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Justice for Australian unarmed civilians

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer; CEO of The Painter And The Writer Gallery

When there is a defect in a country’s organisation of courts or administration of justice, that results in violation of law-abiding unarmed civilians, citizens of Australian; that denial of justice is a war crime.

The violators, alienist intent, actions, to alienate citizens, take their property, and take the citizens as property. That must not be permitted further in Australia. The violators are intercorporate medico-pharmaceutical and their actions are racist to the citizens of Australia. That then there isn’t only a denial of justice, it is enemy combatant, war crimes on citizens.

If any Justice employed by Australia attempts to put pressure on Australia to name the war crimes elsewhere, while not attending to the horrible war crimes perpetrated against Australian citizens, that is not in the interests of humanity. The war crimes then increase in Australia. War crimes that have been ignored, denied justice, by International Laws, that then may be said to have denied Due Diligence to inspecting and condemning the weapons electronic espionage assaulting citizens of Australia, espionage that is cartel activity violating Australian citizens, humanity, and is corruption of Government Office, and Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide.

Espionage assaults are never to be considered natural. The espionage is purposeful, and incidental assaults, by intercorporate cartel, to data-theft, defraud, and sabotage and murder. The attempts to claim death by espionage assaults, as ‘natural death’, are insulting.

The horrible violent obstruction of truth.

As an individual, a private person demanding the cartel be arrested and jailed – to be denied, silenced, ignored, by authorities, industry, people is very incorrect.

Legal term – demurrer to evidence – that is only for Court; and when that is so far from the truth, when the evidence is overwhelming, when there is bold parades of horror in the street whitecapping my business; there definitely should be public prosecution, that is necessary. That, and the arrests of the intercorporate cartel, so obviously perpetrating that horrible crime of espionage, and serious cartel activity. Any letter from a Government Office, that is demurrer, dilatory tactics, fob office, or that of Government Office, attempting to say that reports of obvious evidence are ‘nuisance’ is corrupt, and the letter, or phone-call must be use by International Criminal Courts, if not Australian Courts, to demand that corruption be prosecuted. The obstruction of a prosecution, that is necessary, and the arrest warrants not being actioned, means that the citizen, unarmed civilian that is law-abiding, is then further subjected to espionage assaults.

Courts have to demand the term ‘counsel’ not be used for people without legal qualifications. When there is an espionage violation, and use of the term ‘counsel’, the violation must be prosecuted as espionage; and if found to be connected to council, then the cartel activity has to be named corruption of the trust, and the staff in council jailed for crimes of espionage.

The dilatory tactics of a demurrer; the wait and stay; is to be applied to criminals; never citizens being violated by espionage assaults, victims of crime whom are law-abiding.

An adult human that has perpetrated a crime, that is so horrible there must be imprisonment, crimes such as espionage assaults, cartel activity – that adult to be imprisoned is to be restricted, and monitored, and doesn’t own property, and isn’t allowed to be creative or have an opinion.

In Australia, it is a horrible crime, that cartel have attempted to blame-shift, the warrants for arrest, and intended jail, onto citizens. That the cartel have apps that attempt to usurp purpose of laws regarding children, infants, youth, and junior positions in office – and blame-shift that of espionage crimes, onto that which isn’t espionage warrant. A warrant for espionage is a military, not medical operation, it is high crime – there is never to be ‘home detention’, nor ‘home school’; not ‘u think about it too much we do it again’ taunts via espionage rerouting the warrants for espionage, necessary to action, onto other people.

The ridiculous attempts to convert an espionage warrant into medical emergency, is a spies evasion tactic, that, the intercorporate cartel, then also attempt to exploit an unarmed civilian, law-abiding citizen and medicalise them, to conceal further, is horrifying. Forced psychiatry is arbitrary detention, torture, slavery, and persecution so horrible. RANZCP fellows while perpetrating crimes against humanity, are also crimes against the Commonwealth of Australia, in that of cartel activity, spies evasion, sabotage, scam lobbies, defrauding.

All I’m asking Government office, is that of reinforcing that which is there to stop violation of citizens. That and reinstating that which must be honoured as traditions, sacred, understanding, of country. That holocaust prevention must be honoured. Never allow for fascism.

The intercorporate cartel are perpetrations by espionage on legal terms ‘relief’ and ‘sheer relief’ has frequency violation codes that are espionage assaults on citizens, then said to be ‘used by policing’ as ‘stool softeners’ – is actually a really violent intrusion on a citizen, in an espionage assault. The espionage assaults and mechanical contrivances, when they’re noticeable on the street, the suspects must be arrested, and all devices seized, or the warrant official gets data-thefted by the intercorporate cartel, and the allowing for demurrer, when the evidence is not only sufficient, it is undeniable.

Relief, as in redress, or benefit, applied to historical offenses, isn’t that which is demand – stop the war crimes that are violation, espionage assaults on citizens. Coercive relief, is necessary to arrest perpetrators, command on the defendant, enforceable by physical restraint. That RANZCP fellows have by arbitrarily detaining and torturing law-abiding citizens, have data-thefted, Coercive relief, and get the law-abiding citizens to demand that they not be subjected to physical restraint and coercive-control. Law-abiding citizens should not be subjected to that by , blame-shift, and RANZCP fellows should not have any right to claim citizens and perpetrate narcoterrorism.

It is the intercorporate cartel that must give up, relinquish, surrender – not be permitted to perpetrate further and push motion, and ‘yip-yap’ on devices then flick that onto citizens whom are working. Cartel must not push Parliamentary motions, to give way to foreign interference espionage data-theft, that has short-wave violations, and espionage assaults on citizen (myself) whom is working. I will not be exploited by medico-pharmaceutical cartel, intent to lobby by espionage assaults, converting that into yields, and other scams of scandalous, that need to be properly put before a court, and prosecuted.

That and declaring of the unlawfulness of things, apps, devices, disabilities, espionage – that is Declaratory relief. People must know that which is unlawful.

That the military maritime law alert of – a vessel suddenly deviating from its line of course; a swerve, sheer, that isn’t to be cartel converted into – sheering of sleep, and exploiting of people by naming them sheep, or sheering of sheep, exploiting of people while they are asleep, and saying they must not bleat – violation on citizens by intercorporate cartel, must never be supported violation, and denial of justice by Government official, industry or courts.

When Patrol demurrer; a suspension of proceedings during the minority of an infant (child under 7) is being said to be infantry by serious cartel activity, there is much necessity to arrest the obvious espionage violations in Main St, Maldon, Victoria.

That ‘orders of lamb sandwich’ are not something that should be firing a citizen, such as myself, in the gut. The espionage assaults, are serious cartel activity, that of ‘serves in Parliament’, and ‘Order Order’ being used, and attempting to make the signal concealed by pushing the detect to human in another business.

Objection, that being used, in similar espionage violation, to push a ‘Sunday activity list’ with ‘parliamentary arrangements’ and ‘read letter clause’; for ‘debt’ and ‘indebted’. That, isn’t permitted.

There is insufficient evidence that such is necessary, and potential data-theft, in the proposed ‘luncheon’ with ‘triage’ that usurps Circuit Court, via medical ‘growler’ to ‘land grab’ and that of ‘growing’ anything, that isn’t life, is incorrect; and violation of fundamental law, grundnorm, to use data-theft, that is foreign interference to push such a scam, and ‘talk up the catering’; to ‘wet’, are Weapons Electronic, not to be violating further, by PA systems, or roadworking equipment, or other noises industrial such as fridges.

Citizens, such as myself, Ms Initially No, have sufficient evidence to prosecute the intercorporate cartel – Discovery papers. Read that. Confiscation of espionage devices, action that, jail and interrogate the obvious suspects, and do not allow for that interrogation to intrude on witnesses (that are human never apps.)

Application to demand arrest of serious cartel activity, is there, and failure of duty to act, is obstruction, a crime, not merely incompetence, is likely foreign interference corruption app on the electronic devices the workplaces that make arrest wants, and action arrest warrants use.

Suspension that is delaying reinforcement of National Security; that delaying, interrupting, terminating of warrants for arrest on espionage assaults, is costly.

Too many suspicious transaction reports, costly.

The laws must be upheld, or the outlawry is costly.

Australian people must not be silenced, or told they non, when Australian people demand the war crime be arrested. Don’t object to that request! Don’t rule in favour of intercorporate cartel (medico-pharmaceutical) and Government corruption.

Never allow false reports, swatting, and blame the truthful reports of espionage from honest citizens, unarmed-civilians violated by that espionage.

Swatting schemes known are often elaborate, involving use of electronic weapons, tools, to mask the caller’s true identity and location, such as voice-changing equipment, fake-caller IDs, security codes and data-thefts. Australian citizens don’t want to be exploited by that!

Refutation of the argument that a person can be swapped for cartel activity, spies evasion. That horrible slavery, hostage-system, violating citizens, and then slandering of the citizen’s name, as if the citizen were refusing to obey laws. The RANZCP fellows are not lawful directive, they demand people agree to swallow poisons, agree to give information to RANZCP, agree to disabilities pensions, when the person doesn’t have a disability app, that are classed weapons electronic, necessary to check on by a pension service provider (such as a parliamentary appointment former, might, though, may be other, or may be unlawful.)

RANZCP fellows and the intercorporate cartel must be stopped from enslaving, and holding citizens hostage in by espionage devices, and arbitrary detention, and threats and menacing on legal teams. Citizens must not be slandered as refusing to obey laws, and declining to take part in law-abiding employment. That is criminal, to allow cartel to usurp citizens. It is crime to name the citizens disabilities/ things/ moveables, that pertain to electronic devices, weapons that are espionage assaults on citizens.

Citizens subjected to espionage assaults must be given merit of legal victory.

The corporations known to be international cartel, ‘backdate thief’ and ‘tracked thief’ of High Security data stolen, and other crimes that include espionage assaults, sabotage, and financial theft. The corporations that are cartel must renounce all further claims, refutania.

Australia has every right to refuse entry to Australia, when there is a known espionage assault on citizens, associated with a migrant application/ refusal order/ claim of need of refuge/ petition for appeal of decision.

A medical ‘emergency’ associated with the migrant application, and ‘geez for these, and treat transmitter intrusive’ that should not be permitted, is preparation for increase conceal for Enemy combatant, that which fires espionage at citizens, and usurps citizen’s identity; to data-theft security management shore-line tactics. People whom apply to migrate to Australia lawfully, and to visit a relative, should not be denied, by those whom are usurping application process, grants, and have that on their identity either. Difficulty though, because they are from another country. It is much easier for Australia to immediately understand their citizens, whom are law-abiding, and strong for their country, and know they’re not the spyware.

Australian citizens are not to be slandered, are never to be violated, by criminal cartel (medico-pharmaceutical) attempting to claim by espionage device, and convert a legal justice, and government office, into denouncing a citizen, and allowing a cartel to claim citizens of Australia as ‘born a serf’. The legal matter must not be ‘go with instruct’. There must be thoughtful consideration, and when there is espionage intrusions, that must not have staff acting as follow to the robot instruct, without thinking of how there may be sabotage.

When a citizen of Australia phone calls, about espionage assaults, serious cartel activity, and is subjected to fob off, and robotic response from the person whom is paid to do a employment for National Security – there must not be denial for that citizen. There must be, if the phone call is disrespectful to the citizen, that there is then some kind of way of making certain that there is understanding there, that the robotic response was temporary, and action is to be taken, and the phone call was understood, as truthful report of evidence, and necessity to action, that which interfered with the phone call, as well that which was reported, and for the citizen to be assisted by legal counsel to prosecute.

There are laws regarding property, things, and breaches of property; that got corrupted by criminals in a position of Lord, that is old laws on Landlord; that were never meant to be violation. The horrifying violators, stole land, then claimed ownership, and then attempted to own adults and their children. That medico-pharmaceutical corporations in Australia, are perpetrators of this attempt to claim citizens, as property. The espionage uses terms ‘disabilities’; ‘social security measure’; ‘unemployment’; ‘maternal non-applicant for employ’; ‘work for dol office’; that are spies evasion, on this day, violation, defrauding of Government, sabotage on citizens.

Natural-born citizens, people born in Australia, whom have parents already citizens of Australia. That is how the laws work, in most countries. The term natural, should not include accidental or purposeful interference, such as espionage assaults. Espionage assaults, are a horrible crime, a war crime against Australian citizens that must not be denied prosecution. That, and the violators, must be arrested for espionage assaults. The espionage assaults must not perpetrate further genocide on Australian citizens.


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