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Disabled by legislation

If someone said you were disabled, how might you argue that you are not disabled, and how might that someone then counter that with – you are disabled because I said you were.

There’s a eugenics idea of ‘those people’, and ‘those people’ and to take up anything that divides people is divisive, into a ‘not you but those that don’t have what you do’.

A government legislature that disables people from voting, by calling a person disabled and shutting them down and shutting them up because the person was called ‘disabled’ is an exploitation racket. And if what is currently happening in Australia were to be called a civil war, it would be considered to be concentration camps.

Given Daniel Andrews has used terms such as ‘army of doctors and nurses’ people are assuming the Premier of Victorian is planning a fully-fledged whitecoat totalitarian state, with far worse encroachments on more and more human rights, giving medicos excessive and unprecedented limits to disable the people of Victoria, as well as their industries and businesses.

A government that disables industries and businesses on purpose, and forces the community to adopt a medico uniform in the form of a breathing containment mask, is imposing a false construct of medico device upon the cultural integrity of Australians and their understanding of this part of the earth.

The disabling of people’s ability to communicate and breathe fresh air, by mandating that people wear a breathing containment mask, has the effect of Equality Before the Law, in the government’s blanket disabling of ability to communicate and breathe fresh air, is imposed on the whole population. Compare this to the Mental Health Act of Victoria, that makes for huge inequalities before the law, and a disabling of quarter of the population, in horrifically cruel violent ways, that go far beyond discomfort or muffling of communication. And the isolation under forced psy, far more extreme deprivation, prolonged, isolating. That said, there should not be any forced medico orders, in a democracy. People should have the right to refuse those leach men and leach women, and their cohort medicos that encroach on civil rights, and scam the people in horrifically cruel ways, while getting handouts from the government.

Impairment accounts for a number of things when psychiatrists are adding up the funds they’re likely to receive if they call someone impaired after violating the person with forced neurotoxins.

‘Compulsory Mental Health’ needs to be recognised as a slavery and torture offense, which should not be allowed to continue to be legislated.

The issue of legal rights being denied, should never be misconstrued as an ‘issue of charity’ or ‘funds’ when what is being denied is freedom from slavery and torture. The government has obligations to not forcibly torture and enslave people.

When police ‘protect’ people enslaved and tortured by the psy, it should be about the police arresting the psy and prosecuting the psy for slavery and torture offenses.

Stopping corruption of existing human rights instruments and enable reporting mechanisms for intrusive activity of a covert nature, as well as those intrusions that are obvious due to the perpetrating psy documenting the details of their enslaving and torture of people.

Forced psy has been compared to a medico intentionally and forcibly breaking a person’s arms, legs, skull in order to disable the person, and then saying – there, now you know why you need welfare. Welfare isn’t about anything other than those who want to exploit other people.

If Australia were remove welfare, that wouldn’t be a bad thing. When welfare has become too disgusting in it’s exploiting people, under the guise of welfare, that’s when it has to go. Eugenicists have been pushing the welfare state since Federation, and it is too violent to reform, bludgeoning the people it claims to assist. Instead people should receive reparations from the psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and their mental health coterie, who have damaged their lives and livelihoods.

The eugenics concepts that have made corruption grow really ugly should not be allowed to carry on, particularly in the legislature. There needs to be a strong movement away from eugenics based corruption in the medical industry, and government exploitation of that corruption, for their own corrupt means.

A human rights instrument, is not a medical instrument, nor a welfare instrument. Human rights is about stopping acts of crime upon people, most especially when those crimes are disguised in government legislation as medical interventions, or policing.

The horrible idea of dividing people and subjecting them to feeding taps for having a digit missing. It’s someone’s way of saying – what next for eugenicists and their puddle of what for with humanity? Why is it so important that everyone has the same digits? Medicos are greedy for more and more people, live and dead for experiments, they’ll take people with perfect digits quarter and subject them to feeding taps, that’s the 2020 eugenics debauchery level of disgust. If the medicos didn’t get any funding to do it, there’d still be some medicos wanting to enslave and torture people, because medicos like to violate people in horrifically cruel ways, to investigate their ‘theories’. There’s nothing sensible in what medicos do, mostly it’s just to threaten big companies, and gain military secrets – it’s about power and more power, crime and more grotesque crime, and the potential gross.

It doesn’t matter what kind of disability a medico wants to say a person has, even if the disability is caused by the medicos forced drugging or other forced or coerced procedures – all that matters to the government and their medico mafia is the gross and using the gross to get more gross. That the medico mafia need to be arrested and have their assets frozen and made to pay reparations is obviously got to happen sooner than later.

What the Australian government officials think is necessary, and as a last resort and subject to safeguards in the prosecuting of psychiatrists for slavery and torture, should be about disabling psychiatrists, rather than the victims of psy, as government officials have been legislating for since Federation. It’s likely that the psy will not be arrested easily, and military might be needed to be brought in to take physical action against likely terrorist activity that the psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and Mental Health coterie have been inflicting on the population for some time. That disabling of psychiatrists and coterie, would need to be subject to safeguards and as a last resort.

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