher a crowd into following hostile propaganda, and how dangerous that is, when people know that the espionage weapons are medico-pharmaceutical, and the psychiatrists intention is to monopolize government, and are doing this by puppeteering stupid people, using false claims to get flares, that are emergency devices, that not everyone has access to, and perpetrating excess of privilege.

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