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Hearing voices? It is criminals, co-conspiring

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer

People really should make certain they have their facts correct before they start launching into speeches and articles about what hearing voices might mean, that said, there has been some outrageous violations, and silencing of citizens in Australia, whom attempted to report the transmission of espionage awry to authorities, such as police.

When I wrote authored-biography ‘Percipience, outside the range of understood sense’, and ‘Naked Ladies’, it was to speak to the truth, and also the difficulties, of being able to get the truth across to authorities, and horrifying human rights abuses.

Intercorporate serious cartel activity foreign interference espionage - that should never be concealed, or covered up by 'voices therapy' attempting to promote ideas about transmitters, devices, broadcasts, being other than criminal muck trespass.

Bernard Shaw’s play, about a French warrior, whom heard voices, is not something pertaining to Australia, and I don’t want to go there, as far as the ‘wrong’ and ‘right’ of ‘voices’, in French military combat situations.

Don't want the unlawful equipment mixed up with the law-abiding sound-mixers, either.

The brief line ‘Hearing voices is criminal’ and not going further with ‘conduct gone into security awry’ brief of security guards, or some other authority, flagging espionage. People must really think about the devices being used – licences, permissions, restrictions. If a person isn’t using any such equipment, and is law-abiding, then, that the person hears transmitters awry, or voices, less so than bleeps, or other code – that isn’t the fault of the human being exploited.

When people have breached a court order, there may be a different awry, that is warning to them. And when a criminal is perpetrating a crime, there may be another warning to them. I’m saying maybe, about the way the authority interacts. I have not experienced either of those, so that is really only guessing.

Anything else should be on the employee’s training guide and lists, and that which pertains to that, isn’t to be intruded on.

That which I have experienced, is criminals co-conspiring, and the evidence is there in ways that are not just in espionage transmitters, because the intercorporate cartel, paraded their horrors in my street, and attempted sabotage of myself, and my business. The mechanical contrivances are there. Trouble is that the cartel, have also data-thefted high security conferences, and flicked the information onto me, because the cartel doesn’t want to suffer the security belt, that would shut down their dangerous espionage equipment, get inspection in, and have them arrested. This is very horrible for me, and other people subjected to this.

The narcoterrorists, RANZCP fellows, have cut and paste security information, foreign data-theft, and human biometric ID of law-abiding citizens into apps, and tested these horrifying espionage weapons. That they co-conspire, and when they do that with my biometric ID (which they thefted), I hear those transmissions. Did the RANZCP fellows actually think that they could attainder the law-abiding citizens that they thefted from, perpetrated narcoterrorism on, and silence them while conspiring to monopolise government? Some of us are qualified writers and editors, of books, and visual artists, song writers, and do look at the legislation, and recognise that espionage is unlawful, and intrusions on radiocommunications are unlawful, and devices, must be inspected for data-theft. That, and knowing the history of how poisons handlers and how they robotize a country into fascism.

Anyone giving a talk in 2022, about hearing voices, and attempting to conceal the reality of the situation, might suspected of serious cartel activity. So, questions are there, as to why anyone would attempt to assert anything other than, direct to the legislation, the laws, and that of which is known interference that should not be there.

The term counsel, should only pertain to legal qualifications. The mix-up with council corrupt, and use of the term counsellor for non-legal qualifications, is in erroneous, and should not be there.

When press don’t want to use the correct definition of words, at law, such as conspiracy theories of criminal intent, and that of ways and means to not aid and abet that, when investigating, then, that is troubling to the public, that expect not to be led astray by journalists.

Mix up is where lines are shortened, for quick response, and headlines such as –

‘Conspiracy theories are crimes’, well yes they are: and, careful that you don’t aid and abet the criminals conspiring on unlawful devices, that journalists might have applications to listen in for, when they write the product for print, or TV.

Definition of Conspiracy theory - The criminals were exchanging ideas how they might ‘go about the crime of transporting seasonal poppies’ during night hours, how ‘lobbying parliament via centrifugal forces of fridges to push for sprinkler fittings might cover and be another good scam’; while firing espionage assaults at people sleeping-resting, naming them ‘sleeping partners’ in apps, and rerouting the detect to ‘joint of other’, while they smoked or choked on whatever they had, and said the idea not good because the ‘sprinkler fittings didn’t work for Marysborough’. That then there horrible conspiracy to ‘pour toxins and glass down plumbing’; and other hazards, that coincide with truck delivery, that idles shouldn’t even be in the street, no truck zone, and firing espionage additional crime, with ‘financial grift’, and naming that court breach ‘monkey spat in her eye after she poisoned it’ and ‘that is why she wears a bionic glass eye’.

My eyes are my own, I don’t want to be involved with bionic glass eye wearing horrors, that court breach, and make up stories to deny the facts, and use foreign interference data-theft. A person such as that should not think, that I’d ever be easy on them, as a journalist, or demanding they be jailed for their crimes of espionage, obstruction of justice, and human rights violations. Foreign codes, and pharmaceutical keys, data-theft devices, should not be an entry door to any office in Australia.

They, criminals, intentionally acting on crimes, conspiring to those crimes, they were also perpetrating another crime of espionage assault, exploiting a human biometric ID, in espionage equipment; that equipment doesn’t have a licence, and mucking high security management in a street, rerouting signals, a treason offense. The violence against the humans being exploited, is the most horrible crime. That human, exploited, deserves respect, when they do due diligence to reporting, one, or several parts of the transmission, the human whom hears those ‘voices’, that are very obviously electronic intrusion.

There are data-theft lines, being used incorrectly. Shortened into soundbytes, used as command codes, for an unforgivable crime; and blame-shifted. That a horrible crime of using the Court draw, as if a child, when an adult, is likely attainder.

In 2022, Mt Alexander Shire, Victoria, the term ‘caught the little hack thief’ being misdirected at citizens again and again, and has eventually been revealed, as UK data-theft, pertaining to Ireland, and a woman whom fits into children’s cloth’s sizes (whom intentionally impersonated a child in Ireland and, when Australia was contacted, the medico-pharmaceutical cartel wanted to cover-up, the data-theft, though she was named and shamed on news reports, in Australia, as a criminal, the words, ‘caught the little hack thief’ pertain to that situation, known criminal, convicted in Ireland.) That the same espionage violator, then, sat on the streetbench in front of my fine art gallery, and drunk a litre of milk, and gobbled other items, in arrangement with Wilson (carpark cartel), the espionage assaults horribly violent, on my humanity, while working in the Gallery, so I recorded the violators in streaming. There were transmissions awry, espionage, while that horror was being paraded for ‘red cross’ shell group for Pfizer, to then name her ‘just a milk thief’. That Australia attempted to name the espionage ‘mental health problems’ is hideous, when, people whom are citizens of Australia, are being subjected to that term, and violently persecuted, arbitrarily detained, tortured, and then exploited in espionage equipment, for those horrors whom perpetrate the spies evasion, such as the convicted criminal whom can fit into ‘children’s size clothes’.

The days of naming improper thinking, and asking for a medico to check for devices, is over. There are far easier ways to check for unlawful espionage. The medico is corrupt of purpose in Australia. The medico is only there to test weapons, that are espionage and poison.

There are so many conspiracy theories on unlawful devices, in 2020-2022, in Mt Alexander Shire, that violate my biometric ID, and I have had to send that which I have heard, to authorities. That, is where, I must say, I have to also assert, that too often having to do that constitutes wage-theft from me, and I cannot tolerate that because I’m a slavery abolitionist. And, government must not perpetrate slavery, or civil conscription, or systems go awry.

Horrible to be flicked data-theft, as a visual artist, and Fine Art Gallery owner, whom would never perpetrate that crime, or any other crimes involving espionage. Australia really needs to understand this.

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