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Facial Challenge

author - Ms Initially No, policy writer

The claim that the statute, always operates unconstitutionally, is unconstitutional on its face. The Mental Health Act of Victoria, and other states, as well as Aged System Act, and any other act of Parliament, that forces provisions of medicine, dentistry, or pharmaceutical upon the population, need a Facial Challenge.

All legislation must comply with the Federal Constitution of Australia Act.

The obstructing for 76 years of Compliance Order on the Executive.

The usurping via medico-pharmaceutical cartel and the thefts, that need to be stopped.

There must be a challenge to Combination Patent rules. There must be no further unlawful patents, and interference with human life, by medico-pharmaceutical devices.

Example of this 01-11-22 – A red combie van in Main St, Maldon. This a cartel pharmaceutical device violation, known perpetrator over 2020-2022, receiving instructions from RANZCP fellow, Anthony Cidoni, that is mucking into ‘jewel IT’ and ‘wolf fur IT’ with the red combie van, that is receiving instruct and ‘grey lie on IT’, which yesterday was also perpetrated, on adjoining wall to my shop. An attempt to put lime-green duct tape, and use policing procedures, via corruption accuse on officer. Then blame-shift attempt for Fixated Data Theft, and stalker apps, hasn’t worked recently.

Attempts to flash devices in my eyes as the cartel pass by my Fine Art Gallery.

The red combie van is attempt to ‘Al quorum reader’ is deceit, and there should be reinforcing of laws regarding this interference.

Accumulation, combination, and the red combie van, necessary to stop ever attempting to be ‘report for banking’ or ‘i journalism fanciful or there might be troubles’.


When Commencement of an Action, is necessary, to proceed with for prosecution of intercorporate cartel, that includes RANZCP fellows.

RANZCP fellows use legal terms, to pervert justice, such as ‘at risk patent’. That must never be blame-shifted. When a disability insert, that is said to be spyware, or have serious conditions that are not permitted in Australia, that is ‘at risk’, and must be removed.

The ‘care for disabilities’ the things that have patents that are no longer permitted, and the person whom doesn’t want to be informed at a venue that they cannot enter, due to their ‘thing’ that is inserted, that they say is medical conditions application.

Machines that are dangerous, reading via a machine it is limiting, and meant to have barriers, so that the disabilities/ inserts that are essentially spyware, do not intrude on the rest of the population, peace, order, or good governance.

The blame-shifting onto electronic devices that are not espionage, and not a patent that is at risk status, and not espionage – that is something that must not continue. Persons with Disabilities, that cannot control their dangerous machines, should not have dangerous machine licences.

If a person with disabilities is going to base their decision by reading into a machine, they must also be subject to understanding that machines might be sabotaged, and the population cannot have people whom go-with machine without recognising that it is sabotaged.

There is also a consideration, of persons with disabilities, that read into machine, being controlled by foreign interference, or internal attack, which would be a discredit to Australia, if the persons with disabilities were mobilised by fascism.

A person that substitutes their judgement, for the machine that they read into, and don’t think about the consequences, or if that machine is sabotaged – when they do that as part of their work, they’re not reporting disorder on the device.

‘You actually have to do this with them’ is the ‘badmouth on disabilities access codes for data thieves’; ‘we just want to have the ability to blame-shift onto the biometric ID via the mental health system awry forever why can’t we have that?’ violation, is alert trespass. That must never be allowed.

There is a reason a person may have to have an unlawful device with at-risk patent or non-compliant licence, removed from them, their disability access codes denied – because they’re not complying with the law. That, the device must be forcibly removed, if necessary.

That a person should not resist, relinquishing their items, devices, that are said to be hazardous, used without licence, expired patents, reviewed as scam contracts. Reasons why a person may not relinquish, to do with inducts, may mean that formal charges for obstructing justice may be unnecessary, unless, the person with disabilities has been part of serious cartel operations, and cannot be forgiven for that which they have perpetrated. That and the people whom have been violated, while they obstructed justice. The people whom were told they had a disability, when they didn’t have a device, or access codes, were instead said that the dangerous machine firing at them, was their ‘disability’. The dangerous machine property, and registered to another, so how could that be ‘their disability’. Outrageous crime against humanity.

People subjected to forced psychiatry, were told that they had a disability. They were forcibly injected with a poison that should not be patent for injection into human, let alone, forcibly. The poison, an ‘at-risk’ patent, and the RANZCP fellow pushing to renew the patent. That electronic weapons fired at the victim of psychiatrist’s violations. That electronic weapon an at-risk patent, and off-licence use, and the victim of psychiatrists’ violations, said to be that disability/ dangerous machine at-risk, as well, as the poison, forcibly injected. Then, there is the services, of hospital beds, part of the monitoring systems and analysis, that then exploits the victim of psychiatrists’ violations in equipment of intercorporate cartel. None of this is with permission. All of this is without a permit. And victims of psychiatrists’ violations are arbitrarily detained, under unconstitutional legislation, for the purposes of forced human experimentation, and naming of them as stalker app, that has fixated copyright theft.

This which I am writing, is what a victim of psychiatrists’ violations says, because as a victim of psychiatrists’ violations – the slavery, torture, arbitrary detention was perpetrated against my human body for 14 years; and then, the persecution would not stop, and the cartel cavorted in my street, in front of my Gallery, and exposed their crimes as cartel, too much to deny.

I should never have been told I had a disability, when I never did have one. I don’t have anything inserted in my body. I don’t work for Government, nor do I have anything that is access assistance, or anything to do with that.

People subjected to forced psychiatry, are being deliberately exploited in most horrifying ways, and said to be persons with disabilities, when they are not.

There are pharmaceutical operatives that claim to be helped by psychiatrists. That is very different from the people whom are violently exploited by RANZCP fellows under unconstitutional legislation.

When a person is being subjected to outrageous sabotage via an intercorporate cartel, and the cartel have no business with that person, the cartel have thefted biometric ID from that person, and persecute the person; then, that person has every right to demand the cartel be prosecuted; and the government must never attempt to violate the person further. It is the cartel obstructing, not the person whom has been thefted from, and is being persecuted.

All legal decisions, must have a legal reason, or appointment to Chair, Position, Power – that gets usurped, by appointments that are really only a meeting with, not a position. And when meetings with are named appointments, and poisons are forcibly injected, every fortnight, and the RANZCP fellow uses that to get a seat on a Commission, the RANZCP fellow should never be entitled to, RANZCP fellows attempt to usurp Royal Appointments, for Justices.

Victims of psychiatrists’ violations, are not Persons with Disabilities, when they do not have any such things/ securities/ devices/ disabilities/ accessories that are subjected to serious contract law regarding radiocommunications, telecommunications, espionage, biosecurity breaches.

Victims of psychiatrists’ violations, don’t want to be said to be ‘guard in a shipment Infect’; such as biometric ID exploited, and the cost of that, to security management, when the cartel reroute the detect to a human gut of the victim, or the victim’s head, or something extremely violent by electronic device. Victims of psychiatrists’ violations attempting to report or give evidence to authorities, ignored, or no understood, and that of too many times that means a person needs to prosecute, and that means the Government has to be understanding to that, which is their employment, and a person whom is being violated by the cartel, because Parliament have not nulled and voided the unconstitutional legislation, such as the Mental Health Act of Victoria (which is ab initio, nulled and voided at law), and the RANZCP fellows are taking advantage of the lack of due diligence of the Executive Government, and obstructing the Executive Government in due diligence.

The usurp on another person, that should never work in a Court of Law. The Courts suffer a mental disorder, or rather a breach of the peace, of justice, of good governance – when that is the situation. Using a precedent, that is referencing, not usurping. To reference a person prior to prosecution, in a prosecution push that denies access to the person being reference, but not credited, and not given respect.

A person with disabilities, whom flicks content onto someone else, ‘I told her I am not happy with having this chip and I don’t want to replace it yet I don’t have any other options with the headgear set do I?’ should not be flicking that data-theft around, may not be the person whom is flicking the content, though, is likely using an unlawful device. And people should not be subjected to unlawful devices, or devices that are tracked, without their consent.

Law that limits a person’s decision making, on how they use a disability, access, and how they pilot that which might be regarded an electronic weapon, or espionage, if used incorrectly – access to supports for that decision making, when sabotage occurs, on the device, should be there, unless the sabotage is profit based and intentional following of cartel activity, and having callous disregard for the life and business of citizens whom are law-abiding and don’t necessarily have devices, disabilities.

There are some questions regarding disqualification from access to disabilities, and, or a person choosing to no longer be a Person with Disabilities, or leaving employment, and the employment requiring that access to disability read-in, and use, be denied everyone outside the employment office, regardless as to whether they formerly worked-with. People should not encroach on another human, or their business, or even other staff in an office, when that is not their employment to do so, and when their encroachment is abusive, violent, intrusive and obstruction.

The understanding of personnel whom have used guardianship, for their own purposes, because they did not approve of the guardian, should not be encroaching on other humans, and their business. That and using a guardian model app, is unlawful access, when appointment is not with that.

When there is a dispute as to positions of power, there has to be a challenge, to the position, in a law-abiding way. They cannot claim a person whom doesn’t have an unlawful device, or is not perpetrating unlawful actions, is in anyway an obstruction. And when a person with disabilities claims they don’t understand that a human whom has had their biometric ID thefted, whom has been arbitrarily detained, tortured, enslaved, then persecuted by an intercorporate cartel – isn’t a person to be fired at by an electronic weapon – that person with disabilities should be disqualified, and have their intrusive violent electronic weapons removed.

It is when a person with disabilities, is then said to need monitoring, and that gets blame-shifted, onto a person whom doesn’t need that – that cartel activity has to be stopped. People with disabilities, are people with potential weapons that harm other people, if used incorrectly, violate infrastructure, data-theft, and must not be said to be anything else, when that is there.

Overdue app check-up and a point format understanding map locate, must not be said to be other than that.

Abolish psychiatry. Do not violate humanity with forced human experimentation, and name their humanity an app, ever again, when the stalker app is someone else, making a profit from exploiting the victim of psychiatrists’ violations.

A survivor of psychiatrists’ violations, is someone whom has received court justice, and stopped the intercorporate cartel from persecuting them, and sabotaging their business, and other aspects of life. A victim of psychiatrists’ violations, is someone whom hasn’t received court justice.

It is not enough to say, that persons with disabilities be involved in developing of reform, policies, legal frameworks and not include people whom have been falsely labelled persons with disabilities, and violated by persons with disabilities. There is not letting go of that definition, because that is what a disability, a thing, is – it is not human. The person is human, whom has the disability, the accessory, the access controls, the thing, the item, the security. That when the animals are tagged and said to be human assist, even worse, when someone sabotages that to harm a human, instead of their pet.

Let the people whom have been violated, that are subjected to the stalker apps, have a word in, have a say in demanding a stop to that which violates them so horribly.

Horror has happened. The need for that to be said. The need for justice, and platforms to speak for victims of psychiatrists’ violations to prosecute RANZCP fellows, and any pharmaceutical cartel that persecutes them.

There is no right or dignity to a stalker app, or hit and flick device, that perpetrates a risk to other humans. A weapon, with a licence, and restrictions, prohibitions, and conditions, should not be interfering with other people, and their business, and pushing lobbies and usurping Australian citizens, unarmed-civilians that are being horribly sabotaged and violated. That and concealment for unlawful patents, must not be allowed.

The medical contrivances on impair (legal contract term) and invalid (meaning not valid), and disabilities (meaning thing or device with understood limitations and subject to diminishment under contract law) and patents (that espionage overlaps with patients).

Informal supporters and advocates must never be intercorporate cartel.

There must not be espionage involved with patents processes, design, use and purposes; nor influence or induction to perpetrate cartel activities. Combination patents, that include data-theft must be stopped.

There must be a clear understanding, in a contract regarding any electronic device, and the conditions of use, and those electronic devices, and polymers that might be subjected to scrutiny, as well as poisons standards that must not be breached, alongside use of electronic devices (hand creams included).

Carers, must be defined as personnel whom look after ‘things’ not people. That personnel should always be respectful to people, when they do tasks, and not be forcibly experimenting on people, ever. The word care, has been much misused, and in English, it is very clearly, do not ever use in regards to humanity. Use the word care in that regard, and it means something cruel. Never take care of a human, only take care of things. Be respectful to humans.

All people want to have their cultural and linguistic circumstances recognised and respected. And anyone whom doesn’t allow for citizens, unarmed civilians to exist – should not be allowed to usurp citizens, unarmed-civilians. That is war crime, that is perpetrated in Australia, when stalker apps, and other foreign interference espionage are used to perpetrate violations with intent to usurp, and not allow the unarmed-civilian citizen merit of legal victory, or appointment to position of power, or for their business to exist without being sabotaged.

Australia must not allow the intercorporate cartel to take, and claim that they care, they not permitted to do that, when they sabotage, and perpetrate crime. The will and preferences of cartel that perpetrate Crimes against Humanity and the Commonwealth, really isn’t a priority. No, it is not ever meant to be that way, where do the crime, and get the time from the sky by cheating the system, and hide the deceit by violating an unarmed civilian, citizen.

If a patent is diminished, and is not permitted, or is so old it is too easily sabotaged, then, a decision has to be made, as far as what choices a person has, when that person wants a disability, to access what they claim they need. That need must not intrude on another human, or business. Electronic devices sometimes interfere with each other, and the situation has to be resolves, but there should not ever be deceitful firing of electronic weapons at humans, and then making claims about devices being interfered with.

When a person exists, and isn’t a copy of something else, there should not be any accuse, that they are perpetrating the muck on the security app and data-thefting it, unless that is their intent, and action. The how do you know, is obviously where intercorporate cartel attempt to say there is an area of maybe or maybe not. There isn’t. Either there is an espionage device, or there isn’t. Either there is employment with the intercorporate cartel, and profit from that, or there isn’t.

Persons with disabilities, whom don’t understand how difficult they’ve made their lives by violating other people, they must be made to understand.

Once people gain an understanding, as a community, of their trespass, and how they looked to the rest of the world, and how incomprehensibly cruel, they were to follow the instructions of RANZCP fellows, and betray humanity, and prefer to do a continuous read-into a corrupted stalker app, than allow for the people, violated by that stalker app, to exist – they missed out on being responsible, heroic, successful, fascinating ; instead of fascist. Humanity doesn’t allow for fascists.

Do not try to control a person whom isn’t a troll app; while the troll app claims people whom go-with that, or intentionally choose to read and follow that, as their puppet for display. People should not allow for that which is violating a human whom isn’t a troll application user. When troll apps have their place, they don’t intrude on another human, and that humans business. There isn’t a value in a ‘remote cookie gotcha’ or a ‘spear phshie IT’, on a person whom doesn’t have disabilities, or on a person whom does have disabilities, but isn’t doing anything unlawful.

The dignity of risk, should the person with disabilities do something a dignitary should not, then suffers the disqualification, or need to make reparations, or due diligence; or resignation, after usurping a position, when there was someone more qualified, that could do the task, with knowledge that person has, and has already put to task much of the due diligence and doesn’t have to be guided, and doesn’t risk being misguided.

When persons with disabilities use poisons to behave with an app, or have easier access with concern to behaviours of an appropriation of the application, there should not be unlawful conduct, fraud, misuse, use of confidential information to buy or sell securities, false labelling, and violations of other humans. That violations of other humans, victims of psychiatrists’ violation, whom are subjected to horrifying poisons, and weapons electronic, that are torture. That and psychiatry is forced, and the person is being accused of ‘singing’ while some ugly lecturer, is talking up experiments in prisons, and being put forth for awards. If that isn’t hated behaviour, then nothing is, that which needs to be controlled, that of the psychiatrist propagating Crimes Against Humanity, while concealing them by perpetrating further horrifying forced human experimentation.

Attempts to accuse victims of psychiatrists’ violations, of ‘aggression’, when it is hardly even relevant, and the victim is outraged, by being exploited in several legal concepts that are nothing to do with the victim of psychiatrists’ violations. That it is the patents ‘a set of parts that do not cooperate in structure or function and are therefore unpatentable as an invention; the opposite of a combination’, (Black’s Law Dictionary; 11th Edition; Brian A. Garner, Editor in Chief) though combination patent attempts that include data theft are also criminal, and may not be named ‘gathering of minds’. Any references that might be necessity to stop and collect shipping Infect or Addict, are further law matter, is used by RANZCP fellows to blame-shift onto victims of psychiatrists’ violations. That and serious matter of attacking a country, without provocation. RANZCP fellows warmongering, horrible trespass, and with intent to test devices and poisons the RANZCP fellows have invested in. That and the indirect aggression, that is RANZCP hostilities and weapons that sabotage the unarmed-civilians, citizens, businesses, industry and Government. RANZCP fellows and Spital staff, act in a way that provokes a reasonable person to use physical force for protection. Then the RANZCP fellows and Spital staff attempt to claim to be aggrieved.

RANZCP fellows have disabilities/ securities/ devices/ accessories hidden, and other devices not at all hidden. The disabilities that RANZCP fellows have, are used in a way that is criminal, and the violation is known to never be acceptable risk for a dignitary.

That is why RANZCP fellows are a insult to humanity, and psychiatry must be abolished.

RANZCP fellows must not be allowed wills and preference. In the best interests of humanity, RANZCP fellows must be shut up, and shut down, in all access to disabilities, spyware, and community. RANZCP fellows must be jailed, for their horrifying crimes. Persons with disabilities, whom have aided and abetted and profited by RANZCP fellows violations of humanity, must recognise their crime isn’t acceptable, and there must not be any further perpetration of those crimes, or propaganda, that violates by deceit, on aggregate-weight rule, and attempts to conceal by blame-shift, of ‘sneeze it’ when a person being fired at by weapons electronic, isn’t a ‘grasser delivery point’ or a ‘poisons standards notch up note trial’, let alone sheep in a paddock muck and mock of agri-business, that RANZCP fellows have always mucked into.

There must not be political parties, that push for ‘animal riots’, they’re out and out deceit, they always have been, when they don’t recognise human rights, and intentionally use espionage to usurp and violate civil rights. For decades Australia, still hasn’t recognised, that while people want for habitat to not be destroyed, those using weapons electronic to claim to be activists for their pets, and ‘support theory pets’; quite often those whom are claiming that, are sabotaging something else. Deceit, is not only unwelcome, it is horribly destructive, and not honourable for any candidate to get a seat in Parliament that way.

When persons with disabilities, have true supporters, they recognise the people whom demand that the violators be stopped, as supporters. That people whom are victims of psychiatrists’ violations, should definitely be honoured, have legal recognition for their work, and appointment to position, without being compromised in their integrity, nor demanded to perpetrate an unlawful directive.

When people violate, another person, and there's a precursor to the message sent on a computer email, or through social media, or that which proceeds a person, saying something, or doing something. People don’t want to judge that. There is a precaution here, that there is a necessity to recognise when a person is going-with cartel, and to not go with their message, due to that reason, when there is an offensive term there that is coded as ‘are you well/ WELfare’. Weapons electronic, unlawful, and fare evasion unacceptable, and, there was a precursor on human, that means warning. Too many of these intrusions, and where is the sleep/ rest, and workplace of the person being intruded on by precursors to further violations.

Another country, their security management, caution on training regarding that. Or attempting to accuse a person via another country’s understanding. An ‘unreal app’ may exist, as something as relevance, to heritage, in another country’s security, and may make no sense to Australian people, whom don’t know of the questions being asked, or the obvious stories and heritage and precautions measures to do with that. And, to subject a victim of psychiatrists’ violations to such questions, while they are being tortured by RANZCP fellows with poisons, is added horrible. That and when a person does something that makes people think never about the person whom knows the mind, and how their thinking differs from that, even when the mind is acceptable. And the way a term gets used colloquially in another country. That then, there’s the legal terms –

1. unrealised loss, paper loss – loss realised only by selling something (such as security) that has decreased in market value. Loss part of insured property; damage not amounting to loss.

2. unrealised profit, paper profit – a profit that is anticipated but not yet realised. Gains from stock holdings, are paper profits until the stock is sold at a price higher than its original purchase price.

3. unrealised receivable – an amount owed, but not yet received. Unrealised receivables have no income-tax basis for cash-basis taxpayers.

And that of unreasonable, sitting there, when the loss, profit and received isn’t said to be achieved, due a 240 post invasion status, and decades of delay and denial for compliance with a holocaust prevention writ, in the Constitution, legislation repugnant, and unconstitutional government, and a population forced to be divorced from reason. That and thousands of years of heritage, not celebrated, not given powers, not given recognition.

Then, a person with disabilities pushing –

· Unreasonable compensation

· unreasonable decision

· Unreasonable deviation

· And, restricted and unregistered securities.

That must be considered, in relation to the laws of a particular country, and when there is visitor to a country, that there may be misunderstanding in their own country, that doesn’t translate.

That and when a person gives an unresponsive answer – response from a witness (at a deposition or hearing) that is irrelevant to the question asked.

When violators, RANZCP fellows, perpetrate the fraud of – a patent applicant’s response to an office action, and exploit victims of psychiatrists’ violations, as if they were a pleading, or a Court Discovery request - prosecute the RANZCP fraud. Assumption of the liability of a victim of psychiatrists’ violations, for that which is an intercorporate cartel defrauding of government, or industry, via ‘molestation court’ has been a horrifying breach of decency, sense, and totally unreasonable to ignore. When a person with disabilities uses a long affiliation with an organisation to gain access to betray information, and the persecution or harassment of someone (such as a witness ) with stalker apps violations, electronic weapons; that is outrageous, indecent to blame-shift. The criminals are the perpetrating RANZCP fellows and pharmaceutical cartel, so obviously, why allow for the violators to blame the humans they persecute. The gratification, awards, official recognition - usurped by RANZCP, when the RANZCP must be jailed for treasonous horrible crimes. RANZCP fellows should never have gained Favour of the courts – gratia curiae – to force themselves on the Australian population, and usurp human purpose.

A ’disability’ doesn’t necessarily have the right to make an equal decision, and a device/ thing, may be poor compared to another, or irrational, compared to the person whom is thinking outside the read of the app’s program. That, and when there is sabotage, or criminal activity that has influence the ‘disability/ thing’, that must be outed. There are always limitation of a device/ thing, and law-abiding upgrades, updates, additions; and, that which is not permitted, due to trespass, data-theft, and dangerous machines have conditions of what must not be perpetrated.

Mental Health Acts, were meant to be about professions with disabilities/ devices/ things, looking after their industry or spyware. That said, in Australia, the Mental Health Acts, are not applicable for that, the violation on the unarmed-civilian, citizens, is too entrenched in forced human experimentation, for the purposes of surveillance, and superiority claims of personnel from other countries. The Mental Health Acts, and any legislation, that forces medical provisions or services, must be nulled & voided; or the joker legislation is fascism.

Authorities in a position of power to act, and duty to act.

The espionage, and at-risk warrants on electronic weapons violations, must be acted on by other legislation, not ever decriminalised again. The spies evasion has been too extensive via the RANZCP fellows and other Spital staff, whom assist the spies and violate the unarmed-civilian, citizens; and corrupt the peace, order, and good governance of Australia.

People accused of lying, in a court of law, mentiri. Not people whom speak a certain lingo, or have a particular understanding, or enjoy a good story, outside of court, don’t criminalise that, and allow cartel to violate them, and RANZCP fellows to name them ‘deed to theft’, and arbitrarily detain, violate, poison, and extract from them until they’re dead.

It is the RANZCP fellows that are perpetrating the crime, their biomedical demented inserts, provisions, service-bodies, disabilities access codes, securities note-thefts, are unsound-chores on the courts. Don’t worry about that in a court of law? My word, that would be fickle, riddle the decision making no further, unsupported apps, and espionage, weapons electronic forbidden! Demerit points on the RANZCP fellow not enough, deny access, and jail the horror and shut the muck up. RANZCP fellows must never further be co-decision makers, or influence on disabilities.


‘Preventing of abuse, and undue influence’ Royal Commission – 16th May 2022, Roundtable Supported decision-making and guardianship: Proposals for reform

Black's Law Dictionary; 11th Edition; Bryan A. Garner, Editor in Chief; Thomas Reuters.

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