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Journalist positions for slavery abolitionists

That journalists must recognise what is in their possession; and that to slant their ideas into anything that makes for an equal contract, is preferred to that which denies the rights of people on the basis of how they’ve been disposed by Australia’s legislature.

No one wants to read all about that eugenicist’s department – the ugly clunky words that denigrate Australian people into small goods and distasteful polluting products.

Strong, wise and engaging Australian people, businesses, and fine art and literature, communication, dance and what is essential to Australian people – language. All that, is in their power, the journalists, to realise, and give recognition to. That the buyers and the journey enroute is there, for that advertise, once the journalism works to act for justice.

Journalism is regularly about what makes people scared, intrigued, interested, and appreciated; and the people celebrated by journalism; and the people vilified by journalism.

Eugenicists make pitiful journalists, attempt to germ-scare, and propagate ugly toxic useless products, deride and denigrate their readers and their human habits; then sneer and scam direct people into guilt for existing and denial of the people being enslaved by the acts in the legislature that are in flagrant violation of journalism’s reason for existing.

Journalism must recognise the strong, wisdom, engaging power they have when they write what commands respect.

What journalists want is similar to what their readers and appreciators want – a legislature without slavery insidiously written into it, and to recognise what is being missed that is alive.

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