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Keeping things under wraps

The idea that there’s something someone else wants, and needs to be published and what will give hand to that and take the rap for exposing that unsaid thing – that and not following what isn’t your own sense of what is right and wrong and for whom. That’s not about truth telling, that’s about the fear of truth telling.

The pressing need to give long overdue acknowledgement of rights and abilities to the people held hostage by the psychiatrists – so obvious, the horrific violations they’re being subjected to for the psy’s profits and yet taking such a long time to be given official decree and legal order to stop these violations.

The masking of electronic attack through medicalisation – it’s not just about humans, it’s also about buildings crumbling because materials are under electronic attack, and people who bought the new high-rise apartments, left with nothing. That’s been on the increase for some time. People being subjected to fires and then medicalised, people medicalised for that which cannot easily be named, without being faced with a systematic denial of reality. Whose ‘game’ are the Australian people ‘giving away’ when they tell it like it is? And whose ‘game’ do they play into when they allow the psy to continue to silence people, as they demolish the most courageous of us?

The masking of electro-magnetic-interference has got to a point where civilians aren’t going to keep quiet anymore about these obvious electronic device pain-threshold attacks on human bodies, the animation that is felt, and some people have never tried resist. And nor should they, when officials have been silencing their attempting to stop the corrosion, abuse and corruption of our society for decades, with the obscene violence of forced psychiatry.

If victims of psychiatrists cannot be freed from the hostage situation they are now in, when are they going to be freed from the violations of these hideously cruel psychiatrists, that unbalance the scales of justice, and make a mockery of the policing system?

The limbo. There has to a limit, to the denial. Civilians left in limbo while medicos say they’re bending over backwards for everyone, as they talk up stinky angry toxic hygiene cheesy rubbish about their business being the only business that is good enough to be funded by the government and be allowed to remain open for business.

No one wants to be taken by the psy and consumed by the psy into a product, for the profit of the psy and their coterie. People want the right to refuse that.

Out of place, incongruous, beyond the pale, cowardly officials who dress up the whitecoat fraud as faultless. And the people who have for decades been hostile to the victims held hostage by the psy, those people isolated in their homes, fined if they do not wear masks when going out in the open air, fined if they spend more than an hour out, fined if they stray far from their home, unable to travel interstate, let alone overseas – feeling hostile to themselves, no longer believing medico spurious claims. Their world turned upside down. Fearing that they might cough or sneeze and be dragged off into isolation and forced to injure some depraved medico’s idea of treatment.

The spur of a mountain

The clause of a sentence

Isolated, stranded

At a disadvantage –

Violently flayed by electro-convulsion again and again

Horrifically poisoned by neurotoxin in the body 24/7 indefinitely

Australia, what can be done to escape that future for the people continuing and dismembering everything?

What can be done to escape that future when officials don’t want grave injury exposed?

Go out on a limb

Speak the truth for once and expose it before someone else uses that truth against the people, uses it to their advantage to wreak more havoc.

Better to tell the truth than keeping things under medico wraps no one needs or wants, that are getting in the way of preferred, choice-based businesses, our local understanding, and our need to be free from toxic hygiene.

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