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Human emergency demand to stop espionage

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer

It is the human emergency, demand to stop espionage, or electronic weapons violations, that is being corrupted, usurped in purpose for an extensive number of decades in Australia.

Cartel crime has increased, while the violations of electronic weapons have been fired at humans, and the people whom have attempted to report the espionage, have been subjected to the intercorporate cartel.

There has been too much unjustifiable trust place in medical office, and pharmaceutical offerings, and has corrupted purpose of human emergency, such that victim of crime are sent to medical staff, whom violate further, and perpetrate horrifying experiments; and alerts that pertain to a human being violated, are then pushed into attempts to funding lobbies for scams.

Faux-pas of politicians promoting solar panels, while intercorporate cartel sabotage any existing solar panels, and used it as 'deflector shield' and other violations.

Faux-pas of promoting windfarms, while unarmed citizens civilians are being fired at by intercorporate cartel electronic devices, in what is unspeakable crime by espionage device. And that of terrorism threats, after 'blue detergent' violations.

There are several things happening here. That in West Bendigo electorate there is cartel sabotage on my Gallery front, that involved detergent, and I washed it off and it foamed. I never use anything other than water to wash an old heritage shop. The paintwork was violated by the harsh chemical, and it took several hours, while cartel with 'stripey shirts' paraded with intent, fired their phone-like espionage, and had chemical intent to further violate the shopfront, if I were not there. That said, there is also other violations, that include transmitters awry, to do with the poisons standards breach pouring down drain, and deliberate vehicle in street pumping poison from a laboratory into the street underground, to cause horror sewers sabotage, and the transmitters were witness intimidation, war crime co-conspiracy, intent, and act, of vibrating houses with espionage, and transmitter, ‘she’ll be under turd’ and other mocks.

I, while taking a break from writing, was fired at by espionage. I should not be intruded on, for an infomercial weapons electronic, from personnel claiming to be 'caretaker' for 'bum-wiping equipment' and transmitters that propagate 'elderly all prefer a machine. Still gets sabotaged', said 'like windfarms'. When I am being fired at, or intruded on by such, there is cartel activities that need to be stopped, and I am not in the employ of Government, to stop them directly.

That there are further transmissions, to do with a cover-up violations, of said ‘pfzr’ paying personnel, to violate elderly (and other people that cannot do a task of wiping up after toilet) violating them with an extremely dangerous chemical that is painful, and harms the person horribly.

The disclosure of information, is that of people whom are perpetrating the violation, people that use a device that is subjected to licencing restrictions, prohibitions, and is considered to be espionage when used to intentionally violate and sabotage.

The person whom is being violated, is really concerned about the intentional violation and sabotage. And personnel whom don’t meant to fire at unarmed civilians, must take some action to make certain the violators are stopped, and be respectful, to the unarmed-civilians law-abiding citizens being fired at, never arrogant and dismissive. Otherwise, the war crimes continue, the intercorporate cartel increase their arrogance and dismiss anyone whom is doing the work necessary to stop their violations.

There can be no further denial that psychiatrists are fascist, Crimes Against Humanity and the Commonwealth, are improper thinking (mentally ill) in mispurpose of security devices, and violation of human emergency; as well as indecently horrifying cruel violations on humans.

For the tribunals that perpetrate Structural Error, there is a necessity for a writ of certiorari, to prosecute the RANZCP fellows, that have arbitrarily detained, tortured, enslaved ordered asportation via ESTA on unarmed law-abiding citizens.

There should not be high security surveillance equipment being misdirected into houses. Houses that should be private, should not be violated by intercorporate cartel intent on disadvantaging law-abiding citizens. It is outrageous sabotage to perpetrate such a violation on law-abiding citizens, that are unarmed-civilians.

A writ of quo warranto on RANZCP fellows that have wrongfully claimed Commonwealth Office, usurped a position. That it isn’t wrong to name the RANZCP fellows whom have perpetrated that crime, because in Australia, they are so obvious in the usurp. In Victoria, that of CFA being usurped, by a RANZCP fellow, being given a seat in charge of fires/ fieries (the writs on espionage and other); and toxic pollution hazards; muck with weather patterns; that and ESTA, the phone-line for Emergency Services, being controlled in such a way that when a person attempts to report anything that is cartel crime, the phone call is subjected to various violations on the witness, or person giving the evidence. That the person is then scrutised, and subjected to a cartel criminal in a cert car, such as I was, and my business subjected to espionage fires that are to do with the warrants necessary on the RANZCP fellow, that include warrant for search, seizure, and arrest for espionage and other Commonwealth crimes. That another RANZCP fellow, is usurping productivity and aircraft carriers, GPS, and whitegoods, Government Office that is order to stop intrusions on. Yet another RANZCP fellow is usurper on fundamental laws, dairy industry and controlling violations on human bone, yet again that is Government Office to stop corruption and intrusions on. And the RANZCP fellow is horrifying violator. Another RANZCP fellow usurper of Government Office, on subject of victims of crime.

Any industry that attempts to scam, is horrible violator, that must not be permitted to further go with the intercorporate cartel's conversion on alerts to do with Human-Emergency-Demand-to-Stop-Espionage-Assaults.

Cartel crime must not increase further, as Australia is violating International understanding, when authorities don’t act quickly to jail the RANZCP fellows that have writs on them, demands that the International, and Australian, that the RANZCP fellow be incarcerated immediately or otherwise stopped subjected to Australia’s laws.

ALTH provider (Ammunitions Licencing Transmitters Hold), that term and similar, are corrupted by medico-pharmaceutical cartel, for several decades, via Human Emergency.

Australia isn’t open to conversion, on a number of things, and that which is ALTH should not be medical facilities that pervert the justice system by converting signals, directions and perpetrating horrifying crimes against humanity.

For a Human Emergency to be actioned – via a ALTH provider –

  1. That requires locating the electronic weapon firing at the human

  2. Location of the electronic weapon, is usually not in the house, of the person being fired at, though may involve a visitor, or customer to business, is usually via the street, or sky, or other more remote location. The electronic weapon may be a street pedestrian paid to fire the cartel device, usually the pedestrian has some mechanical contrivance that is understood and recognisable. The cartel firing the espionage might be at another business known for cartel activities. The espionage fires might also be parked cars (usually perpetrating licencing, registration or infringement violation and coding in on phone-like equipment with unlawful app and sky contact unregistered, pirated hack, or limited licencing being trespassed.)

  3. The human whom is being violated isn’t irrelevant; their biometric ID is thefted, they’re being injured, harmed by electronic weapon; however, the human isn’t a perpetrator to be chased; nor should the person whom is being fired at, whom is known to be an unarmed-civilian, law-abiding citizen that has demanded prosecution of the intercorporate cartel, that person should not be demanded to submit endless evidence and exploited.

  4. Action is necessary. Respect is necessary. Or, the accuse is on authorities, that they are exploiting the unarmed civilian, law-abiding citizen, that is there, and the intercorporate cartel use that, to increase the violations, not only on the citizen, but also on the Government, Industry, and country.

  5. The necessity to act quickly to arrest intercorporate cartel, when there is certainty. Dilatory tactics are when the conversion is attempted on the warrant.

  6. Human Emergency, must not be sabotaged further, by medico-pharmaceutical scams. Policy needs to be there to stop the intercorporate cartel, and allow for prosecutions that are in the public’s interest.

Public Interest Law – statutes to advance social justice, used to include work of Government agencies such as public defender offices; that said, is primarily there for Prosecution. The importance of punishing criminals for spies evasion, Weapons Electronic violations of Licencing (WELfare) evading warrants. Innocent civilians are being fired at, by electronic weapons, and it is horrible, to allow that to be ignored. It is very necessary to Public Interest Law, to recognise that the Official, is in that office, to make certain the public, are never exploited by the cartel. Because the public do not have the Office, to take action on the espionage, even when they have enough intelligence and skills to be employed in that Office.

The intercorporate cartel, is intent on usurping Government Office, usurps and exploits the unarmed citizen, law-abiding citizen.

Fears of making demands for citizens subjected to war-crimes in Australia. Whom is going with those fears, must recognise that other people need to act, and not obstruct justice.

There are fears, in Australia of that which is which is war-crimes in Australia, that are perpetrated against unarmed-civilians, citizens, not being taken seriously, when that which is perpetrated, is such a massive violation it is being paraded with horror in Main St, Maldon, Victoria, Australia, in front of the civil rights activists’ Fine Art Gallery.

There must never be conversion, further, on that, which is stopping war-crimes on Australian citizens.

  • There must not be a response, that is fear of reprisals. That when speaking to the war-crimes perpetrated by RANZCP fellows and the medico-pharmaceutical intercorporate cartel, against Australian civilians, that victims of cartel crime be prominent in speaking to that.

  • There must not be a response that is attempt to be concerned about historical crimes in other countries, for Australian Government.

  • Australian Government must be recognising duty is to their citizens.

  • The Australian Government must also recognise that the intercorporate cartel, is a horrible violator and must not endorse further violations of RANZCP fellows, pharmaceutical corporations (Pfizer, AstraZeneca), or carparking cartel (Wilson), and Spital (Alfred Health).

  • That any accuses of war-crimes perpetrated by Australian Government endorsement of intercorporate cartel, must not be misdirected at unarmed-civilian, law-abiding citizens.

Australia has to stop the war-crimes against Australia, by recognising and respecting their citizens.

If any of this writing by Ms Initially No, policy writer, was violated by cartel, taken by cartel, unlawfully used, by intercorporate cartel, then, that be known to be theft from Ms Initially No, policy writer. Be aware to fires that are Human Emergency Espionage Assaults, and if that is there during an interview, policy should be that there must be an investigation, not to the biometric ID, of the human in the house, whom was violated by the usurping intercorporate cartel, at such an employment office, that personnel perpetrating the crime should be detected as mechanical contrivance.


Black’s Law Dictionary; 11th Edition; Brian A. Garner; Editor in Chief; Thomas Reuters

Independent Journalism, Maldon, Victoria. Posts on twitter, Ms Initially No.

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