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Finish the sentence

author - Initially No, policy writer

Liaising to make certain that Victoria, Australia, doesn't have data-theft intercorporate cartel pushing any Government Office, or people around.

Directions. There must be correct directions on soundbytes. This is an example of correct directions -

  1. That of - I don't see it - and how that can apply to a Court of law in a lower court situation must be applied to a court administration that handles that. (That has legal terms, and legislation)

  2. You are free to believe what you believe, though religion and churches in court proceeding on obvious espionage parading, and violations of radiocommunications, human identity, and other sabotage - is never a religious court action. (That has legal terms, and legislation)

  3. What is the matter with you if you cannot make the at-risk espionage violation writs into an arrest.

  4. Get a life-sentence writ for the espionage, you know that is an arrest that is necessary.

  5. You can say any phrase and I'm still not going to believe it unless it can make sense to a magistrate whom can look that up.

This is about the Espionage writs, an area of Law, that is High Security, and when the warrants for at-risk espionage, are written in such a way as to say - arrest immediately, by an overseas authority, whom has detected a human being fired at, in Australia, and is being named 'equipment' and clearly is not equipment, is human gut, or human head, that then is said to be 'hospice or other' when it is a house and shop that is being fired at, while other, a factory, or website, is being bothered.

Liaising, first with Government Authorities, is always that which understood preferred, however, when that is not possible for an unarmed civilian subjected to intercorporate cartel, that is medico-pharmaceutical, that attempts to crush everything that civil rights is attempting - then, the necessity to say that which was given to authorities to task, is then actioned, and journalists are then entitled to ask polite questions, of the person that stated the facts, though, never by intrusive equipment that is spyware on the person's humanity! Directly, as humans do, with permission of contract to say that the equipment being used is a permitted. Civil rights activists don't want to be tricked into being recorded on any equipment that is unlawful.

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