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Holocaust Prevention

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer for Abolish Psychiatry; CEO of Fine Art Gallery, The Painter And The Writer Gallery; Visual Artist, collections include 'Out There'; Author of 'Percipience outside the range of understood sense' and 'Naked Ladies'; Music Composer of 'Leads to a follow', 'Negative Dream', 'Free Country/ Revive', 'Forced Human Experimentation is Not Okay'; 'Get out of town Clown', 'Wolfing it down'; Performing Artist; Human Rights Defender, standing with holocaust prevention, that is patriotic to country, and recognition of thousands of years of First Nations Australian People, powers, 600 nations of Australia, re-established in the Federal Constitution of Australia Act. For strength of country, and for humanity.

Australia does not want further obstructions to holocaust prevention.

The delay and denial of amendment 1946, of Australia’s Federal Constitution, is getting in the way of holocaust prevention.

All people must do something, to demand that repugnant legislation be made null & void, unconstitutional legislation be made null & void.

Obstructions are: Non-compliant with 1-5-51-23A. an Act of Government, that, is a holocaust prevention writ, that must not be misdirected, redirected, when there are provisions for social services, they must not be forced on the population. The most important direction, is the only directional matter, that is civil rights, is that the population of Australia not be subjected to forced human experimentation; that the population not be subjected to civil conscription.

That compliance in all legislation with 1-5-51-23A of The Federal Constitution of Australia Act, should not be delayed and denied further. That agreement of 1946, must not be obstructed, any further.

Australian Government, must not misuse International Agreements, and the population of Australia, must reinforce that. Or, the country ends up in fascism.

The 1-5-51-23A, of Australia’s Federal Constitution, has some provisions, and services that may be funded –

1. But not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription. The right to refuse provisions and services, that may be given but must never be forced. That all legislation must comply with that right of Australian people, to not be subjected to civil conscription. That holocaust must be prevented, by never allowing whitecoats/ medical personnel, to usurp human rights and perpetrate experiments on the population and perpetrate genocide. That while there are provisions, services for social services personnel, the social services personnel and any others using weapons electronic, or other secrecies that are devices for government official use (and if not that espionage, or internal attack and corruption) must not silence and discredit the civilian population, must not encroach on human biometric ID, to deny the right to work, or sabotage their workplace, and subject the people to Spital based concentration camps, or fire at houses of civil rights activists, in attempt to deny the truth of the spyware involvement in the provisions, services and history there of in horrifying holocaust matter. That if provisions, services are given by government there should not be civil conscription, these provisions, services, must never be forced, or coerced by sabotaging a human’s identity for a spies evasion tactic in Australia, or any other country. In Australia provisions/ services may be funded by the Federal Government, for States/Territories, and that funding may include:

a. Maternity allowances, but not so as to authorise any form of civil conscription.

b. Widows’ pensions, but not so as to authorise any form of civil conscription.

c. Child endowment, but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription.

d. Unemployment, but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription.

e. Pharmaceutical, but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription.

f. Sickness and hospital benefits, but not so as to authorise any form of civil conscription.

g. Medical and dental services, but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription.

h. Benefits to student and family allowances, but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription.

That, is to say, do not force provisions and services. And if h. benefits to students and family allowances are to be subjected to civil conscription, given that placement, in the 51-23A, as after the enacting clause, that is holocaust prevention, ‘but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription’ – name why h. benefits to students and family allowances, should EVER be subjected to civil conscription, in the interpretation. The answer must be reasonable. The answer must still be a holocaust prevention.

There should not be debate further that medico-pharmaceutical organised crime, have obstructed holocaust prevention, and have caused repugnancy in Australia’s legislation, and have attempted to claim the enacting clause to be only about not subjecting medical practitioners to civil conscription, a Plain Error judgement, so obviously not holocaust prevention, so obviously a violation of Australian people.

The murdering of Australian people, via placement of murderers, in charge of Asylums in Australia, after Australia was invaded in 1780. Asylums being places of forced human experimentation, weapons testing, and other violations, threats and menacing on friends and family, to push people off their property, destroy their infrastructure, art, music, and make horrible remarks about their humanity. Then, claim those horrible remarks and violations to be ‘science’.

‘Liars outrageous liars!’, was said, and is still said of psychiatrists, RANZCP fellows in Australia. And then, the RANZCP fellows, attempt to make claims on humans whom are asleep at night and name them ‘horizontal lie’ and then when they’re working name further persecute, via weapons electronic. That the fires of the weapons electronic, is then attempted to be named ‘dis-ease’ on the human being fired at, then the medicos attempt to claim the person as their property, as ‘patent for a ward’. Utterly evil criminals, the RANZCP fellows.

To prevent holocaust, Australia must abolish psychiatry. The RANZCP fellows in Australia, and intercorporate cartel, are acting as fascists, they must be stopped.

There must be no further usurping of civil rights by fascism in Australia.

Holocaust prevention, means making certain that the legislation, never forces medical provisions or services.

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