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Falsehood is not in the public’s interest

Psychiatrists are very suspicious use of the Radio Communications Act 1992, repurposed to exploit Australian citizens, and enabling a medico-pharmaceutical intercorporate cartel to tax evade, breach poisons and physics standards; and perpetrate horrifying crimes against humanity.

Policy demand -

That there may need to be an additional text there, in Radio Communications Act 1992, to demand the crimes be defined, for Restrictive order, correctly, and and those with unlawful electronic devices, that violate Australian citizens by forcing medical provisions and services be corrected. That the medico-pharmaceutical cartel perpetrating the violations of devices, be prosecuted for at the same time potentially concealing shipments that are infect, or other unlawful trespass, that is border crossing issue, or data-theft. That must be spoken to, in a clear lucid way, by Parliamentarians, or Govt Office that are able to do that. That would be – Part 5.2—Public inquiries.

Journalists are involved with recognising and adhering to the Restrictive orders, under Radio Communications Act 1992. When demand is there, journalists know of the Restrictive order, and there shouldn’t be confusion; or attempts to rerouted into medicalisation, on a citizen, civilian, that has nothing to do with that which is about radio communications and other devices.

Falsehood is not in the public’s interest

Medical Office is deliberately confusing the Restrictive orders, into something that they are not. It is by and large, the medical-pharmaceutical devices that need the Restrictive Orders on them. Yet in 2020-2022, the medico-pharmaceutical devices were tested by personnel who visited streets where civil rights activists lived, fired transmitters on people in their houses and businesses, whom were locked-down, and restricted by government order, and obedient to that. (It seems, then as if Australian Govt has perpetrated warcrime, allowed medico-pharmaceutical corporations to test espionage weapons on citizens, for no reason other than weapons tests. That said, it is necessary to recognise corruption, and that corporations are a cartel, directing the misuse of the term Restrictive orders.)

That the Prosecution, or the focus, or policy, has to be calibrated correctly, and, given this is about the misdirection of stealthweapons that require calibration, it is that which needs to be understood.

Corruption in Government must not be there.

Legislation must make sense.

That individual corrupt Government Officers, may be Prosecuted and impoverished; if and when necessary as a deterrent to any other Government Officer, in a position of power to not ever perpetrate warcrime against Australian citizens again.

That a department of Government that is found to be too corrupt to exist at this time, dissolved, and impoverished so that the work necessary to stop the misdirection, and confusion, and injustice can be accomplished. Everyone in Australia should know the whitecoats, or the Medical Department is corrupt of purpose. Everyone in Australia should know the SS or the Welfare, social security department (ie robo debt) is corrupt of purpose, along with the firm that is carparking for the Spitals and other medico-pharmaceutical corporations that are corrupt of purpose.

When the corruption by medico-pharmaceutical device is a breach of Standards of physics and poisons. That, and obstructing justice, Constitutional rights; and corrupting Parliament. The legislation Radio Communications Act 1992 Division 2 – 222 Restrictive orders, is meant to stop the corruption of Standards, that include physics standards. That restrictive orders are meant to be there, to shut down Prohibited devices, and emissions that are criminal, such as modified devices, data-theft, biometric ID theft, and Foreign Interference espionage.

That it looks very like RANZCP fellows have attempted to modify Radio Communications Act 1992, Division 2 – 222, and repurpose for legislation that involves arbitrary detention and forced provisions and services (including concoctions injected), that Mental Health Acts and Aged System Acts are non-compliant with holocaust-prevention-writ 1-V-51-xxiiiA of The Federal Constitution of Australia Act; and Radio Communications Act 1992, Division 2 – 222 should not be repurposing Legislation designed for wartime; and other emergencies that are to do with National Security, and devices electronic.

It is very concerning when codes and keys, management systems of Legislation, that are a High Security, necessity, are repurposed. It is very concerning for the Health of the Economy; for the welfare of the electrical wiring systems management – and for the people whom have been subjected to biometric ID theft, by the subversives that repurposed the legislation.

People care-take houses, heritage-listed especially. Houses are not living, and should not have exposed 'live wires'. People are not 'things' to be subjected to care-take. There are usurping of terms into faux-medicalisation such as this, to theft people of life, livelihood, and their property. Sacred trees are living, and people don't have to care-take sacred trees; though people should take a stand against violators of sacred trees, same as people should take a stand to stop violators of human rights.

There should not be confusion between legal and legislative terms used. That medicos have deliberately usurped terms to cause confusion, and attempt to take over industry and Government Departments, by stealth.

That which only applies to devices, things, not people, people must reinforce that is what they mean. If there are transmitters or radio communications devices medico-pharmaceutical inserted beneath the skin, it is still a ‘thing’ that is being looked for. It is a cart and carriage issue. And, yes those intercorporate cartel need to be arrested, and jailed. They cannot ‘seek medical advice’ because that Department is corrupted, and will likely allow the subversive with device and data-theft to evade the law further.

That if a person is exploited by a medico, without permission, such as scissors found in human x-rayed at airport. Then, the medico, is more responsible than negligence. The test of getting that through, and attempting to theft the airport security, likely there, needs prosecution for espionage on the 'physician' that put the scissors there, whom likely contrived to also use physics. There are people, that are exploited by medicos that shouldn't be blamed. Then, there are people whom are actively allowing for unlawful devices to be inserted. That and activity involved with data theft, including sabotaging National Security. The Restrictive orders apply to the criminals, their offenses, and their ‘things’ that are devices. The Restrictive orders do not apply to the people whom have been thefted of biometric ID, and exploited by the criminals, anymore than Industry data-thefted, or airport security data-theft, if that is there, National Security probably doesn’t want to false-blame that!

This writing, by author, Ms Initially No, should not be blamed for the truth, either, it isn't the breach.

Policy suggestion -

The Legislation, therefore has to be clarified, as to the application of Restrictive orders, to make certain there is no further false-blame. And that the offending joker legislation , be removed (that thefted from Radio Communications Act 1992, Division 2 – 222).

If there is talk of ‘least restrictive measures’, on intercorporate cartel, and the meaning of that, and understanding that the use of that phase, has been used by RANZCP fellows, on innocent civilians.

For RANZCP fellows to push to get civil rights to demand ‘least restrictive measures’ and argue what that means, has long been a frustration for civil rights. Why on earth would torture be 'least restrictive', is regularly asked.

RANZCP fellows, getting around misuse of dangerous devices, should not be able to exploit the petitions of civil rights, exploit the civil rights demands of citizens of Australia (that RANZCP fellows have enslaved, tortured, arbitrarily detained and thefted of biometric ID.)

The Restrictive order is to prohibit and regulate the use within a specified area, of radiocommunications transmitters, the operation of transmitters, that might interfere with radiocommunications. That. There shouldn't be similar legislation that overlaps and violates civil rights, legislation that isn't compliant with holocaust prevention writ 1-V-51-xxiiiA, that provisions may be given, but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription.

That the Restrictive order, is published, in the Gazette, and for the public to hear, on that which is broadcaster that are radio and tv, when necessary. That there may be other transmissions, that should never be interference on civilians, citizens, or workplaces unrelated to that, which might be required for Government Department. The reasons for the Restrictive order to be heard, and complied with, so that people are aware of unlawful transmitters communications devices increase.

The difficulty that is criminal intent and actions of RANZCP fellows, that violate Radio Communications, and humans, and sabotage workplaces, attempting to get around a Restrictive order on their use of equipment.

That the term ‘revoking an order’ is used on humans, whom are faced with Tribunal that is a Structural Error, and that Restrictive order, that should not be applied to a human whom doesn't use radiocommunications or violate the spectrum, or pollute or need to reduce emissions. To repurpose the order, in leglislation Unconstitutional, against basic human rights, and justice – that forces slavery, torture and arbitrary detention on a human and names that ‘emergency medicine’ is outrageous. While journalists put forth the ‘image gentle’ broadcast on TV and Radio propaganda for the intercorporate cartel of medico-pharmaceuticals. Everyone knows that forced psychiatry is violence, abuse, exploitation, and justice out of all proportion, that to say it is neglectful, is to forget that to not act justly in a Court, is to be culpable for human rights abuses.

That the Restrictive order applies to a Broadcast Station, and a Fixed Transmitter, is where TV and Radio have to think about where they are, as far as their civil rights breeches to do with propaganda for the intercorporate cartel (whom attempt to get around Restrictive orders). It isn’t a good way to get around a Restrictive order, to violate civilian citizens of Australia. Australian citizens must stand with each other and demand the horrifying violations be stopped, and the criminals jailed for their Crimes Against Humanity and the Commonwealth.

Help, is about stopping the misdirection of radio transmitters, audits, and other interference devices, and stopping the criminals from ever perpetrating that horrible violence against humans, ever again.

Demand that for humanity, and your citizens.

Australia is over 200 years post-invasion, it is very necessary that the people whom have been subjected forcibly to slavery, torture, arbitrary detention, and biometric ID theft in espionage devices, that the citizens of Australia subjected to those horrifying human rights violations be heard.

There must no more stupidly subjecting to blame the people whom haven't perpetrated crimes.

For Australian citizens, whom have persecuted them in outrageous ways, that include violations via unlawful and awry transmitters and radio communications devices, on their humanity, to their human body - for those Australian citizens there must be justice.

Contraventions of Restrictive orders, are to do with things, devices, not humans, that are electronic devices offenses, and devices that perpetrate warcrime against civilians, includes witnesses, that have never used such devices, and whom have reported, and given evidence to attempt to stop the intercorporate cartel.

Proclamations of emergency, Government authority speaking to that which is to do with the transmitters, devices, radio communications problems; should never be then switched into falsehood, that allows medico-pharmaceutical cartel to perpetrate crimes, and make false claims with terms such as, 'communicable' and 'non-communicable' and 'disease' used, and other such terms as RANZCP fellows use to pervert justice.

The masks of 2020 to 2022, are of course security measure term, and medicos have contrived a false and misleading advertise on the public, on that, and poisons hand wiping, as well as poisons injections. That exploiting of poisons standards, is that which the intercorporate cartel perpetrate, and have perpetrated to data-theft and violate security management during 2020 to 2022. To have a baby screaming at an airport, due to a concoction of chemicals being tracked within the baby's body, instead of the intercorporate cartel, is terrible violation, and not good system.

And, falsehood is not in the public’s interest.

There is no reasonable excuse for that which RANZCP fellows perpetrate, and attempts to claiming risks of death or injury, or to property of person, via 227 Contravention of orders – is outrageous attempt to convert conduct charges against RANZCP fellows, that involve, misuse of equipment, that is actually a risk of injury to humans and property, and aircraft, and other shipping. The RANZCP fellows should be then Prosecuted for that. That the RANZCP fellows found unfit for Court, due to radio and other communications devices inserted, polymers, in RANZCP fellows, and medico-pharmaceutical secrecy not easy for Courts, that are non-military. That the RANZCP fellows are then, meant to be held in secure facilities, some countries say that then debilitating chemicals are necessary to stop the RANZCP fellows from coding in via foods or other, and the inserts that jail staff cannot find. That RANZCP fellows, then may be represented by Legal Aid, in the sense of demands on the RANZCP fellow to agree to the restrictive orders on them, and if the RANZCP fellow doesn’t agree, they don’t get the lawyer in Court, they get the personnel, whom detected the espionage, or transmitter and radio communications devices violations, speaking to the crimes of the RANZCP fellow. And the RANZCP fellow is tried in absentia, due to being unfit for court, and unable to agree to mandates, with Legal Aid, doesn’t have the legal representation. That all monies and property, is Proceeds of Crime taken from the RANZCP fellow, whom is to be impoverished and detained the rest of their lives, for Treason, that includes breaches of radio communications and devices espionage activities, and obstructing justice, and violating civil rights of Australian people.

That and medicos claims on life, with false and misleading advertise of saving and insuring and immunizing humanity – all utter fraud, that is mispurposing legal terms. The medicos needing to be subjected to surveillance and supervision, should not be able to shift instruments, devices, and confuse administering, and say using a syringe is same shifting an instrument.

Please recognise the truth.

Acknowledging the 1946 holocaust-prevention-writ C. 1-V-51-xxiiiA, the delay and denial; and the Australian civilians enslaved, tortured, arbitrarily detained and subjected to biometric ID theft – that demanded their right to refuse medico provisions and services; and were sabotaged, and exploited. May people always speak out when another is unjustly murdered, violated, and sabotaged – and stand strong against being medicalised for speaking the truth.

Abolish Psychiatry

Policy writer - Ms Initially No


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