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Do not hide this behind a mask

For too many decades police have been ordered by medicos, told by the psychiatrists and clinical psychologists to assist them in enslaving people. The medicos need to be told they’re not a force, they’re supposed to merely heal, NEVER allowed to be forcing other people to be under their command, not bossing a force, such as policing, into doing illegal acts.

Capturing a person and taking them to a situation where others torture them, is a very offensive act.

For police to traffic to the torturer, people who have refused to go with the torturer. For police to beat a person up before taking a person who has refused to be taken to torturers. Then, after beating that person with all and sundry police punitive measures, hand that person to the torturers. That is participating in the torture and trafficking of slaves for biomedical research.

How do police stop human traffickers and torturers if the police regularly participate in this highly offensive criminal activity?

If the answer is that police have always participated in the torture and trafficking of slaves for biomedical research, then, that would make the police force corrupt from the beginning.

Inconceivable is incomprehensible is doesn’t compute to a machine.

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