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Demands to be honorable

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer, owner of The Painter And The Writer Gallery

When there are attempts by an intercorporate cartel, to usurp purposes of the courts, and application – there must not be any allowance for that.

Main St, Maldon, Victoria, Australia, is spectrum glare, and flashing.

Traffic is going way over the speed limit for the little country township central shopping area, that is clearly marked 40 km an hour.

What is going on? Civil rights have been ignored, and data-theft has increased, and data-thieves with espionage devices medico-pharmaceutical, are cartel activity, pushing the limits and boundaries of laws, that demand immediate action.

Why are the Government forces in Australia failing to act? They took advice from Foreign Interference espionage, is said, that the foreign interference espionage has been a usurp on Australian citizens since 1780. That citizens, whom are civilians, whom demand civil rights, and are whitecapped by intercorporate cartel, have been ignored.

There has to be more active duty, less reliance on robotics.

Talk is there from various countries, of snow storms, and nothing working, and just using shovels to defend the public with. When crime is obvious, always make certain the culprits are punished, or not only embarrassing, culpable for allowing the cartel to embolden.

A few honest truths here, as cars are driving past well over 40km per hour, and flashing of spectrum, is not something I want to look at without wearing a hat and shielding the eyes.

Humans, Australian citizens, being assaulted by espionage – the perpetrators intercorporate cartel, that are medical, pharmaceutical - the poisoners handlers, and physics electronic weapons data-thieves, are out of control.

The melting down of precious metals, from objects of art, and antiques, attempting to be covered-up in talk in the street, while an espionage device transmits another intrusion into the street radio communications, via foreign interference data-theft, and wrecks the peace, order, and good governance, the directions and management, and cartel uses the emergency links to do a quick getaway, and name it holiday, and ‘lots of flies in your kitchen luv’.

It is a horrible war crime to destroy fine art, and treasured antiques. The melted down metals are not worth much compared to the antiques and fine art that is made with metals. Foundries should never allow for melting down antiques and art works, and query where fittings and fixtures came from, and ask for police check on the item. The espionage assaults, on citizens, unconnected to the robberies, is another war crime violation, when a citizen has made an effort to report, give evidence to that of espionage, and has been ignored, because they’re not foreign interference, have never prosecuted in a criminal court, and are being honest about high security intrusions that the department of government may not even be aware of, or fear consequences such as radical lawyering.

Demand to be honourable, for Government Office, is there.

Questions never asked publically by mainstream media, about those whom are the face of foreign interference. Those questions need to be asked – have you ever perpetrated a cartel crime by espionage device?

Fear of being police-i, that will get ‘their slime’ all over it. Their slime? ‘The Feds of course, we at Pharma farces don’t want police-i slime all over things’ is cartel transmitters, muck and non-sense criminal intent. That policy, is a different word, not the same definition, though, attempts are there in espionage to combine that with other.

Espionage assaults, while writing this journalism, are there, they are not fun. Does that mean the writing should not be published, according to the cartel, that is foreign corporation, ‘Australian journalists must curb their oh can’t say that Jewish thing will get in and demand money for plagiarism’. Reference is to USA TV series, and royalty demands, are always there, must not theft that and must not use the work unlawfully.

The cartel is attempting to play down the espionage assaults, data-theft, and obvious traffic violations, intrusions on spectrum, and radio-communications, as ‘only a Chicago rite jeez get over yourselves’.

Don’t forget that the Foreign Interference espionage, is exploiting an honest citizen civilian, firing espionage assaults, and attempting to convert those signals into street tell, to ‘calm err down on any authority that wants to come to district’ then inserts old data-theft, very dangerous data-theft that pertains to war crimes on women and babes, nothing to do with Spital staff. Spital is legal term for medical facility, that often was said ‘could you get the host at the Spital down here immediately. Sometimes it sounded like get the hose down here, and the fire truck was sent apparently, or the phone-line hung up with ‘how rude!’ comment, so they used the term hospital.

In Main St, Maldon, Victoria, warrants for arrest, converted into Spital emergency, is disaster, and it isn’t an issue fire brigade (CFA, for Victoria). That there is a former Spital staff, in charge of CFA, much contested, by the honest workers in the CFA.

Espionage warrants for arrest and high security imprisonment, are being named Spital prism numbers in Australia, and that is where the violation starts, that and emergency services being combined, rather than separate departments. That prism numbers are prison numbers as well, in some countries, and that then ‘home detention’ and ‘home schooling’ of the serious cartel foreign interference espionage, is rerouted, so the adults, perpetrating the espionage crimes (life imprisonment), are being exchanged charges with children, whom may or may not have even done anything much at all, or may have been goaded into taking a bike that had espionage equipment on it, far away from the area, and dumping it elsewhere, to look after community. It is a known violation, the bikes leaned on my shop, or veranda post with flashing lights and equipment, and horrible data-theft attempts. They wrecked my decent Fine Art Gallery security system. There is one there right now. And intention is there to increase the bikes the minute I’m not watching for that.

The bikes want 'increase for Sunday'. Not the first time. Then on the street bench sits a cartel 'fam', and the adults, are firing espionage assaults, at my gallery, they then get the cartel cafe next door, to give them the paper cups under my veranda, and there is espionage transmissions, that are then used, to say that it is mere a by-law broken, that she shouldn't be serving under another's veranda, that she should serve in the shop, or at her seats, but the intention, is obvious, and repeated so many times over 2020-2022, that of Infect, and usurp, and attempt to blame my Fine Art Gallery, as the incorrect seating, and espionage activity.

There is other mechanical contrivances such as ‘try door handle and say it is the golden one we thefted then Henry Handle Richardson writer it’ – that, then increases intrusions in streets wiring. It is the espionage devices, they have to be confiscated, and the most obvious violators arrested immediately.

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