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It is not their place

Author - Ms Initially No, policy writer

Medical men and women have to learn their place, if they are to have one in Australia, and any of their disabilities/ securities/ things within their human bodies that violate and trespass, and fire at another human must be removed. Until medical men and women submit to authorities all their details of all their weapons, and stop trespassing on the unarmed civilian citizens of Australia - until then medical men and women cannot be trusted, nor can any of their products, or assertions, or things they claim have miracle cures for people.

Australian people do not want to be forcibly experimented on for a fascist medico pharmaceutical cartel.

On 20-10-22, in Main St, Maldon Victoria, the intercorporate cartel, medico-pharmaceutical were harassing, president of Abolish Psychiatry, Ms Initially No.

Journalism doesn't have limits on footage of personnel perpetrating criminal cartel activities. Obligation is to expose the intercorporate cartel, never aid and abet them, rather enable the restraining and arresting of the intercorporate cartel. The public always needs an explanation outside Government, to understand the truths, and opinions without the difficulties that arise when looking at Government documents, or Government issues. Cameras do get upset though.

No truck zone, idling truck, leaking something, and arrogantly shifting unlawful goods, for cartel is understood to be that of this trucking firm, that has been violator, over 2020-2022. The infringements are concealment tactics, and then further data-theft occurs, and humans are fired at with remote devices, biomedical, that attempt to register the human as biometric signature, and blame-shift for cartel activities.

There was an attempt across the road to switch no standing anytime signs, that taking this picture, got in the way of an attempt to change this one. Then push to 'parking box' the heritage listed area, that really doesn't have as much traffic as has been contrived by the cartel.

The area code, Maldon township, isn't training zone for covert medical carts/ cars, it is heritage listed town, with wildlife, mountain and trees beautiful. The medico-pharmaceutical cartel is outrageous taxation fraud, and sabotage, and the Animal Rights Party do nothing to stop the intercorporate cartel. Knowledge is that they actively use the espionage contrivances and aid and abet violations of the cartel.

Humans must not be named animals in espionage, it must be stopped immediately.

The Pfizer wants to ‘clear zone’ a No Standing Anytime Zone, by purposely parking there and firing espionage, to mechanically contrive at data theft, then blame-shift that onto the human fired at, the Gallery owner. It is horrible for the Gallery owner, whom should not be subjected to theft of biometric ID by an intercorporate cartel (medico-pharmaceutical). This is just one of their attempts to contrive and conceal by infringements.

The peddling and meddling and stand at the door offense, and trespass, were there on 19-10-22, as well as 20-10-22. There was a gang up on 19-10-22.

The Pfizer devices are a International data-theft, and must be stopped from the thefts – they are asking for detention. However, the attempt to convert that charge to ‘anchor baby’ issue press release push that to passport contrivance. ‘Birth tourism’ given that name due to the perpetrations of intercorporate cartel, a massive violation via the attempt to claim civil rights.

It is a ‘wanting attention’ while ships or other logistics are anchorage, including idling trucks. Duty paid by ship owners, permissions somehow evaded, fare evasion, then department employees claiming when they defraud government, that the ‘welfare cheats’ are the people whom the employees are violating.

The criminal anarchy isn’t acceptable and isn’t about Australian citizens, the medico-pharmaceutical employ with accent-attempts via apps, intent to go to other countries, during ‘cool off period’ change their guise, have plastic surgery, and further piracy in another country that they sabotage humanity, industry, and Government of.

Pfizer at this time is refusing ‘pony express’, there seems to be a push for that, by the RANZCP fellows, and fear of it - a service exacted beyond what is due.

On this day, camera of Ms Initially No, was violated. And microwave radio intrusions were there, early on (the intercorporate cartel have data-theft).

The Pfizer cartel group, got to the battery, and tried to explode it. And despite Ms Initially No, naming the crime to the face of one of the espionage cartel, whom were perpetrating that act of crime, the perpetrator kept going.

On 20-10-22, after camera was sabotage there was muck on lock via ESTA car, and Pfizer group. The cartel 'group' that is 'stomach budget' burst into Gallery. Then another cartel Pfizer attempted 'touch arm' rudimentary rule to never do. Then 'Porter' Truck contrivance, and other such as that which co-conspired with other cartel to advertise in an rink for ice-dancers, unlawfully, and then name it cause for hearing, an out and out defrauding and spyware medico-pharmaceutical cartel, paid for by NDIS/ NDIA scams. Attempts of fraudster, 'No we're not permitted but it is for a good cause weigh in and get out you know' is to be stopped in any no permit, they violate humanity.

Aps are not 'read into' human. So an ap is always a corporation, and should not be flicked onto a human, whom has their biometric ID thefted.

Cartel conspire as 'group' of a corporation, perpetrating data-theft.

There is breach of permissions and licencing that ESTA medico, RANZCP is perpetrating. And is attempting boundary laws contrivance concealment tactics.

Authorities must be able to boycott, sanction, arrest, jail and do due diligence to stop the intercorporate cartel - that duty-to-act on crime, must not be blame-shifted by espionage onto a person or group of people that are never cartel crimes.

International security, is a field of law dealing with measures taken to protect a country from subversive activities. However, a country must always focus on employing their own people, to articulate and recognise the legal difficulties violating citizens, unarmed-civilians. The sabotage of the intercorporate cartel that is weapons investments (though names the weapons medico-pharmaceutical conditions apply on dangerous machines and poisons standards). The espionage weapons, that data theft, sabotage, indoctrinate, induct and hypnotise by device are insidiously cruel in attempts to befriend and betray authorities of the country; and violate anyone whom names the crime.

The criminal cartel, must be named at law, and any further attempts for the medico-pharmaceutical cartel to propaganda, or promote their stealth weapons, or recruit, must be stopped.

There must not be imposters employed instead of good citizens; nor imposters given awards and honors, instead of good citizens. Authorities must know the difference; or the authority is in question, when acting as nothing more than a prop for the fraudster, breaking warrants for espionage, into war rants; and pushing for incorrect instructions, misdirections as teasers for pecuniary interests, that authority should not allow for.

Ms Initially No, is Media Arts Entertainment Alliance, and as Gallery owner, should not be fired at by espionage equipment.

Do not allow for microwave radio frequency to be fired at a person, whom is also policy writer, and doesn't give her work away cheaply. It is important for all policy writers to be paid for their work. For Ms Initially No, this is of extreme importance in that of abolition of slavery, torture and arbitrary detention (that is forced psychiatry).

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