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Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Dear Sue was brutally attacked by vilest bogus, lying fraud drug-pusher psychiatrists such as Patrick Manson-Mengele McGorry Melbourne University Australia!

This vilest BASTARD McGorry has been internationally CONDEMNED as a 'dangerous-disease-monger'!

McGorry is so profoundly EVIL he admits there is no fundamental bio-medical marker, or illness-pathogen or provable mental-illness whatsoever; and this GHOUL pushes lethal drugs that do not work and that kill anyone taking them 26 years earlier than anyone not taking them!!

So this EVIL ghoul McGorry and his drug-pusher cohorts now push lethal drugs that now 'KILL' 80,000 Australians EVERY YEAR! Source: ABS:

We work in the courts pro bono (VCAT, QCAT, SACAT, County, Supreme Courts) stopping loathsome bacterial sewer-scum psychiatrists like Manson-Mengele McGorry pushing drugs by LYING that people have mental-illness and have to have these lethal drugs FORCED upon them!!

We just had another recent victory against lying fraud psychiatrists at Melbourne Hospital John Cade facility for Fiona Smith!! See videos under!



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