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Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer; CEO of The Painter And The Writer Gallery

There should not be codes behind legislation that don't allow people to read from the paper or screen. Such an obstruction of the intelligence of citizens, allows for foreign interference espionage to increase war crimes.

The espionage weapons are destructive, it isn't to do with a people, so much as crime, from another country, having the distance, position to contact their personnel, having the distance to evade detection, and public shaming by the country they violate.

The legal understanding of the situational that is there, that is intruding, is understanding that it may not all be that which it might be in writing, if not open to that which isn't immediately obvious.

Why does Foreign Interference have such an interest in Australia's Legislation? Not a list that should be perpetrated, without being stopped by National Security (please don't accuse the writer) -

  • Inveigle the office

  • Scam the office

  • Take over the office

  • Thrift the office

  • Scandal the office

  • Trade, gifts to another country, or the intercorporate cartel

  • Push laws that make the legislation more repugnant than ever

  • Embarrass them by making them look and act fascist against their people

  • Monopolise Govt

  • Test weapons

  • Dump and ship unwanted horror

The usurper that wants to accuse the citizen, wants to usurp the writer in Australia, that will name their crimes, that going 'on and on' about something that was detention for a reason - espionage; and arriving at a country by the old invasion ships route, that isn't a good book to read. Violation of the people and a use of the word 'freedom'. Then that, of hearing my own song-line then, 'Freedom's decree, in my own country'; pertaining to holocaust prevention, Constitutional rights matter, 1-V-51-xxiiiA, First of all there must be no civil conscription, none of the provisions of 51-xxiiiA are ever to be forced: and if those provisions, services cause war crime, disturbance to peace, order, good government, do not fund them further. That, and 51-xxiiiA, demands the repugnant legislation, be made null & void, to holocaust prevent. That agreement, in force, that agreement, a decree, at law, when the Constitution was amended in 1946. That said, my song, did have another meaning as well, and it was - stop the old misogyny that is not supposed to be permitted, forget all those old laws that men made, to attempt to control espionage, they don't apply to me, and I am not coverture for crime, or foreign interference, I've lived all my life in this country, Australia.

The espionage, that is foreign interference, when that thefts, National Security, or International security. There are intrusions of transmitters, pain-thresholds via remote devices, and then, thinking errata. This errata 'When there is an Australian citizen of no interest to anyone' is being mucked to monitor, and say that the Australia citizen, is to be exploited, and is cartel, saying they can get away with that by Foreign codes concealment on the security line. There is the foreign interference that needs to be monitored, being said to be 'celebrity of interest', and that is other security line, of business, industry. The truth is when the foreign interference is making false claims, and usurping Australian citizens, and civil rights, so necessary for Australia, the monitors for inspection of suspicious activity subversive activity, and said to be 'a lizard in a bottle' and then factory says, no that is old legal matter, and attacks back, cartel then have entanglement and further concealment. National Security need to be monitoring the suspect, and make certain the citizens being exploited in extreme ways, are not violated further, and by that means the monitor gets directed back where the detect should be.

Then, imposters, really got to stop them. Pfizer transmits, 'if you say all that I kill you, you all washed up', has 'National Security' data-theft, that imposes the idea that they are National Security staff. Some data-theft to do with 'Off shore issue Federal Policing in for a look'; that the impostor has on device espionage, that fires at the citizen, civilian (myself). That the horrible espionage device has security line, 'eye sight poor quality today writ'; 'stay in cabin'; 'let the look do the job, taskforce'.

Cartel group with 'public face' isn't one person, reminder of that, and horrid RANZCP fellows back the group, that intends to sabotage Australia.

Not through me, as citizen, civilian I'm asking that there be stronger policies, and understanding of Australian citizens, and civil rights.

When a person tries various ways throughout their life, to get authorities to do something about a misdirected security matter, and that person is a citizen, unarmed civilian, law-abiding, it is frustrating, when attempts from 20 years ago, are brought up as incompetence. The citizen, civilian, has learnt since then, other ways and means of surviving, they should not be said to be incompetent, or wrong to have made the choices they did, which, were not crimes under Australian law, and no boundaries blurred there, for the citizen.

So then scandalous matter properly put, is to say, whom then was the perpetrator 20 years ago that needed to have the security matter directed at them. Do authorities broadcasting want to go there, or would they prefer to stick to the year that we are all living in and that is which happening right at this moment.

At the moment there is an horrid misdirection, into the human eye of a citizen, law-abiding, civilian-unarmed. The security misdirection, needs to be on ‘i Pfizer wants to say this is impossibly directed at our wares for our business is national security basis and funded by such’; ‘well not actually but we really do want to so that and whom and whom cares about mishmash and moo more for the autocratic clause of hoogalyboogally at the ABC or whatever that is there on the street telling us to stop firing at her iris scan and saying it is a scam and scandal to ever have been data-thefted and the person whom did it was so incompetent they even writ it up as improper balance of glasswares and other notions that were horrid’; ‘yes I know the optometrist is acquitted of all duties as atomatrist, but we’re just oops misspell there, no not deliberate army forces or whatever just that we collect discarded iris scans for our scams and scandalous matter to properly put Pfizer into the place of government of every country’ is fascism, location of Pfizer is 44 Main St, Maldon, Victoria, next door to the law-abiding citizen unarmed-civilian that is being misdirected at.

The street is all spectrum glare, and photographers have to go elsewhere when that occur; and those AstraZeneca group ‘fam o five’ electronically urges a child to ‘put a leaf through post box’, and ‘rap on door’. That ‘blond it for the boycott’ is that coded intrusion, and Parade of Horror, that witness intimidate.

Attempts to name, the reasons for violations, is difficult for the intercorporate extremism cartel – they don’t have valid reasons, or sense, they’re exploiting a human biometric ID, and that is it, that is all they can say, cannot say any of their shifty-old accusations, too easily, and that makes them uneasy. They’re an espionage, foreign interference sabotage, a backwards on the charge of crime against them, and a concealment by by-law/ infringement violation. They do the crime, then attempt to claim to be an authority doing the rescue, is the tactic, again and again. They do the crime, then attempt to claim they are an authority doing tests in the area for reasons of National Security – the intercorporate cartel, are foreign intelligence data-theft, interference, sabotage, they must not inveigle National Security office, or Australia gets charged with those crimes against humanity.

Australia and Australian people perpetrated against, for years, by organised criminal cartel, such as 36 Main St, Maldon, Vic (that is Portia & Co, Rebecca Haack) – the staff in that premises, are UK criminal cartel, encouraged to stay away from UK, and find another place to live and be. If there was a clause-writ, to the company saying that they perpetrate forced human experimentation on Australian citizens, that the criminal cartel ‘test devices’ but ‘not too much as to embarrass us in UK’ – then in 1985, The Australia Act, makes certain that is Australian Government responsibility, to demand that the forced human experimentation be stopped, and the violent espionage group, that is serious cartel activity, be jailed. That responsibility, means, that the Government is responsible for violations, that are war crimes on their citizens, if they fund, or make allowances, at all for the Pfizer, and the astroturf, group set-ups that perpetrate the sabotage, and espionage assaults on people and their businesses.

Imposters on National Security, must never be allowed for. When there is data-theft, from National Security, that must not be redirected to blame unarmed civilians, citizens. That and there must not be impostors on civil rights, in Australia, that include civil rights of Torres Strait Islander. That there is a word used by National Security pertaining to Australian citizens, Torres Strait Islander, that is ‘off shore’ and then the word is about that big fight, one of them, to stop deaths in custody, and ‘arbitrary detention’ of Australians whom have lived here longest, as in thousands of years of traditions, understanding of the earth, sea, sky in Australia.

Arbitrary, means that. Someone has taken a person for no legal reason, and put that person in detention.

There are details there, of other words that are civil rights demands by Australian citizens, that are being used incorrectly, and usurped, by ships of foreign interference with espionage intent on sabotage, theft, and violating civil rights of Australian citizens, by shifting the detection equipment, and broadcasting view point, to claim the civil rights demands of Australian citizen are that of foreign interference espionage, cartel activity, shipments that are infect, hazard, sabotage on Australia.

That it is the UK flag for Australia, that is getting in the way of an understanding; that it isn’t necessarily about the image, or the flag itself, though there might be aspects that are coded for UK spies evasion tactics, that are serious cartel activity, and are therefore unlawful trespass, and anyone perpetrating that, is a serious offense, and needs to be detained under laws known to every country in the world. Don’t want the UK flag codes misdirecting onto Australian citizens, whom do have the country’s best interests, understood, and always want to live here, in Australia, because that is their country, their place to guard, to look after, and cherish that sacred of.

There wasn’t ever a conspiracy to work with foreign interference to lobby for civil rights, by First Nations Australia, because the foreign interference proved themselves horrors again and again, very quickly with their espionage, thefts, usurping.

The word, much used as ‘seeking asylum’ is a word that in Australia, horror, people murdered very early on after 1780 in the asylum, that is what they were called. That, violation, has continued, though, the word, ‘asylum’ isn’t used that way. Though, if people are seeking that, are they seeking the hoarders of the espionage device that has other term, ‘a psy lam’, that have been used to violate Australian citizens. The legal matter, the security matter, and the people seeking to join with the violators of civil rights in Australia, that are also a violation of the Courts. The psychiatrists, and other medicos, and staff, and pharmaceutical corporations, all foreign corporations, that usurp words the Courts have used for hundreds of years, and are known as fundamental laws. The psychiatrists and other medicos, and staff, pharmaceutical corporations, that cartel usurps International understanding on legal writs. That there is also a church, that has made claims to the Courts, via their swear in, and book. Then, there may be other venues, or situations, where there might be, similar. That said, Parliament, and church, should always be entirely separate, in Australia. The courts however, use parliamentary legislation.

A car, parks in the No Standing Anytime Zone, and fires espionage into the Fine Art Gallery, that is not anything to do with Courts. That there might be pending prosecution, or journalism, or book, being written that is legal and political understanding – but it isn’t a trespass, on security matter. The car, with espionage device, attempting to claim their car is the address of the Fine Art Gallery, and that they live or work at the Fine Art Gallery. That claim, of the car with Pfizer device, unlawful fires from electronic weapon, is a false-claim, and intrusion is sabotage of Fine Art Gallery, premises, that wiring, and human, that is owner of Gallery. That the Pfizer ‘auto-mobile’ violation, then said to be ‘illegal trespass’ and ‘she should man the frontage better’, and ‘no that is not her job, well got, but isn’t it better that I get the writ from the shoo it than flare the street up into orange lights on her human being at night and such’ threats and menacing, that has yet to be perpetrated, as this is work hours, day light.

Further violations on citizen, civilian, whom is owner of gallery (myself).

The cartel espionage fires associated, with ‘a mol on an otherwise clean back’; ‘she won’t ever be able to clear that one off now, totally imbedded into the skin, what were you doing putting that thing on her so long that she got that muck on her from him’; ‘he needed to be at sea for a while to put the lot on her, and then say it was all a conspiracy against him and her whatever’; ‘there isn’t much more than that to say of for it she wrote to me to love the conspiracy’; ‘we were friendly for a while, it meant something for her to take it for the team’ – is outrageous criminal cartel, violation slander, and of course no one is wanting their human body violated by crime, horror, the cartel, should not be perpetrating on citizens, and saying that is the position of their ‘dot matrix hidden content’ and ‘go look there National Security’, because National Security should know that isn’t correct, and get the alert, and understand the matter quickly. One thing stopping them – red flag, that colour, blue flag, that colour, blue flag, that colour; in Australia, where that needs to be understood, as a UK thing, so old, the legal matter there is in another language that only serious people look at and know how to pronounce. There must be a way to stop UK molesting other countries, was said some time ago, and that then, was USA, and other countries. Australia, hasn’t looked at that enough. That of clearly signaling, our country, not to be invaded ever again, not to be trespassed on, never to be violated.

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