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Do not fund War Crime

Author – Ms Initially No, Policy writer for Abolish Psychiatry; CEO of The Painter And The Writer Gallery.

Restraining orders needed on copyright trolls whom theft copyright, destroy treasure, and are defrauding of government by social services provisions – it is too obvious, that the provisions of 1-V-51-xxiiiA of The Federal Constitution of Australia Act, those provisions/ services, must never be funded to perpetrate war crimes. That the Australian Government should be very aware of that.

There should be no further pushing for a draft, via provisions/ services of 1-V-51-xxiiiA, if no funding is given to those provisions.

That in 1960s and 1970s, there was push via that 25 years of delay and denial, necessary compliance with abolition of civil conscription in the legislation, in compliance with the Constitution. That got mucked, into ‘draft’ and the medico-pharmaceutical cartel ‘draft’.

Recently push 2021 to remove draft horses from Melbourne’s streets.

Australia doesn’t want civil conscription. That 1-V-51-xxiiiA, should not be used in a similar way to 1960s – 1970s push to military. The word civil, means civilian. However, the provisions/ services of 1-V-51-xxiiiA, are medico-pharmaceutical cartel, that must not be funded, and the population have to realise how they’ve been scammed, into being exploited as an concealment tactic for the intercorporate cartel, that is violating Australia’s telecommunications and radiocommunications. The cartel intentionally attempt to act as though they are ASIO, and covert defence force, and data-theft policing. They are not permitted to do that. The cartel attempt to usurp anyone and any organisation that is power in Australia, including civil rights.

That attempt to fire at a civil rights activist on this day, whom is merely looking for something in an actual physical set of draws. That, the cartel fire at the person (myself in this situation) and attempt to say that the assault by electronic weapon is something ‘draw for medical supplies’ as in that they are to get money, in a covert way, that just isn’t permitted, and claim it for ‘cousin/ co-sign’ and ‘carrier/ carer’ – must be detected, and never perpetrated again. That.

Best policy here is that of no further funding for provisions/ services 1-V-51-xxiiiA of the Federal Constitution of Australia Act. All these provisions/ services are derogatory and violent to Australian people, and aiding & abetting the cartel to sabotage law-abiding civilians, citizens and businesses of Australia.

1. No further funding for pharmaceuticals.

Why should people get poisons at the taxpayer’s expense, or electronic devices that fire at other people, data-theft, and wreck infrastructure and cloud formations?

Do not fund pharmaceuticals. Federal Government, won’t supply a draft for pharmaceuticals under 1-V-51-xxiiiA.

Too risky for Government that would be accused of perpetuating war crime, data-theft, and horrible weapons and poisons testing, now that Government should be fully aware that pharmaceutical corporations are involved in fascism on Australian people, and intent to defraud, and use 1-V-51-xxiiiA as defrauding, and blame-shift onto Government. That and usurp, monopolise, and destroy peace, order and good governance.

2. Unemployment must not be funded.

Centrelink as an office is scam and scandal and must be shutdown, for data-theft, and shifting funding, and aiding & abetting intercorporate cartel.

When unemployment is a word that was originally meant to be used to say, that the person gets money and likely involved in crime, that isn’t to be permitted.

Can we at least get a work placement? Is there – however it is coming from Human Services, and what is that? A crime against Humanity? Espionage weapons testing for the cartel?

Only lawful occupations, to ever be permitted in Australia.

Need every citizen working at their strengths and best, and being proud with a good wage for doing due diligence to their tasks.

Citizens of Australia don’t want to be named ‘blow ins’, when they’re being sabotaged, fired at with espionage. And the cartel is intending to fly to New Zealand, or India, or another country such as UK, and claim to be ‘carer’s pension’ there, with false data, via a RANZCP fellow.

Unemployment is undesirable, so don’t fund it, or the cartel, sabotages Australian people.

To hear the Government Officials, talking racism and untruth that Australian people are ‘unskilled’, and the journalists, repeating that untruth, just horrible. Australian people with qualifications in writing and editing, denied positions as journalists. The unlawful cartel, usurping the purpose of journalism, and taking the place of qualified and skilled Australian citizens.

Claiming to be employment office of another, and usurp and delegate a task of for cartel to infiltrate an Industry, or Government Office, or University, nasty violations of Australian citizens, their qualifications, skills, and attempt to name them unemployment, when they’re law-abiding, and have been sabotaged by the intercorporate cartel.

Unemployed is key word to unlawfully fund criminal tasks that are being perpetrated.

Attempt in Main St, Maldon, Victoria, on 15-11-22, by intercorporate cartel, to get the CEO of Gallery, to look after the Street, is attempt to ‘police business or other’ on a citizen that is not of that office. Then the intercorporate cartel perpetrate data-theft.

The CEO of the Fine Art Gallery, myself, was being fired at, by the intercorporate cartel.

That the Pfizer cartel woman on ‘green seat’ of cartel café, next door to law-abiding Fine Art Gallery.

The cartel Pfizer is ‘aggressive stab’ on device unlawful, and ‘political heal’ for ‘senator long ford or other’ contrivances. Said is ‘assistant to Funplay’ that is unlawful. Threat and menace to terrorism, ‘boom’, and ‘only a plus’ then ‘dental fil’ or ‘file mint’ is Pfizer not permitted, and not to be given unemployment benefits; nor is the violation that is ‘asswipe’.

That Woolworths Truck and ‘gas bottles’ on trailer traffic infringement with espionage, is attempted ‘unemployment’ provisions, services, to fund a crime, of ‘test the street’ for ‘hat themes’ violation, not employment, not unemployment, not ever to be given funding.

46 Main St, Maldon, café attendant, attempting to ‘fund employment’ with the male Pfizer ‘toe nail clipping collections’; The ‘dustbins’ that are said to contain that are only ‘Spital riter’. That is why no further funding of ‘unemployment’ provisions and ‘medical provisions/ services.

Do not fund! Derogatory! Usurping by cartel. War crimes.

And, big scam.

The construction work, should never have given McClure RMR a ‘Standby Letter of Credit’ via ‘Unemployment’ provisions. That, and other horrible offenses that RANZCP fellows perpetrate with the intercorporate cartel to war crime against the CEO of Fine Art Gallery.

That RANZCP fellow, in Cert car, transmitted, ‘now ice it the door’; ‘to nail her fin from entry out’; ‘just want to show err mtrick’ is serious cartel conduct, of cert car RANZCP fellow and ‘laches’ group Pfizer, and ‘sleet savers’ AstraZeneca claim. Then bungle, RANZCP fellow transmits, ‘I think we used too much dry ice and it isn’t really going to stick’.

Not funny, horrible hazard, in summertime. Horrible to animals and humans, the poisons that are involved with dry ice.

That Pfizer, RANZCP attempts, ‘I came to give security forces at tel about how I’ – is foreign interference espionage, violation, not good for Govt Office to accept, or use for campaigning. Horrible war crime, not to be funded. That and impostor of military office, ‘some military office or other at Signals’ is violation of Commonwealth Official attempt.

That and violation attempt on CEO of Fine Art Gallery, that the RANZCP fellow attempts to perpetrate, ‘she’ll think she can get out and she won’t’; ‘only he can key it’; ‘damn other door got’.

Pharmaceutical via unemployment, must not be funded, is being used for sabotage, poisons standards breaches, Addict threats and menaces, and hazards violations.

3. There must not be any sickness and hospital benefits.

Australian Government must not fund sickness and hospital benefits. Cartel crime espionage not to be funded. Australian people don’t want to be violated by electronic weapons, scammed; and for the Spital to claim money for that.

What if you get your teeth knocked out? Is there, as a question, it is always a medico-pharmaceutical cartel pushing that, as threat and menace. Answer is – rest and recoup and any necessity for the need to chew properly is generally worker’s compensation for injury, not anything to be got through that which is 1-V-51-xxiiiA. And definitely not those words, because they are derogatory, and deride Australian people, and the intercorporate cartel, are straight in there to get various spyware inserts, and updates, that are unlawful, destructive, and fire at that citizen that is attempting to get any kind of necessities through those terms.

Know that, words, as in terminology, terms and agreement, at law, when that is exploited in an espionage errata, it is cartel conduct and must be stopped, though, what if that is not got at before a citizen is subjected to horrible violations they do not need or want, and – please understand why that which is a provision service cannot be funded, sickness and hospital benefits must not be funded. Australia must recognise that.

That and when the cartel are, pushing – You leave Social Servicers personnel with nothing in the Constitution to have for free, in the espionage transmission. Why should they have anything for free?

Then that there transmitted, Okay we’ve been thrifting too much have we?

That, the medico-pharmaceutical cartel must not thrift Australia, must not fashion a fascist dictatorship.

That there must not be ‘medical stool’, that is smuggle attempt, nothing else other than that. The espionage not to be redirect detect on innocent human.

Reminder victims of psychiatrists’ violations, are deliberately held in arbitrary detention, put into isolation, denied toilet, and given bedpan, to get ‘sample’ that is never agreed to be ‘sample’ for cartel spyware, or subjected to spectrometers, and other data-theft sampling violations.

4. There must be no funding for medical and dental.

The services and provisions of medical and dental under 1-V-51-xxiiiA, are Crimes against Humanity, and the Commonwealth. Australian people need the legislation that forces medical provisions, services to be made null & void. It is Australia’s Constitutional rights, and the responsibility of the Executive Government to null & void, any legislation contrary to the Federal Constitution of Australia Act. Otherwise the Government is perpetrating war crime, and knowingly aiding and abetting an intercorporate cartel, and not complying with holocaust prevention, or their own Constitutional agreement.

5. There must be no further funding for child endowment.

That in Main St, Maldon, Vic, Australia – there have been fake babies in prams, in Parade of Horrors, serious cartel conduct, attempts to lobby for scams to parliament under these services and provisions.

What will I feed my child with? Is question there, in transmitters.

Food should always be made available for people, but never under the derogatory term, that is usurped by spies evasion tactics, that is ‘child endowment’.

The cartel transmission is then – okay I’m not going to endow myself with a child anymore.

Utter rort by espionage signals/ alerts reconfigured.

Nappies needed, in transmitters, is there, utter rort again. Then other false push likely gets into the mouth of a Senator, to ‘plip a sec’, and other muck onto politicians, that should recognise cartel conduct, and not go-with that.

That material engineering is being mucked. Any Government funding on this issue is really going to be an accuse on Government.

Transmitter after, talk of never plastic, even for emergency packages, plastics are never going to be funded – washing at a laundrette is expensive… the concealment here of this kind of conversation, is that of then the poisons attempt. Very dangerous attempt to map skins, and test skins by products funded by Government. Then, the company, that gets paid by Government, blames the Government for funding, that which they send to the cloud and overseas, on information, on children skin responses in Australia, and ‘how to get them’ into medical provisions, and sample the skin, and other horrors.

Health and Human Services isn’t an employment office, to ever be funded.

Violators are materials engineering horrors. They’ll fire at the child wearing the nappy and blame the child, for the destruction of a factory with materials, or military, government – and the alert must not be hidden this way as ‘draw’ or ‘pin’ or ‘draft’, or ‘schizo’ – they’re weapons, electronic weapons, how horrible. And materials engineering is housing, and equipment, very dangerous.

That which cannot be funded. And ‘gifting’ that to unwary parents. The parents must be warned. Government must not allow for scams, and must not fund scams.

Words, that are for prosecution. They’re not meant to be taken into journalism in a flippant way, as if journalists don’t understand how urgent the need to stop the horrifying crimes are. Too many words, taken, for an urgent prosecution, taken by journalism into flippant sayings, and racism against Australian citizens, and promotion of the intercorporate cartel.

Too many journalists whom are given funding so that their work can be easily accessible and endorsed – are racist against Australian people, and propaganda for the intercorporate cartel. Not in my name ABC, with my taxation, do you do that.

There are people whom want to tell stories about how they hate Australian people, and they use those words, in a journalist article, and say that is what Australian people did, stole art. No, that racist, to say that.

Whenever there is a reason to use words, such as war crime. Whenever there is a really urgent reason to demand that a person’s work not be exploited in spyware of intercorporate cartel – there is this incomprehensible misuse of the prosecution of the crime.

Civil rights, and prosecution, it works like this – people need the journalist to support the civil rights with their well-funded platform, to make certain the public, the politicians, and the prosecution, are supported.

6. Benefits to student and family allowances must not be funded, too many crimes detected under this provision, service of 1-V-51-xxiiiA

When there is a crime detected, that student should not pass the examination, and should not get past an employment office. And there shouldn’t be legislation passed, while that student or family member is attempting criminal conduct, sometimes to get residence, or work application in Australia.

Understand that intercorporate cartel, exploit biometric ID of Australian citizens. That Australian citizens are being sabotaged, fired at with electronic devices. And any student or family member perpetrating the crimes of espionage, are a war crime against Australian citizens.

The war crime is horrifying. They are not a small infringement, the usurp by this provision of student and family allowances is war crime, and must not be given funding, or other countries deride education, and family status of Australia.

That of ‘benefits’ is derogatory, recognise that, and don’t fund.

Work, must be law abiding, and never usurp Government Office. Do not theft High Security entrance exams. Funding of criminals to theft universities must be never. Do not exploit other workplaces of civilians, for studies.

Students and families must not war crime Australian civilians. Must not name another’s study a ‘money key’ and violate biometric ID of citizen. Espionage is not permitted, and Govt is war crime if they fund the violations. That the deceit of students and families of Social Services personnel and others usurping that office by espionage, that must be prosecution, when corrupt, and cartel must be outed, and prosecuted, so that war crime isn’t further perpetrated.

People whom rent/ buy property need to get verification. And this provision/ service not to be the funder.

Citizens, whom are responsible, they are known, and this should never be usurped, by foreign interference espionage, serious cartel conduct, and Government corruption. The crimes are of an intercorporate, never small.

Responsibilities, must be known and the person renting agreeing to that task, must accomplish those responsibilities.

Never allow for a person to be falsely marked by espionage as irresponsible, by the ‘clinic’ or ‘spital’ that they visited, or were subjected to. Cartel perpetrate horrible thefts and destruction of property.

If claim of irresponsibility is there, there must be a means to never blame-shift.

‘Family allowances’ as ‘doggy do do’ is attempted on 15-11-22, in Main St, Maldon, Vic. The male Pfizer cartel, grabs a plastic bag from the street post, and puts in his back pock, and says, ‘for my family member at home’ then attempts to electronic weapons, violate CEO of Fine Art Gallery.

Must not fund biomedical; must never be funded, horrible war crime. Too much espionage of intercorporate cartel, for this to be workable for policing.

7. No funding for Maternity allowances.

Fake pregnancies of cartel (that have spyware on gut), are violating citizens, civilians.

The war crimes must never be funded.

That of carriage/ smuggling, being said to be pregnancy or toilet issues for maternity frocks of personnel, is never to be Government funded.

That of catering, also an attempt to violate by intrusions on food bought by Australian citizens. The basic food, then said to be a ‘packet’ when it isn’t.

Queries on ‘fork’ are ridiculous and horrifying violations that intercorporate cartel perpetrate, by suggestion that a citizen’s food is a Infect logistics on road vehicle.

Do not say an Australian citizen is a tourist. The old horror of the wandering ‘migrant’, attempt to get a status ‘granted’, by foreign interference espionage, Court Matrix, by violating citizens – that is known horror of espionage.

The Parade of Horrors in Main St, Maldon, Vic on 15-11-22, perpetrated, that of ‘mtrick’ and ‘mshell’ via a Cert car, that attempted to dry ice the township, and jam the front door of CEO of Fine Art Gallery.

The intercorporate cartel attempted to violate the CEO of Fine Art Gallery further.

Data-theft of Government Office by the intercorporate cartel, not permitted, such as Tourist Office, and attempt to purchase by Government Office – not permitted the ‘draw’ and ‘draft’.

Big ugly usurps.

Must never say another is ‘gut belt’, that, in espionage, is cartel violation.

Very dangerous is a not permitted to propaganda, perpetrated, threat and menace of forced human experimentation, that involved mouthing off, ‘not taking yore meds’ that cartel medico-pharmaceutical spoke in Main St, Maldon, Vic, on 15-11-22. That, is Military of Old Yore, and if not that then something else, that must be immediately result in the search and seizure of espionage equipment, on the personnel perpetrating electronic weapons fires in an obvious way, such as was there. That, and ‘insert in thigh’; ‘I garter belt or other’; Pfizer NZ, defraud of Government, for ‘Maternity’ provisions/ services.

Extreme spectrum violation. Threats and menacing of terrorism, concealment of spyware, via ‘spare ribs’ and ‘pigs purchase’ is data-theft – then said to be ‘maternity corset’.

Then, attempt to impostor Government Office, ‘never take pictures of Social Services personnel’ and ‘hope you like a broken camera’; ‘can’t do I ocular to get photos anymore’, violator, AstraZeneca NZ visitor status.

‘Ear piece’ cannot be a maternity allowance, and violation of CEO of Fine Art Gallery.

The spies evasion tactics must be outed.

No further ugly terms on civilians, citizens.

The cartel thought they could have their subversive slavery in Australia, and hide that forever!

That RANZCP fellow transmits, ‘Stupid Australian we are thrifting her bank account while we play at locking the laches how dumb of her to open her computer up too soon’ further witness intimidation, and sabotage attempts. That and threat and menace with radar flick, to get ‘maternity allances’ and said ‘for girlfriends in South Af, I mean South Australia that prohibit UK involvement’ is Foreign Interference espionage violation, that must not perpetrate Finances of the Courts, Taxing Officer.

That RANZCP fellow with cert car , is ‘lying by’ while surreptitious search and arrest should be on the RANZCP fellow. That RANZCP fellow should not be permitted ‘mtrick’ and probably false pass on form 5 and 6.

Attempts on ‘luna clock’ and other violations.

Understand why the war crimes must not be funded. Do not go with campaign lobbies that are foreign interference espionage.

8. Widows pensions, do not fund.

Attribution right, attempts by the intercorporate cartel, to usurp Government Office, and claim, ‘for my co-sign/ cousin’ are notorious.

That of attempts to name maturation or matric rite, that education was substantial enough to attribute the skill of work, and get honorary degree/ diploma or masters; by data-theft.

That, is established and understood, violation, that citizens civilians of Australia watched in horror, as there were these honours gifted to medico-pharmaceutical, marriages, and connections, and they didn’t know that it was a usurp of ‘widows pension’ data-theft.

The Wheelers Centre, a writers centre has much to answer for in this context.

I went in there prior to 2010, as fully paid member, and attempted to read in the library, and got fired at with horrible ‘bleed arrangement’ for ‘cough it up man’ and ‘cough drop her’, and various other violations, that I knew were being then, exploited as ‘gifts to’ violators. I didn’t want that. I felt really betrayed by the organisation for authors in Victoria; and usurped, by a contrivance on ‘lee, meaning shed/ shelter’ and false claims of refugee status of foreign interference espionage that was said to be Russia/ USA/ Israel spies evasion. The violator showed me a badly written piece about her mother working in a laundrette in USA. And the violator, a social worker, married to a medico, then, getting book launches, and masters sponsors, gifts, and publications via various universities, wheeling and dealing with cartel conduct.

Then false claims that were in Main St, Maldon, Vic, of ‘ASIO’ or presume ‘Defence Force’, personnel. And abusive to civilians in hostile ways. Discrediting to Australian Govt Officials, when that is funded, that usurp.

False claims of refugee status by fascists and horrible violators that continue perpetrating crimes in the country they then claim to ‘cede’ by touting ‘success servs’ and other ‘modules of military gaming notions’ that are piracy.

The Cert car, in a ‘cart mode’, hostile, that and Matricula, in use, as in the register of public officials. Register or certificate of enrolment in organised group or society.

Horrible war crimes are perpetrated against Australian civilians – that errata and muck lines, of ‘I feel the milk coming on and I squeeze’ is said to be ‘some animal’ and then other that of electronic device weapon not permitted said to be ‘maturity/ maternity issue/ allowance’.

‘Medical press’ is an espionage device, and that was perpetrated against the door of Fine Art Gallery, in Main St, Maldon, Vic, on 15-11-22. (There are details that could be said about the intercorporate cartel mouthing off ‘we do framing’ and the further on the legal matter here.)

That Vorn, Bendigo, were then attempted to be ‘framed’ as code of conduct charges, via a conference on ‘bladder machines’ concealment that is horrifying wearing of another’s biometric id, with hit and flick devices.

Session laws, legal legislature, not to be ‘smuggled’ for ‘how to war crime’ That the espionage cartel naming it ‘murder initially by stealth’ has that of ‘then monologue the monopolise’ violation. Very serious. That the cartel must not take that to ‘SA’ or other location, to ‘further crime there’. Not to ‘share’ or ‘holder’ or ‘hold in piece’ or ‘espy’ shepardise for ‘hearing bypass security incruciation’ and other muck with old code and ‘boot fk ritual’ is detect flick and visual street of car boot open, and shut with espionage on the sound of closing boot. Muck hidden in boot, as in shoe, is border-crossing issue, don’t ignore that, or conceals for other.

That data-theft pertaining to war crimes, in other countries, must be immediately actioned to stop, via Australian Govt. That the harms to civilians of other countries, must not be repeated in Australia, and, there must be that of Australia Government showing they will take action on war crimes of Simon Stafrace, RANZCP, and Pfizer in Spain (that is known, as horrible crime murder of University Professor).

University Professors, whom are civil rights, in Australia, must not be violated by the data-theft, that, as well.

That the cartel threaten ‘speed chase’, that must be understood as their tactic, to spies evasion, and ‘race course’, isn’t to be funded by provisions of ‘benefits to family and students’ under 1-V-51-xxiiiA, and then ‘Widows pension’ muck.

That the cartel have ‘b- subversive warcrime app’ that is ‘registered as firearm in some countries in Victoria, Canada’ – is to be immediately actioned, as espionage crime, arrest warrant, necessary jail.

All that, necessary warrants, must not be something the intercorporate cartel can ever ‘thrift for a cover’ for a journalist violation. The violation being that of racist language against Australian people. That which was there, via ABC, on article about historical theft of artwork (that had permit given and has since been contested), ‘there was a thrift we had to cover’; ‘I don’t know what the thrift was about but what popped into my head was that – and so I sent it with the app application unit matrix court justice visual attached, so they knew it were serious, really serious for a long-long time’; ‘for whom well, that depends.’ Editor, should not have permitted ABC, Australia, news, to publish this. There was theft of prosecution necessary, and biometric ID of CEO of Fine Art Gallery (myself), exploited.

That words such as ‘fine art being used in apps’; and war crime, being used out of context of the urgent situation, that Australian citizens, require, for that which is serious cartel war crimes against Australian citizens.

Journalists shouldn’t have Court Justice data. That it is data-theft. Journalists need to know they will be charged with crime for Court data-theft. That Editors must be held responsible for publications. That when large distributer, with security staff; and endorsed and funded by taxpayer. The importance of stopping the violation has two very strong reasons –

· Government must not fund warcrime.

· Media news journalism must not be propaganda for warcrimes an violations of espionage, Crimes Against Humanity.

A negotiation with the realities that Australian people want to see written about. It is about affirming the truth, supporting civil rights.

Authors are to be quoted. Understanding of civil rights activists that haven’t received any publicity for that which they are doing.

Important that Ms Initially No, CEO of Fine Art Gallery, is attributed when quoted.

All journalists should be trained, qualified in understanding that is copyright legal matter.

That understanding the slander and libel in espionage against civil rights in Australia, and how the intercorporate cartel attempt to slander Australian citizens, civilians, whom are qualified, whom are skilled at writing, whom are law-abiding.

Journalists must never perpetrate propaganda for intercorporate cartel, nor receive stolen goods. That isn’t intelligent enough for a journalist.

Litigation committee, and stopping the slavery offenses in 1-V-51-xxiiiA, are something that all people in Australia, must demand –


Holocaust prevention

Don’t allow for war crime against civilians, citizens.

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