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Facts do not breach

Legislation non-compliant with 1-V-51-xxiiiA of the Constitution, that legislation is –

· A breach of contract

· A breach of privilege

· A breach of promise

· A breach of peace, order and good governance, whereby hard and threats caused to persons, property, including assault, slavery, torture and arbitrary detention.

· A breach of trust, duty to the Australian people, and violation of powers.

Facts, realities, that must not be denied.

Shakespeare set in France. Bread crumbs lure, folk say gets the bratwurst lost, and rudimentary turn away from duty into a bad spell of breach, needing attending to. That is a way of saying something went awry.

And the – threats and menacing, that weren’t taken seriously.

When looking at law, trust, faith, promise and severance of friendly relations if that which was agreed to isn’t complied with, and corruption of the Constitution continues to be turned into Jonah the Whale, and Jesus walks on Water, and Wounds of Christ, and Infrastructure breaking, or breaking of bread holy Eucharist.

Poker, Bridge, or Euchre – to get to evade the church prayers, and attempt to think outside the church rituals; then trapped into gamble, brandy or other brew, and back to church after the winnings were spent on wine and dine.

That bad spell of breach, went into euphemisms, and a demand to not speak in that tone of voice; when the Constitution 1-V-51-xxiiiA got mentioned.

Then going to the theatre to watch Eliza Doolittle and thinking on changes to speech sounds and phones and nets and timing; rather than what was agreed on, 1-V-51-xxiiiA, ‘but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription’, Constitutional Rights, delayed compliance in the Legislation, a massive frustration. And security management breakdown, due to the breach, that must be considered a breach when legislation was still non-compliant in 1947; then for Legislation to be non-compliant in 2022, means if it were break-ups that got in the way – then comedians are likely to be blamed for communications devices interference in directing authorities, to the wrong homophones.

That the Grants system in Australia, must have policy, so that money given does not obstruct justice, violate human rights, and obstruct the Constitution further. That demanding that violations of Frequency Standards (ACMA, and ACME) isn't the same as anything else. There must be no stepping around the facts, regarding Frequencies that are prohibited, restricted, that, and any violations on humans. For this to happen Legislation must not be in conflict with the Federal Constitution of Australia Act.

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