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Further encroachment via capacity laws

At the moment the whitecoats command the #right2invade our bodies, through unlawful, unethical legislation. We, the people of Australia, merely want the #right2refuse the whitecoat invasion of our bodies, the shut-down of our businesses, and the demand we believe and recite what the whitecoats say we need to remember, even when they’re being outrageously fraudulent and vile.

Western Australia, is moving into forced human experimentation, through capacity laws, increasing the vice on the population, by bringing amendments to existing legislation to 'provide an avenue for research or novel treatment on people who do not have the capacity to consent', as part of the Covid-19 human research trials, race to get their product marketed and approved first.

The ways of reducing a persons capacity through psychiatrists' DSM accusations, have been part of the human rights violations for some time, mainly through the state/ territory Mental Health Acts. This, however, written into other kinds of forced human experimentation, is a new step in diabolical forced human experimentation. And, when you consider how people view being a laboratory specimen, as a job, you've got to really THINK about how people don't want to put their body on line for the 'good of science', which has not so far been evident result of vile, cruel human research.

Anyone in an aged centre, anyone with a psychiatric label (including your child, and you if you disagree with having your child experimented on), anyone in a coma... are the obvious victims of further invasive, cruel human experimentation. Anyone that can be given a DSM label. Who are 'those people' ? - usually people who receive welfare, are an oppressed group of people, or are people who don't have connections in the community that can make noise, or money to launch a court case, or people whom the psychiatrist think - don't have a name that is meaningful or useful to their social and business connections. A person who is accused of a DSM label, unless able to pay for a lawyer, will not be given the right to self-advocate, due to capacity laws (which have racist, misogynist, eugenics beginnings). The laws in Australia trap a person into a status that allows no human rights progression, once psychiatrists step in.

That, needs to be challenged, that trap, that enables forced human experimentation. Abolish Psychiatry will challenge that unlawful legislation, more easily, once we have people elected in government.

The currently elected government is acting as a puppet to medico greed, acting under medico directions, taking money from the people and giving it to whitecoat organised crime. We cannot just sit by and let that happen, and for those whitecoat criminals to get away with that.

No one wants a Whitecoat Totalitarian State. We need to stop it.

At the moment Australians are not permitted to physically get together, for rallies, at the moment, or go interstate, but that doesn’t mean we cannot use this time to build a big group of people in Australia, to abolish psychiatry, while in this lock-down.

To have our whole population, not permitted to do the work of their choosing, work that was making a liveable wage, for those people to then be forced onto welfare and told to work in call centres for fraudulent whitecoats, is beyond disgusting.

People must have the right to boycott what the governing officials are now referring to as 'an army of nurses and doctors' aka the Whitecoat Army, the Whitecoat Totalitarian State. People must be able to say - I will NOT support the forced human experimentation racket, by being their admin, cleaner, garbage collector, incinerator worker, or delivery truck, caterer.

Conscientious objection, in Australia, is NOT something that should be subjected to forced psychiatry, however, at the moment, that seems to be what is happening. So, people choose to not be part of the Whitecoat Army, are then forcibly made into laboratory specimens for the Whitecoat Army.

Being independent of welfare checks, has become extra difficult, due to COVID-19 legislative powers being introduced. Privacy utterly eroded. Advanced Directives, overridden. So, what do we do? We join together, to be a force to be reckoned with. That's the reason Abolish Psychiatry has been formed, to give strength to the people, who need their civil and political freedoms, who need the right to criticise the whitecoat army. The whitecoat army must be challenged.

Australian people are passionate, and do not want to be told that passion is not allowed, be told that we all need to be as cold and calculating as the whitecoat army; be told that we cannot politically question the whitecoat rhetoric, without being labelled as 'lacking capacity' and threatened with arbitrary detention and forced human experimentation - this is unconstitutional - particularly when you're a member of a political party that aims to abolish psychiatry. Abolitionist parties have long formed part of politics, Abolish Psychiatry party is no different from any other abolitionist party, and has a direction alliance with antislavery, or slavery abolitionist parties, because our focus is about removing a legislated exploitation racket, and forced psychiatry is exploitation, of a very cruel kind.

Remind people - being antipsychiatry is good politics and to not allow our Abolish Psychiatry politics is unconstitutional, as well as anti-human rights.

How can anyone truly believe-that advocating for torturously cruel, life-destroying forced neuroleptics is 'good'? They cannot, a person who advocates that genocide is good is a bad person, that's exactly what psychiatrists are, bad people - exploiters who are anti-human rights.

To have our puppet government take orders from whitecoats, then forcing us to be obedient to those ugly whitecoats, who are wreaking such damage to our land, our people, and draining our economy – then blaming it on a ‘virus’ or a 'disease' with Corona data that makes out that people dying of cancer and cancer treatments, died of the Corona virus, just because the person also got the virus towards the end of their life. Their stats are just ridiculously fraudulent. That same fraud is used to cover-up the deaths from forced/ coerced psychiatric drugs, that killed 80,000 Australians last year.

We must get reparations as soon as possible, and have as many of these vile fraudulent medicos jailed and stripped of their monies and assets they gained through their fraudulent claims. That must happens swiftly, and to do that we need to be a large group of people.

Abolish Psychiatry will work towards gaining back liberty for the people, and reparations from the whitecoats that need to be jailed. What Abolish Psychiatry need to do, is get registered as party, so please, if you live in Australia, and are registered to vote - JOIN US. First 500 members, we want to thank by not asking for a membership fee, particularly because at the moment, we're not really permitted to put together t-shirts, stickers etc package, just the essential basic membership card for now, with your reinforced claim for political freedom, because of your membership - your right to refuse psychiatrists - stated on the back. This then acting as a deterent to exploitative psychiatrists. They recognise you are with the people who are growing in numbers, unified in their want to abolished the exploitation racket that is forced psychiatry.

People who are courageous human rights advocates are regularly disenfranchised by our current government - that makes them people who are rich with human kindness, intelligence and resilience, not poor people, psychiatrists are very poor people, who are currently given great big sums of money to do inhuman things to people, by our poorly elected current government.

People stripped of their finances by the psy, because they have spoken out against psychiatrists, should definitely have the opportunity for free membership, to reinforce their civil and political rights to refuse psychiatrists, their right to protest, to freely speak of what is a horrific regime of cruelty committed by psychiatrists.

Though Abolish Psychiatry, is strictly an Australian political party, but we're looking forward to other such Abolish Psychiatry parties, existing in countries other than Australia. We are a human rights movement, that is driven by the people who have been subjected to forced psychiatry, had their rights to refuse psychiatrists denied, and told they don't have the 'capacity' to understand why they don't want to be subjected to invasive cruel human experimentation, and therefore must be forced. That human rights movement, that of survivor knowledge, is no hidden secret, that human rights movement has existed since the first person was violently exploited by a psychiatrist.

Join Victims of Psychiatrists in their virtual rally on 5th April 2020 -

Abolish Psychiatry is looking forward to more members right across Australia. Anyone who can vote in Australia can join, and if you're wanting to be a candidate, we will definitely want more passionate people, who want forced psychiatry abolished to be elected.

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