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Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer, CEO of The Painter And The Writer Gallery

Australia should not be following USA in their old demand for UK to stop the null & void on USA legislation. Australia does not have legislative tie to UK anymore, as in Australia has – The Australia Act 1986, and has responsibility to make certain their legislation isn’t repugnant. The Australia Act 1986, is about Australia deciding on Legislation. Reason that Australia should not follow USA on this, is that USA had to stop UK from making null & void their legislation. Where as Australia has been obstructed in their necessity to make null & void repugnant legislation. Australia must holocaust prevent, abide by agreement, amendment to the Federal Constitution (51-23A). First of all, there must be no civil conscription.

The harm of exploiting citizens, civilians and giving rich displays to visitors at the civilian’s expense; while the visitors perpetrate violent war crimes against the country, and corrupt government colludes.

Licences denied citizens, while visitors fake their licences, and perpetrate outrageous traffic violations. That, having been perpetrated against citizens, civilians since 1780, the exploitation horrible.

RANZCP fellows deliberately disturbing the peace of equipment in an office, should not then be allowed to lecture that the disturbance of mind, that is minding the equipment for intrusions, is an Office Worker’s disturbed mentally. That if the Office Worker is that, as well as the equipment, the ‘Office Mind’, being sabotaged, that detects intrusions; and is being exploited against their wishes by sabotage and data-theft of intelligence infrastructure. The Due Diligence, then is on the Office Worker, whom must report that immediately. And, when obstructed by fears of being accused of having ‘dis-ease’ then, isn’t that to do with apps, devices, on or around the Office Worker’s body. That RANZCP fellows cannot be trusted to check for that, and actively conceal an inveigle into a Government Office, or High Security Industry; and attempt to falsely accuse another person in the area of the electronic weapon (though not a Court charge against the person a false medicalisation, and exploiting the person as shield to further attempts to hack infrastructure, sabotage, and data-theft, usurp, and push for funding, as well as get logistic Infects through.)

If the Office Worker is being checked for devices by police or other Court necessity; the victim being held arbitrarily by RANZCP, is being attacked in the most horrifying, extreme ways, by rerouting of scans, and alerts, and all that is necessary to detect, and all that is necessary to stop the data-theft, of an Office Worker, that has an unlawful electronic weapon, and is working with RANZCP, as pharmaceutical cartel. The victim arbitrarily detained, being subjected to the horrifying extreme torture, security belt data-flicks, and, chemical is animal drug aligned, so the signal is said to be farms and equipment, remote, rural location and likely equipment awry to investigate, or escaped animal.

The horror that RANZCP perpetrates, by exploiting law-abiding citizens; so that RANZCP and cartel pharmaceutical can evade detection, and perpetrate intrusive spying on Australia’s security management. That is why RANZCP should never be permitted to arbitrarily detain people on basis of so-called, ‘Diagnostic Statistic Manual’ that has ‘conceal for service insert’ package for cartel operatives ‘cover convenience set’; ‘WELfare to work’; and other spyware, sabotage, theft of industry, skirmish devices unlawful, prohibited.

The Office Worker, that doesn’t have the spyware, and the boss, or the boss-whisperer, attempts to name them the problem – that Office Worker fears arbitrary detention, slavery, torture – once they know what that is to be persecuted by RANZCP fellows.

Wilson cartel that has ‘neck to back patch’ spyware hit ad flick, is propaganda, ‘no reason to be law-abiding in a country that is full of crime’. Old record, replay. Essential that Wilson’s fascism is never tolerated.

There is difficulty sometimes in understanding the incitement charges. There shouldn’t be. That understandably, there is an attempt at law, to make certain youth are never misguided. Attempts to think of both history and new concepts, and that which is there established, that might be a trick, that and not to be prejudiced without full understanding. In a country where there are known civil rights violations, perpetrated by positions of power. All are responsible for choices, and actions, always, no excuse.

RANZCP fellows use espionage to incite skirmishes, and other violations in public places. This is made worse by RANZCP having a Spital hostage system, totally against fundamental laws and constitutional rights – forbidding civil conscription.

Contrary to; against all that would be defined as lawful employment is, that which isn’t to be funded by Government, or permitted to be undercover-funded. Such as Pfizer personnel ‘unemployed’ group; should not be funded by Government to perpetrate crime, in unlawful transmitters, ‘Corvid app people to death’. Government must not be involved in improper use of power; or undue influence violation.

The political situation of Australia, is that of necessary to stop fascism, and decolonise, as Australia should have when they were released from bondage, in 1985 negotiations, that Australia be responsible for their legislation. The responsibility then, to comply with 1-V-51-xxiiiA of The Federal Constitution, and make null & void any legislation that is non-compliant.

Medico-pharma cartel, really is war crime of colonialist vampire sabotage pirates, with a fraudulent guise of ‘help’ and ‘saver’ to collect bodily information, after people are fired at with electronic weapons. The understood political situation of Australia, and necessity, to stop the violators, whom disguise as ‘packets’ of ‘treats’.

On this day the medico-pharmaceutical cartel disguised as ‘womens group’ and impostor on ‘UN’, are firing electronic weapon at CEO of Fine Art Gallery, myself.

The intercorporate cartel (medico-pharmaceutical) then threats and menaces terrorism.

Cartel pharmaceutical device firing espionage assaults, transmits, ‘We’re not really into the arsenal rite up can you please delete it or other pfizer’; ‘we just want to have her suffer for her art of telling the truth’; ‘uk forbidded it every Australian for so long why can’t we have a piece of the action too’. The cartel are very wrong, data-theft.

Australia must deny Foreign Exchange in New Zealand, and other countries, due to that regarding the laundering of money ‘oops’ overseas by large cartel intercorporate. New Zealand was said to be the destination country for the laundering. That there is data-theft piracy as well, that tricks the cashier into ‘double doubt’; ‘field’. Old data-theft is being used by the cartel. That mostly for ‘betsy’ TAB; needs to watch. Then attempts to ‘spike’ the ‘stock exchange’ is the alleged printer of the counterfeit notes, that is ABN 33 395 659 642 GARDNER, JEFFERY; then café, WEAVER, CATHLEEN; ‘won’t be able to get the wet washing through Pfizer make it a double notice’ ABN 31 988 927 787 and other cartel with premises in Bendigo West Electorate, attempt to ‘pass security information with notice, not eaton note this time, so pass it silly’; and challenge bank. Then there is the other illegal activity, ‘no paper this time just the data-theft’. Then RANZCP fellow, Alx Cckrm, is Court data, used to breach, and ‘Grand Assize’, and impersonate victims of psychiatrists’ violations, to have them accused (always impersonates a woman, with Alx Cckrm, so that the victim of psychiatrists’ violations, gets blamed for the violations of Alx Cckrm, RANZCP. Impossible power and ridiculous blame-shift, when only RANZCP has access to that high security equipment.)

With the fight to decolonize, to holocaust prevent – there is unreasonable horrifying violence by espionage, of the intercorporate cartel, that truth needing to spoken to, in Legal terms, by law-abiding citizens.

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