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It isn’t therapy, it is torture

So, here we have it, in the film Eminent Monsters – the use of civilians to investigate ways of controlling people, through torture. What is described in the Sideways film, being the methods developed years ago. There are new torture-control methods being developed, and they have to do with what the psy are doing to people RIGHT NOW.

In this documentary film Eminent Monsters, there’s a horrible scene of animal torture, all the more horrible because it is real. The evil psy electro-convulse dogs until they don’t cry out as much to the electro-convulsions anymore. The same then, applied to humans. Ways of torturing people into helplessness.

Why? Because the psy are criminals.

Human Rights Defender, Don Weitz, has led a big push to abolish electroconvulsive torture, that the psy label ‘therapy’ (the psy label a number of things ‘therapy’, that are clearly torture, and have done so for some time.) The protests have regularly been in the street, online, and worldwide, and the day chosen – Mother’s Day, because predominantly it is mothers who are being forcibly and coercively subjected to electro-convulsion by the psy.

10th May (Mother’s Day) - Stop Shock Virtual Rally, stop shocking our mothers & grandmothers. Read more this protest has been happening for years!

Society should not want people who are subjected to ECT, to be alone, told it is therapy, and learn to be the helpless subject matter of a sadistic controlling psy. Society needs to stand with people who are violated by the psy, and not allow the psy to break a person down. Even the people, already broken into agreeing with their violators, who recite what the psy dictates, they may seem brainwashed, but mostly, they’re just playing it safe, fearing that anyone could be that person that fingers them again to the psy, so that they will be subjected to ECT, or other hideous tortures.

Why would a person finger another for criticising the psy?

The psy's actions are akin to gestapo.

It’s an unconscionable thing to do, isn’t it? Touted as righteous by psy though. So, who follows the big exploiter? Some dullards who think they're protecting their own skin by violating other people.

It’s not a democratic country when whitecoats cannot be criticised, when they should be condemned for their violent crimes. The people who have been violated, should not be constantly intimidated for speaking out against psychiatrists. Those ugly whitecoats are not only corrupt, but are committing extremely cruel crimes. What is worse than murdering and maiming people by force for invasive cruel experiments that the psy inflict on a daily basis? What is worse? There isn’t a far worse than that! The psy are committing the most evil violent crimes, and getting the tax-payers to fork out for their bloody evil violent crimes they have registered as ‘charities’.

Most of the population haven’t known what real restriction is. The restriction placed on the population recently, in the guise of ‘protection’ from the most recent influenza, is nothing compared to the violent restrictions on 25% of the Australian population, right now through forced psychiatry.

These restrictions are placed on these civilians, by psychiatrists, because psychiatrists are criminal, and have golden handshakes with authorities-gone-wrong, that allow legislation to forcibly electro-convulse, in the guise of ‘protection’, ‘care’, ‘medicine’, ‘therapy’ – all words that should be considered doublespeak, given that their meaning is used by authorities to mean the opposite of what a conservative dictionary would define it (though Urban Dictionary you might find someone telling you, how the meaning of those words have been perverted.) That said, that doesn’t make the lock-down restrictions on the population okay, it should however make the population more aware that their current government is supporting medico research industry over non-medico business, as well as over the lives and living standards of Australians. Transferring tax-payer funding to medicos in a really swift horrible way. Medicos are already too controlling, too rich, and the biggest most violent criminal organisation in Australia.

That’s it, isn’t it? Australians are so terrified of microscopic monsters! That they run to the arms of the whitecoat torturers! Is Australian immunity so weak that it cannot handle a microscopic thing? No, of course not. Does everything have to be shut-down, except the viral laboratories, hospitals, that incubate such things? No, of course not, that doesn’t even make sense.

Anyone in parliament is arguing against Dr WHO? A couple of parliamentarians grumbling about the satellite app (designed in another country) to track and trace – and maybe do a few other things too that you’d have difficulty proving. The bulk of parliamentarians at the moment are spruikers, part of the medico propaganda team, who keep spruiking how the medicos are doing a fantastic job keeping Australians restricted in order to scoop up large sums of money the government has borrowed. Salute the ugly whitecoat army and get a slice of their off-shore safe deposit for being a good paid shill, and a post-parliamentary whitecoat CEO position like Julia Gillard, Jeff Kennett et al.

Medical hoaxes are political, most especially when they’re not really health matters, and abuse of emergency powers is a political manoeuvre that medicos do extremely well. Medicos purposely overestimate a crisis, when it isn’t even a crisis and profiteer from medico-inflated misinformation to exploit our economy. But what medicos do, is so corrupt, they make governments look ridiculous – for instance, they’ve made our capitalist government borrow to the point of debt to pay medicos to exploit our population for human research, for the profit of a medico company based in a communist country.

Definitions are getting really blurry. People didn’t vote for these restrictions. They voted a Liberal Party, for a capitalist conservative government, not a communist dictatorship, which it seems to transmogrified into. People are wondering if their internet is next to be even more censored, than currently is (Social media hiding posts that have to do with people criticising products that get labelled ‘vaccination’ claiming to prevent maiming or killing, instead maim and kill). Liberal policy is not generally defined as restrictive, Australians associate restrictive policies with communist dictatorships, in some other place on earth where people beat their chests and falsely cry when their dictator dies, so that they don’t get shot dead (and while that view may be subject to scrutiny it is generally the current definition as far as Aussies are aware). Obviously it’s not a government that could be associated with the 1970s version of what communism was to many people – communal living – especially not that, given the Liberal Government has disallowed people to visit other people, not allowing people to group together even for weddings and funerals! And protests, the right to assemble, democratic rights just stripped away. So, it’s really more of a whitecoat totalitarian state, and the Liberal Government just a puppet to Dr WHO, that retards us.

What is left that is right? Or right that is left? It’s warped, and the people’s time is being retarded by these restrictions.

Australians don't want to be tested anymore. They've been tested enough of late by #EminentMonsters posing as benevolent protectors.

As for people who have been subjected to forced psychiatry, or those people who spoke out against electro-magnetic interference (20 years or more before 5G) and got put through forced psychiatry for attempting to report the invisible/ inaudible radio frequencies, there’s a lot of things that don’t make sense when authorities are covering up horrible control-based experiments. And these restrictions, they’re like an opening of understanding from the rest of the community, that has long, long been sought, but only for those people that have a computer, shelter and aren't currently being subjected to forced psychiatry, in the viral laboratories that subject them to the disease that Australia is meant to be 'protecting the vulnerable' from.

People should always have the right to refuse medicos. People should have the right to know the dangers associated with a medico product. People should always have the right to speak their opinion on these matters, particularly when it is the truth. There’s a lot of should here, and no one in parliament at the moment who is doing enough to question, and demand changes to legislation, that will stop medicos committing these violent crimes, instead parliamentarians are letting medicos get away with maiming and murdering people and getting huge funding for doing those horrible violent crimes.

Abolish Psychiatry will do what parliamentarians so far haven’t done. We want no part in allowing for a whitecoat totalitarian state. Our party will make noise to stop that.

What can you do? Join as a member, so our party can be there for you. The bigger we are, the more clout your voice has. Abolish Psychiatry is obvious, we're here to do the job that hasn't been done for way, way too long, that of abolishing the vile cruel medico exploitation racket, and decimate the medico strangle-hold, until medicos are just another shop, like any other shop that we all should have the right to refuse, and psychiatrists are recognised as a vile, cruel exploitation racket that should never have been called medicine, that must be refused funding and criminalised.

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