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Foreign is what is not acceptable

Some dialogue on that, which is not acceptable, to any place on earth –

‘What sort of rubbish are Australians into?’

‘Go through their garbage. Get them to fork out money to send it to us.’

‘The unwanted makers of it make it and import it and at the end of the day the Australian people don’t want it. Something is controlling them, that they don’t want, something foreign, they don’t want or need, and are tired of asking their leaders to stop funding. So, the leaders don’t call it foreign because, they fund it, but to the people it’s of foreign interest, and no country can actually lay claim to being interested in it.’

‘Then we can get them to buy some really big rubbish, via that stupid thug on them. They’ll probably fall for that too.’

‘It’s just, that. Don’t be so stupid. Stop harbouring criminals Australia, and allowing them to rule you, they’re celling your people. Them, the medicos, they’re criminals, the medical garbage is the only rubbish that no one wants to go through and recycle, all gets incinerated, and no one knows what they’re up to.’

‘Send them the Simpson’s Mono-rail’.

‘Na. Too obvious. It’ll look like propaganda.’

Sometimes it’s really not worth using garbage to understand people, other times sometimes people just want to poke a mound of fun at the ignorance.

Some respect please, is also there, for intelligence, and the want to stop hideously destructive binning of people’s lives and livelihoods by intrusive cruel murdering evil companies that have no place in the world; the pharmaceutical companies.

Foreign interference is medical, detect, do not medicalise, because foreign interference is medicalising our ability to recognise what is not what people want. And the medico mafia with no place on earth that accepts them, will riddle people with electronic weapons over that one, then say they detect dis-ease that needs curing with poisons.

A pharmaceutical firm, that belongs to no place on earth, threats and menaces anyone who says or writes that, and imposturous as it is, if a government official in Australia, aligns with that pharmaceutical firm that person gets harmed by the government official as well as the interference on their person, from the firm that no one in the worlds wants or needs, that intends to take apart any country it sets up shop in piece by piece.

What does Australia want? Civil Rights. To not be interfered with. For their music business to not be mucked with, for one by the out of control medico mafia sticking their foreign rot in human bodies.

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