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Imposters that destroyed made redundant

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer; owner of The Painter And The Writer Gallery.

There are too many ways to describe the non-sense of those whom perpetrate crimes against humanity, and have no intention, of making certain that art work and ancient sacred works, are maintained. They blame people whom make a mistake and intend to restore anything that has been shifted, and while they blame, they are putting a situation whereby the restoration cannot take place until the fascism is stopped.

The most horrid impostor, is that fascist that attempts to impostor the people they have violated most, and then make out the people are getting revenge, and it is they that are driving the destroying.

There is no sense, in fascism, and anyone whom attempts to make sense of the violators that perpetrate fascism, is just more unreasonable horror. They always go too far, and then don’t know what to do but tear themselves up about what they did and look stupid.

Impostors, attempting to use signalling of authorities, and use that out of place and out of context, and – the authority isn’t so much upset by the usurp, as recognising that, as everyone else should. It isn’t something an impostor can take, without turning that into the other side of that action, which the authority knows to never trespass on.

There are people whom follow a pattern that is there, and some are just go with the flow, and others are criminal intent – still don’t want the go with the flow in the wrong direction faux-pas, to be thinking with me. Bad habits, and they’re bolstering the criminal intent, when they go-with that. Someone said, too bad when it is all in name-calls, and another said, that isn’t quite the point, how on earth are they going to fight the criminal intent, if they choose to go with where their name is taken into ugly, they’d have to prove their battles won again that, and how they always do that task, for that industry.

There isn’t room to take the legal terms, and use them for crime, without perpetrating a crime, and anyone whom is at the idea of radical lawyering/ activism, really has to think about what they go with the flow of, and so do journalists.

People really prove whom they are when they are callous disregard for another’s human life, and attempt to deny that legislation exists, so that they can bolster some claim that they know it all.

Impostors are there all the time, and they’re usually never training in performing arts, because that industry is meant to make and out and out rejection of anyone whom trespasses the laws so far that they might destroy the industry, or put the industry into disrepute, or other embarrass, that which is meant to be a role for fiction only, or extreme circumstances and that which is law-abiding, and civil rights justified.

There is no room to deny the holocaust in Australia, an impostor that does that is outrageous, when they claim to have proof of anything other than that they go in the incorrect direction. Fashioning outrageous lies, for the enemy to the people, and allowing for false claims of others whom turn on their own people.

The enemy attack industry, that is not their weapons set-ups. The people that go with the flow of the enemy don’t deserve any credibility; they’re only a show some of the obstacles in the way, that the enemy has covered up. They put forth the situation, as the enemy wants the situation to be looked at, and aid and abet the propaganda.

When a person aids and abets propaganda, and is paid for that, there is a charge against them, when they obstruct justice, there is a charge against them. When they impostor legal position, by going with serious cartel activity, a person may ask where is there profit, if they are doing that all pro bono. Pro bono, means without any payment.

An impostor of legal work, is a serious violation. Though, there is that written into law, that allows people to access justice, and self-represent. There is also that which allows for advocacy outside legal firms, though, the courts really have to prove that that this is justified, and that the advocacy is not going with the flow of radical lawyering that is criminal intent to shift funding, and denying the holocaust, and supporting the enemy to the courts too much in rhetoric, aiding and abetting propaganda that conceals the items of espionage that intrude and are data-theft on genuine legal necessity.

Sabotage of the courts, is a violation, that is not to be permitted.

Contract law cannot be unlawful, if the contract is unlawful, it is an impostor of legal work. The courts have a contract to never allow for that which is fascism. A structural error on the courts must be immediately detected, in the same way, as the errors in parliament, that allowed repugnancy into legislation, by passing unlawful, unconstitutional, ambiguous legislation. Parliament must then recognise the error of their parliament, and make null & void any legislation, that is repugnant. The Courts, must also recognise Plain Error judgements, fascism creep, and that which is Structural Error. However that occurred, through incompetence, or corruption, isn’t the focus, it is the correction that is necessary, the need to also recognise that which has inveigled with deceit, and has proven to be aiding and abetting propaganda that is against all humanity, and in complete denial of the horrors of espionage activities. Anyone whom obstructs inspection, and allows those horrifying weapons into the courts, or a venue, or a public place – they must not be in a position of authority, and they must be inspected, for their part in the situation of war crime against the people.

Things that are controlled, in legislation, are meant to be either controlled by a respected industry that is non-government, though entirely owned by Australian corporation, and prohibited from becoming an overseas interest, or is entirely owned Government corporation. When control is given to too much inspection by interest groups, that want to put another kind of line through the telecommunications, there is an issue with control. The blame is then big business, someone whom has authority, position, status, and attempts to blame office workers really isn’t something that is believable. That it is horrifying that this is perpetuated in Australia, this blame-shift, onto people whom worked in an office once, that they didn’t even stay long at because the task didn’t seem quite right. Impostors, are intercorporate placements in offices, that are government, and inveigle, they are never people whom have lived their entire lives in Australia.

The horror of 250 years post invasion status, and the citizens that attempt to speak to that, being silenced by a null & void, intended for the repugnant legislation, really only that. Though, there are other legal matters to null & void, the urgency is on the holocaust prevention compliance; with that is also urgency to shut down and shut up the RANZCP fellows, and the intercorporate cartel extremists, that are attainted with treason. They must be jailed, the RANZCP fellows, and if not that, then it isn’t legislation that I speak to, in this writing, that would outline military necessities (without the details that military understand). I don’t understand weapons. I only understand that as a victim of crime they are horrifying when misdirected at an unarmed civilian, being made null & void, instead of the repugnant legislation. Have to be foolish military and government, that fires at civilians, or a government that doesn’t have a head to lead with, in other words thinking is robotic and controlled by a thing that is against humanity – fascism.

Citizens whom are law-abiding should be employed, so that the intrusions on peace, order, good governance are more easily stopped.

Fascists don’t make sense, they fear unarmed-civilians whom reinforce laws of their country. Fascists have ‘mirror parties’ and obvious violations look ridiculous, demeaning and degrading to the people; and the fascists obstruct due diligence to repugnancy. The necessary null & void of repugnancy is general house-keeping for Parliamentarians, as in ‘how did that get passed our security systems! Was someone corrupt in? Was there undue influence, or was there a threat and menace, please null & void it now, and investigate the horrible, and don’t let it trespass again!’ might be said.

There should not be a mix-up, between Church codes, and Court witnesses. That and when attempts to data-theft a word that is offensive rule, that is activity list muck into, in Main St, Maldon, Victoria. The offense is pertains to legal terms that are ‘go over’ or ‘to adjourn/ then ‘adjoin’ ‘adjoint agreement’ (permissive bargaining not to be permitted via ‘permaculture’ and ‘permanent waves’ and the horrid foreign interference espionage road-working violators tested airport espionage in Maldon, went over and over the ‘small triangular piece of land’, near the ‘furniture polish fuming’, that is ‘Old bank’ site, living up the site trees and benches and replacing them several times, same as ‘seats’ and ‘foot bridges’. Impostors, to a State grant that was meant to shut down the espionage, in the township of Maldon, Victoria.

That which is ‘Chamber’ mucked into, as in ‘toilet block’ and ‘old signs’. Any font or lettering in Main St, Maldon, Victoria that is out-of-use, should not ever be named ‘a sign’ via corrupt council workers. And there must not be sign-making that is piracy, as in spyware intrusion, then concealed by violations on ‘water’. Humans then get fired at and named ‘water’, that outrageous intrusion, to never be repeated. Ambulance may not conceal that, nor horrible products in toilet blocks that claim to out the crime, then do the opposite. If products aid and abet organised crime, then take them off the market, policy, and if they get corrupted, take them off the market, when that is their purpose, to out the crime (otherwise there is no reason to have a fume, in a toilet block, it is only harassment.)

Sometimes people have to tell the truth, and no doubt there have been discussions, on that which was set-up for child protection, and so that there would not be that, which is really unjust – words being used in espionage, and names of people being subjected to entanglement, foreign interference, and old writ used to exploit by journalist whom are callous disregard for human life of witness, whom is 4th generation atheist, civilian-unarmed, Australian citizen, adult, and disapproves of piracy, and other breaches of the law, including contracts. This written here, with caution, by that citizen, civilian, to say – horrifying that I should know this, because I have been fired at by espionage, too many times. I am not ‘patal’, and ‘not that other fellow that was a priest now dead’, of those with serious espionage equipment, that hostage biodata ID and use that to ‘thrift the continent of everything meaningful while she bleeds and pleads her case sans nothing outside of court’ writ and whom did that said to be ‘MP’, upon my humanity, the ‘case sans dra riter’.

Driver Responsibility Test, on myself? What for? So the intercorporate cartel can sabotage me while driving a dangerous machine? Prosecution first. I passed the Learners Permit, though, I’ll need a responsible person with me, to use the dangerous machine, so that cannot be the ‘dra’ without a fraud there. Don’t laugh, it happens, when people recognise something is written at a young age that has to do with ‘don’t do that’ and ‘it doesn’t got well with the oil paints’. And by the way – please do not allow for Court Draw, to be used with oil paints, in Australia. Horrible violation, foreign interference, even awards given out to them whom ‘spypaint’ the ‘picasso’ then claim to be victims of crime of data-theft, in an ABC write up aid and abet of serious cartel activity, they still haven’t apologised for, to me privately, or publicly. They must, as a network, and they must not be awarded Invasion Day Orders of Australia. How horrid for us all, whom enjoy fine art worldwide. Picasso is scary mucking hell paint. I’m not deriding the fine art of the original, though I never want to see fan-art that is that, and they’re always with a phone-in on the materials, and police should know what that is! Bring in an wooden clarinet, instead of that, and don’t allow for spyware, and find out if the professional is willing to speak to that intruding on playing the instrument, as Don Burrows might have. So difficult, and he got hurt, by that horrible RANZCP fellow, with similar sounding name (now dead), that got into stationary, that shook hands with MP Howard, and tried to bribe people to get the Nobel Prize for murderous cruel narcoterrorism and womb extraction experiments on women; then was hired to go to Court to excuse a man whom threw his children off a bridge. Quash that, don’t permit that in Court, with things inserted in places that the Courts have not yet got the detection equipment for! Don’t let that rabbit on with a swan dash list of medico-pharmaceutical encroachment on legal terms. Quash that, not valid.

Cassare, however, must not usurp the Parliamentary due diligence to null & void repugnancy in the legislation! Get the creepy stinky repugnancy officially stamped null & void. Do not let such pass in future, then use – cassatur billa. If not, then, don't expect me to understand the complexities of laws regarding the Latin (that have differences in countries that have fights over the religious matters.)

Do not intrude on the prosecution of intercorporate cartel fascism, it isn’t something to usurp. It is casus foederis. And by that also the case of Treaty, and event/ case within terms of contract.

It is essential that there is prosecution of intercorporate cartel, that parade their horrors of spyware, and war crime a witness. Because the violators will not be stopped otherwise. It is not historical, it is only going for decades, horrifying increase, without the due diligence. Horrid writs data-theft and misdirect to be quashed, cassetur breve.

It is essential that Australia have Treaty, on holocaust prevention, complied with.

Event, that is the date for this that is 3rd of March, Commencement of Australia Act. That any other event, is a separate date. Though there is that, or the impostor date, that is offensive to Australian citizens. Then, there are other days of that may be understood, when there is less hostilities in Australia, and understanding of that which is intruding on ‘date law’, that is horrifying worldwide, legal matter. Don’t misdirect the detection, onto the person whom isn’t the subversive device, and equipment, and name them ‘undersigned’ or ‘co-signed’ ever again.

This writing isn’t ‘confessional codes’, and if that is there, please don’t allow. Don’t want medico-pharma fascism, and their ‘give all and sundry a stealth weapon’ attempts on eye-ware contrivances by learner drivers, though, that there as well. Nor exploitation of my song-lines entangled into the para-military situation, of ‘tel us then’. Quash that! Not something to agree to.

I’m not using a phone, or a phonic system entry point. Parallel paths don’t have friendly play at the moment, they are hidden OSI layering and ‘puff’ for muck and mayhem. I’m in my own house.

It is, about being in a position, to do the task, and not being nulled and voided. Don’t allow for impostors to that.

In a country that is 250 years post invasion, there are too many people that are tossed the misdirect that don’t do what is respectful, and misdirect that at victims of crime, witnesses deliberately and have forced them to report the facts, and be then accused of being the enemy. Please don’t allow for impostors on that.

There should not be fires directed at humans. Detect should be alerted if there is damage to security system. Military personnel and MPs don’t deserve a ‘human shield’ of civilians. That is never, never do that again demand.

This is Australia 250 years post-invasion, that must not further destroy the work of citizens, unarmed-civilians, nor destroy the work of citizens whom legitimately have arms licence to fight (without trespass or violence on civilians).

Truth is that all people on earth have brilliant, intelligence in their country that is thousands of years of understanding. There isn’t a way of ever denying that without being labelled a fascist.


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