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Defunding and abolishing the exploitation racket

Our party will abolish psychiatry, that is our aim. Our party doesn’t intend to enable whitecoats to have any more access to live human research specimens through legislative powers, and will repeal Mental Health Acts that allow this, and criminalise any person or organisation that forcibly or coercively exploits for invasive cruel human research. Psychiatric practices are to be criminalised.

Our party wants to see an end to psychiatrists' practices. Psychiatrists who have exploited people forcibly for human research we recognise as outrageously disgusting and hideously cruel. Our party has zero tolerance for those psychiatrists violations that have been committed under the state/ territory Mental Health Acts.

Abolish Psychiatry, is an anti-exploitation party, we are pro-human rights. Our party wants the UN CRPD, a human rights covenant Australia has signed and ratified to be fully implemented, and that means – no forced or coerced mental health products, procedures, programs or forcing of people into beds that they do not want to lie in. No more discrimination on that basis of medicalisation for the purpose of exploitation. Abolish Psychiatry wants - equal recognition before the law, for all citizens of Australia.

Abolish Psychiatry intends to defund the mental health system, and use the funds that were once given to the vile, cruel violating whitecoats to people who need to withdraw from psychiatric drugs that have been forced on them for years, for there to be more affordable housing, for choice-based support, advocacy and basic human necessities. Compensation for those horrifically injured by forced psychiatry, must come from the profiteers of forced human experimentation – the psychiatrists and coterie who have been violating human lives, and fraudulently calling this care, help and medicine, when it is nothing of the kind.

Because psychiatrists and the whole Mental Health System have been run as an exploitation racket, for so long, our party can confidently say there is nothing that can be redeemed in continuing to allow for such a system of corrupt, vile abuse to continue.

Our plan is to have psychiatry, and all mental health associated systems abolished, and enable stronger access to justice for those who have been silenced by this system of fraudulent perverted whitecoats, who maltreat people in horrifically cruel ways, and attempt to excuse their cruelty by bad-mouthing their victims with fraudulent disease labels.

Once psychiatry and the mental health system is abolished, people will be able to seek conversation-based support, without being then subjected to vile, cruel forced psychiatry, as has been happening on a huge scale in Australia. A quarter of the population currently subjected to forced/ coerced psychiatry, will have the right to refuse medicos under our party policy.

People lured in with the idea of support-based services, to talk through a grief, or other kind of upset, or life difficulty – have so far suffered a horrible surprise, in that they’re then detained and subjected to drugs, electro-convulsed, tied to a bed, and forced to be submissive to that torture, and forced to recite what the psychiatrists want them to say about them. People then have had to agree to hate-speech that has no basis in truth, just a pseudo-science these exploiting psychiatrists use to vilify people. Psychiatrists have so far been able to demand that people do that, and not allow people fresh air or sunshine until those people say that the vicious DSM slurs the psychiatrist has labelled them with, are who they are, and adhere to that the vile hate-speech that the psychiatrist inflicts them as part of their person – this will not be permitted when under Abolish Psychiatry's policy.

It is outrageous that a person cannot leave a psychiatric service, that people are not permitted the right to refuse the mental health shop. That must change. Our party will push through legislation, so that people are able to leave a service that doesn’t suit them, and sue the service provider if the service provider does what psychiatrists currently do: assault, batter, poison, electro-convulse, tie up, verbally abuse and arbitrarily detain.

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