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Do not post money

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer.

As a citizen of Australia, having lived in the same country all my life, I understand the laws here, that are regarding to post, and notes or coins that are legal tender, or money. No - you must not, and cannot post money.

I difficulty arose for me in 1991, when I got a letter from young woman from India, whom said she had got my name through a Pen Pal service, and understood I liked coin collecting. By then, I was just starting University, and Pen Pal, was the last service I needed, though I had enjoyed that in Secondary School. I had a big Library to explore at University, and wasn’t into collecting coins, and there was an issue – how do I return to sender the letter, without being said to have posted money. Now, the rules in India, may have been different, they might have been able to do that. So, I just put the letter with coins attached, aside, and forgot about it. I don’t know where that ended up, though, I didn’t resolve the issue.

If I had taken the letter to the Post Office, and said to them, the difficulty I was in, then, perhaps, the issue would have been resolved legally. Or, perhaps I would be met by someone at the Post Office, that is into the idea that I should be charged with reverse charges. Can we trust our Australia Post Office. I’m saying, yes, we should be able to. And if we are subjected to anything unlawful that is currency reversals, we should be able to quickly, and quietly report that. It is only when issues of espionage warrants don’t result in required arrests, that such trouble continues.

Big debate in Australia about potentially becoming a Republic. That is nothing to do with notes, coins that are legal tender. Anyone whom talks up the issue of having coins or notes with Charles III printed on them – isn’t focussing on the human rights issue. The civil rights, is that which needs to be talked about. It doesn’t matter if coins or notes are printed; and then new ones printed that are different. That is part of coin collectors dream, to think about getting the rare coins, that are printed only for a short while. There are blogs, and books on that. There is probably speculation on this, and that means, people, holding onto coins with such a print, in case that coin ends up being rare.

Books, they can also be rare, in circumstances of civil rights, when activists are denied validity, due to oppressors. That, in Australia, is really where the money is. Too many hidden books, by civil rights activists, in a situation that needs to be understood, not denied.

I ask that journalists be responsible, and do not perpetrate unlawful activities such as posting money – because journalists should not lead the public into crime. The journalists perpetrating that, should be sacked. Copyright, is very important, to authors. And, a cashless society, has few options, when there are surges and grid failures – really horrible sabotage, so pushing that, isn’t a good option.

There should not be ‘conversion rates’ and ‘converting the rating’ and ‘converting signage’ or ‘converting signals format into another signals servs to serve her right for um what are we saying again’ in radiocommunications breaches of transmissions, without, there being some activity to warrant the espionage that is violating, and action on the warrant to arrest. Journalists, including radio, must be very aware of that. It doesn’t matter if they go ‘off air’ as long as they are not firing at a human, and blame-shifting the sabotage onto the human being fired at that. The signal to authorities, to stop the assaults, that are via remote espionage devices, must be immediately understood as wrong.

There has been boundaries trespassed, by people working in secure industries, such as journalism, that involve devices, handling that which is a listening device, without perpetrating, and printing, and frequency allotments. Workplaces that are privileged, a position of power, a voice to the people, a way of communicating difficulties, and negotiating violations – and a means through which to enable civil rights activists to be heard. Australian journalists, are not doing that at the moment, enough, to be paid attention to, or paid highly, or put into high regard – yet they still have positions of power, access, immunities, responsibility, and trust. Journalists should not be posting money, or ignorantly using soundbytes incorrectly. Journalists as a team, must recognise when usurping is occurring, and when espionage at risk warrants need to be actioned. If they are not acting lawfully, due to incompetence, they must alert their team, that they are in the wrong seat, and incapable of doing that employment position, and do not want to be charged with the crime, that they are aware they cannot ignore, in a position of responsibility.

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