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End Slavery

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Right now, 2020, the slavery in Australia that is at the most violating, horrific and widespread, is as old as Federation. There should NOT be a denial of a person’s freedom from slavery in Australia, given that Australia has antislavery legislation; yet, Australians have had an act of slavery, in each state/ territory, since Federation. These acts need to be abolished, or null and voided, as legislation that is out of keeping with the rest of the legislature.

Slavery is a one way transaction, the slave doesn’t get a choice and that can be said to be true of forced psy.

That the psy are deceptive in their capturing of human being by force, and enslaving them for human research is a key factor in what the psy do to enable the further human trafficking of the human’s flesh via datamine collection agencies, and potentially after death trading for those victims of psy who have been denied the right to opt out of organ donating.

Capacity law, isn’t and should never be about human ‘traits’ medicine making up rubbish terms of hate-speech, that doesn’t correlate to carrying a microbial or microscopic item, that can be considered a quarantine potential carry issue. Quarantine would not subject a farm animal to mental health ‘diagnosis’, as a border crossing issue. The fact is, when there’s a cover-up for human trafficking for medico-slavery, terms used to define the slave are irrelevant.

A psy has absolute power over the life, fortune and liberty of the person the psy enslaves. Those enslaved by the psy are not permitted to speak about the psy’s violations, and are effectively silenced. Punitive measures are inflicted on the person enslaved, for complaining about what the psy are doing to them.

The person held in bondage systematically for the rest of their life, by the psy. Very hard it has been for a person to get free from the servitude offense of the psy.

Protecting slavery, for those who profit from it – when a state/n territory insists on keeping the Servitude Offense. ‘Safeguards’ being used to protect the particular institution doing the enslaving, from abolitionists – by the enslavers claiming special privileges above the law, and symptomatizing anti-psychiatry and other pro-human rights politics.

How much a person subjected to forced psy is sold, bequeathed, inherited or exchanged for another person more apt for a particular Black Triangle experiment – that needs to have closer inspections to give journalists an eye full of what is being traded as well as the human themselves. So if samples or data and human body markers were to be included, that’d be a human body extraction offense.

The term the psy use ‘absconding’ for those they enslaved is somewhat infantilising in its use; the term ‘fugitive slaves’ no longer used, but to recognise that the idea of criminality is there, for a person attempting to escape forced psychiatry, has a history. Going AWOL is what the psy also use, though more common is ‘Lost to follow up’, that is not a term used for Political Prisoners, rather a term used for case-studies, regularly for medico research.

The people have been subjected to punishments by the psy that have minimal legal limitations.

People subjected to the psy have been afforded no legal rights or protections against slavery and extreme barbaric forms of punishment and torture. There is conflict in the legislature, that indicates that people should have legal rights and protections against slavery.

The psy are not permitted to have sexual activity with the people they enslave, however have gotten away with this, and the violence often termed ‘sexual activity’. Sometimes the psy are only slapped with a misconduct deduction point, or a suspension of their right to practice psy.

For a victim of psy to have very limited or no appeal to formal institutions, if left on there own, is a hallmark of institutional slave trade occurring.

For a person enslaved by a psy to not be allowed to give testimony and testimony not given the same weight as a free person’s, makes for a huge shift needed in the law practices, policing and courts. Clearly the legislature is in conflict, and needs to be addressed.

Mobility is limited, sometimes to 23 hour isolation, or tying the enslaved to beds, so the person cannot move freely for months. Degrading, cruel, as well as disabling and kills people.

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