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Crimes of Mechanical Contrivance - and how loitering was inverted law in Australia

Loitering with a mechanical contrivance, or intention to interfere with security equipment, sabotage, steal – usually associated with data-theft, and gambling – though, understood well by gambling venues, that isn’t always the venue that such is contained in.

Civil Rights in Australia, and indeed the Federal Constitution of Australia Act 1-V-51-xxiiiA, seems to be sabotaged by a ‘moral’ rite on the mechanical contrivance, that was intended by the criminal, to exploit innocent, unarmed civilians, while the criminals evaded detection, and ‘got all the luck’. That such claims of luck, is corruption of justice. Such as yelling ‘you bloody ripper!’ is that of thieves, evading justice, while another got charged with the crime of ‘loitering’ when they were not doing such with a mechanical contrivance at all, but were being blamed for reasons that had to do with eugenicists outrageous indoctrination of the population.

That the mechanical contrivance laws to stop what is a stealth weapons related issue, were sabotaged in the 1960s in such a way as to interfere with the Compliance Order on the Executive Government, to remove the legislation that doesn’t adhere to the Constitutional amendment of 1946.

That people whom know they’re witness to content on stealthwares, and frequency violations, should be able to immediately report that. That people should not be exploited for decades by organised crime against their will, by such criminal intent and action that are hidden prohibited frequencies, without there being ways and means of being able to make certain, that such criminals are got quickly. That if content is repeatedly the same, then there’s likely something that needs to be attended to. Criminal content, is not of interest, that is why people recognise it as – something happening that is not their thinking. That and awareness of stealthdevices, has history in Australia.

That the Constitutional matter, in 1966 currency change, likely got diverted, and decimal understanding, number theft of purpose, pushed a lottery, when the need for the abolition of civil conscription in all legislation, and compliance with the Constitution, was 20 years delayed. By 1971, the Constitution was 25 years delayed. Some understanding to how, that the compliance with 1-V-51-xxiiiA, got delayed further for 75 years – there. The numbers theft-of-purpose.

In Australia the non-criminals have been accused, for such a long time, and complaints about that have instead of reinforcing the law regarding the reasons behind the legal want of such laws to stop Loitering, littering, Lie and Buy, logomachy when Mechanical Contrivance is there. The induction technology, is a horrible intrusion to a human, and sabotage. That and when the Mechanical Contrivance, pushes the policing directions location to another person, rather than the criminal that is the mechanical contrivance, and the device that needs to be shut down.

The mechanical contrivance, is never only human, there’s always a hidden device. That money is spent in locating that, not the human being used as decoy. That policing must always be different from such that is Industry, so that if the corruption is in Industry, that can be located.

That the crime that got into false blame on galleries, and their Exhibitions, named ‘public hangings’. Which got teachers saying, no our paintings are not ‘hanged’ they are not a crime, and they are not alive, though, they are lively subject matter, what is it exactly you are implying. That the medico-pharmaceutical violators, wanted to place moral crimes on art works, and name them ‘abstracts’ for the Medicine to falsely blame ‘ill thought’ and such. That, got told to stop in the 1970s, when Capital Punishment was Abolished. That artworks must not be medicalised, nor policed on subject matter (when the artworks do not contain concealed illicit wares, nor are in any way a violation of law).

There was much achieved in the 1970s, in attempt to demand full compliance with the Federal Constitution 1-V-51-xxiiiA; the Legislation ab initio, still remained and the States/Territories still using it, allowing medicos to force themselves on people, do horrible experiments, arbitrarily detain, torture, enslave and exploit people for external crimping. That such as redirecting a civil rights matter that is also a Constitutional Compliance matter, that must not continue further.

Understanding to Mechanical Contrivance, and the crime of such, and how such attempts to direct the people, by stealth is important to be able to stop immediately, and definitely when such becomes overt, and known Mechanical Contrivance can be easily observed, as – those people are all doing the same actions, as if they’re told to do it or something, cannot be ignored. That if said ‘we’re filming and we do this’ needs a licence, as Gambling necessitates a licence, when such as can be seen as a large scale organisation, doing theft-of-purpose in a street. Too much encroachment, on Industries that look after camera and sound equipment, as well as produce legitimate entertainment products – must not be permitted.

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