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'Dangerous Conditions' clause on Pharmaceutical products

Honouring contractual agreements, that are honourable and lawful. Having said you have the skills to be able to perform an act or service on your contract, or, having the finances to honour contractual agreements. Those contracts subjected to ‘disabilities’, and should there be a breach of contract, the act or service on the contract, then the person broken the agreement. That then to be subjected to investigation, and demands for reparations, which may include criminal conviction.

In 1500s ‘Present Ability’ being the actual, immediate power to do something.

If ‘Present Ability’ in 2021, were about ‘committing a crime’ it is a term used to assess status, such as equipment carried, such as was the stealth weapon on person; then they’re suspect other reasons that they could inflicted the crime, and, conspiracy to work with those whom also did the crime.

That psychiatrists take the term ‘present ability’ and have said, ‘the patent presents’ and that the psychiatrist is ‘committing a crime’ by calling that person a patent. That the psychiatrist perverts the course of justice and orders the injection of products by force that are a ‘dangerous condition’ on the patent of the pharmaceutical production, said to be defective in the license with ‘dangerous conditions’ warning list. The psychiatrist claiming a person, calling them a patient with a ‘dangerous condition’, inflicting torture, while enslaving that person, under the acts of legislation that are in flagrant violation of the Australian Constitution, The Criminal Code, and International agreements that are contractual, such as the UN CRPD.

Products that people want, that are worthwhile, don’t ever need to be forced. Products that are stealth weapons, that injure, violate, assault, batter and torture a person – they’re weapons, no one should be calling ‘medical instruments’ and ‘medical treatment’, they’re weapons, and to inflict such as stealth weapon on a person, such as a neurotoxin, that’s a war crime, in places that have declared war between faction, or countries. If not that what psychiatrists do when they force neurotoxins, or other violent stealth weapons on people, must be said to be Crimes Against Humanity.

That psychiatrists can be said to be violating the ‘dangerous conditions’ on the pharmaceutical products, and be indicted for inflicting those dangerous conditions of that pharmaceutical product on a person, by force, against the expressed wishes to not be violated with that product that has dangerous conditions put into legal statements, that require any use of the product to have the person’s consent and full understanding of the dangerous conditions that make the product licensed, only on those conditions, that people will know that the product has dangerous conditions and that the person taking the product, agrees to the risk involved with the products dangerous conditions.

That psychiatrists whom deliberately conspire with pharmaceutical companies to forcibly push these products, that have dangerous conditions legislation clauses; these psychiatrists are guilty of conspiracy to torture; conspiracy to flagrantly disregard contracts on products patented with ‘dangerous conditions’; and that psychiatrists forcing such products on people are harm to their themselves and their fellowship (in Australia and New Zealand, that being RANZCP), and others, such as the people they violently force the products on, and attempt to say those people have ‘dangerous conditions’ therefore perverting the legal terms, to conspire to deny justice. That the consequences of forcing products that have dangerous conditions clauses on a large group of people, over 5 million people in Australia, per year, subjected to a system of forced psychiatry; that and the effects on environment of those products with ‘dangerous conditions’ clauses.

Scrapbook work it no more! Psychiatrists need to be stopped from enslaving and torturing the people, and transferring patent clauses and conditions onto people! Total law rort, that's what psychiatrists do.

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