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It is not appropriate to give funding to whitecoats

In a dire situation where Australian officials have been pushed around in robotized circuit like fashioning of their speeches, to co-opt the demand to comply with the 1946 agreement, in all legislation. It should not be possible to usurp the Federal Constitution of Australia Act 1-V-51-xxiiiA, any further, in the 76th year of delay and denial, of necessary compliance in all Legislation in Australia, by that the nulling of legislation that doesn’t comply with that which is that provision may/ or may not be given, depending on peace order and good government situation and necessity and reason, ‘but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription’ – that there must be no forcing of services and provisions of medico-pharmaceutical-dental. To prevent the holocaust, Australia must not allow the appropriation of funds by stealthwares illicit of the corrupt Health department, that names all Health, in terms of medico-pharmaceutical-dental scams.

The Bill raises an issue, that Tim Pallas MP, doesn’t seem to recognise – that money cannot be given to a department that is unconstitutional, and perpetrating genocide crimes, arbitrary detention, slavery, torture – when provisions/ services should never be forced. That and the corrupt Health department, has to answer to the human rights abuses; that and wire fraud.

Abolish Psychiatry demands that any induction technology, used to push for funding, or deny reality, and deny application and allegiance to The Federal Constitution of Australia Act, particularly that of the holocaust-prevention writ, that isn’t a funding basket, it is a right to refuse medicos, dentists and pharmaceutical agencies. And the Justice department, should give Australia people the right to name the crimes and concocted lies, and take out a writ against the Health department, to demand the Health department, stop defrauding the government.

That should any hospital or pharmaceutical company be found guilty of interfering with Parliamentary proceedings, by weapons, that are not only banned internationally, contain Foreign Intelligence, data theft, and horrible violations of humans, whom are being subjected to a Dragnet style collection of biometric ID. When the people whom are being exploited in Australia, are Australia civilians, whom have allegiance to Australia, alone, and have never perpetrated crime, and are being exploited by criminals with medical pharmaceutical means to conceal their illicit, their infect shipments, and their conspiracies to monopolise government by stealth.

Victoria, has to comply with The Federal Constitution of Australia Act, before, Victoria’s Government can decide on any funding issues.

A much-hated Premier that praises the violating medicos and nurses, and gives them money – outrageous corruption, in Parliament, so overt it had the world laughing at their go-with-the-flow of crime antics.

When there’s crime so overt in Parliament, there’s blocked supplies.

Now, 1975, Whitlam, was cited by Federal Parliament Minister, that which needed to be said was that there’s a compliance order on any International Agreement. And, Whitlam, knew there was a compliance or in 1966, when the currency got changed, that was 20 years overdue; compliance with that which was won in referendum, that which the people wanted – the right to refuse the medico-pharmaceutical-dental provisions and services. By 1971, that was 25 years overdue, and when Whitlam was voted in he should’ve made certain of making Void all Legislation that was non-compliant with The Federal Constitution of Australia Act 1-V-51-xxiiiA, ‘but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription’. That instead had to bring troops back; remove the death penalty, for those whom feared treasons would result in being executed to death.

That medicos had weapons with police that were said to be ‘deadly over time’, and concocted a scam that these weapons could be used to stop Code of Conduct violations. And that the weapons could be said to be punitive measures that added up to an earlier death than most. That medicos fired these weapons at people whom did not deserve to be subjected to stealth weapons; people whom were not violating anyone or anything – civil rights activists that demanded the right to refuse medicos.

That women demanded the right to equal pay for equal work, passed as Bill in 1973; and the right to refuse their husband and passed as Bill in 1973. But women didn’t have the right to refuse psychiatrists and their stupid ‘migrating womb’ violations. So, then, the psychiatrists’ pharmaceutical representative could get a migrant through, without a passport, and claim that personnel had a reason to be in Australia, and evade detection of illicit, and criminal records that another country had alert systems to. That any talk of ‘migrating islands’ has a similar horror violation, that medicos perpetrate by stealth weapons, and then other experiments. Cannot name reason for migration in Australia 2022, as ‘volcano right next to doorstep’, without that likely being fraud via Foreign Intelligence and medical mock-up instruct.

Full compliance in all legislation with Constitutional amendment 1946, was necessary to stop supplies being blocked in 1975. And for Australia people, needed the right to refuse the medico. To still have the medico to forcing themselves on all Australians, and silencing Australians, with threats, and horrifying violence against them, or their children; and then, cover up the crime by signing off the death certificate.

The misappropriation of funds, the misappropriation of legal terms – that isn’t about ‘little missy getting into trouble again with the boys’ and ‘needing to be examined’ and ‘have a thing inserted to stop pregnancy’ – that’s revolt against the medico that does that, please.

And warning – for Australian people to think about what they are doing, allowing that to be there.

Please be more careful with what you say, please be more appropriate to the context is this – where All People – have to demand that the Long Overdue Honour be Complied with. The Long O

verdue Honour, is for the International Agreement, a holocaust prevent writ, to be complied with in all Legislation. Otherwise, the supplies may be blocked again, and the ‘

dog biscuits’ get in if they don’t block the supplies, and their ‘ugly seed’ does as well sneak in; via Infect, what comes with, that with which looks licit. That and pirates pillaging, plundering, and making claims on everyone and everything, and all horrors then.

Medicos must not be able to claim people as ‘things’, and nor should anyone else. That medicos have been doing that in Australia, is something that is horrifying.

Abolish Psychiatr

y party abolishes psychiatry, because psychiatry in Australia has always been slavery torture and arbitrary detention – and only personnel in the employ of Psychiatrists, and people whom go with the flow of criminal intent and action of psychiatrists, would say otherwise.

There must not be

prejudice against Postcode, or people. When there’s civil rights activists being surrounded by intercorporate medico-pharmaceutical extremists, no one should be blaming the town, or suburb. There should be serious questions about corruption of those whom are in positions of power responsible for stopping violations, horrible crimes. There must not be prejudice against Australia, and Australian people, in our own country.

There should be funding for each nation in Australia, for the First Nations Australians, their people to have the Powers to oversee that nation. Where’s that funding? The people most intelligent to thousands of years of understanding need to be paid their work, and a position of power to assert the demands needed, so that no silly espionage group comes in and turns everything into mock and muck sabotage.

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