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Credit Recognition and Wages

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer; owner of Fine Art Gallery, The Painter And The Writer Gallery; author; visual artist; performing artist and composer.

Post Graduate qualifications, are specialist, and only really achieved for reasons that have to do with something a country really needs, or wants to be part of their University understanding, that hasn’t been included. Should never include spyware. That and disarming of spyware and detecting of spyware, that should not be something that foreign interference intercorporate cartel medico-pharmaceutical, should ever be able to access via a café. It is a discredit to a University that allows anything like that to occur.

As an author, and someone whom enjoyed story idea, fiction, it has been difficult in 2020-2022, to have to not focus on anything like that. Reasons here are that here have become obvious necessity to prosecute, and demand imprisonment of suspects that are espionage, whom are demanding ‘supervisional order for restricted information guidebooks and notice’ to be ‘relinquished to all universities on that of codes and access points that must not be trespassed.’ Is the data, that espionage must adhere to, and if violate, they’ve downloaded the guides to legal requirements. That there are espionage fires on this day, transmits, ‘I don’t think this is going to help us service the burbs again, we might have to change in occupational hazard or something and hardcap hardware it’; ‘no not roadworking signals again something more like hazards protectors on the spyware we design’ – is utterly malevolent, usurp of uniform purpose to make certain the spyware is stopped.

There should not be an Australian citizen (such as myself) being attacked by electronic weapons. The horrors of spies evasions have been extreme in 2020-2022 in Bendigo West electorate, entirely due to corruption in Government Office. When an official is there that does due diligence, employs good staff to jail espionage, the cartel doesn’t increase. Organised crime that are attempting sky access by known violations, are immediately arrested, searched and monitored, until all spyware on their person is known, and how they access sky is known. They should not be allowed to stay in the community, or have business licences, or industrial fridge sets, and fire espionage assaults at witnesses to their crimes.

Pfizer devices, should be seized, when there is a security line of foreign interference UK, ‘talk to anyone but her’ and that directed at witnesses. Further transmit, ‘we don’t want her getting access to the codes that we use and then perpetrating an injustice on herself by advising us how to suck eggs so to speak, but we really have it all up here us RANZCP fellows on the sky labs for you to see exactly what occurred via google maps and if you don’t believe us then we’re um’ – is how RANZCP fellow, Greg Keane, attempts to conceal, though is known to perpetrate the crime on women, with other staff, while people are sleeping in their houses, and then attempt spies evasion for the Foreign Interference Espionage. Transmits, ‘Lazer tractor beam was fired to accuse her of being lazy sleeping in service of duty to call over’ – is there.

Legislation that is repugnant includes that which is quick death experiments on Victorian, Australian citizens, and push for animal drug ‘put down/ put to sleep’, after firing espionage assaults at the person. The Legislation is null & void at law, and isn’t passable without Broad Ultra Vires, increase writ being there on those MPs that pushed the bill.

That when there is a line that is repeated by cartel café Weaver Cathleen, ‘B O D’ acronym, and that of ABC, or other televised network, needing to make understanding of past violations around this that is a bill that must not be passed. And now, has to have official null & void, to secure that of demand to stop the repugnancy, and assurance that fascism will not continue. That there will be holocaust prevention.

Transmissions regarding ‘egg shifter’, and café cartel, and violation horror on women, said to be ‘horizontal lie’, are outrageous cartel activity, and must never be permitted, to be said to be ‘assistance’ or ‘help for farm egg laying mamals’ (likely with bad spell).

When there is all that there for Australian Government to know that the misdirection, and espionage weapons are in the hands of enemy combatants, they really have to take action, not allow for conversion, or perversions. That of asking any personnel to watch a demonstration of the accused, is likely to sabotage. The accused should be shut down and shut up and jailed, not permitted to direct, and that must be understood, they do not have ‘information’ to give, or anything of interest to Australian Government. The violators are theft, and outrageous crimes against humanity, and will sabotage further.

The spies evasion then attempt to make false claims on uniforms, and that is where trouble starts. A ‘coffee grinder’ post graduate code, is usually outed as fraud. ‘Eggs Eleven’ is likely another attempt to graduate code, and that via cartel café Weaver Cathleen, that they ‘women rites and birthing ritual abuse IT’ is horror, and espionage assaults on myself.

When there are espionage assaults, that means my writing here, is under duress. It is important that the espionage assaults are never misdirected at law-abiding citizens (such as myself).

Chicken, women are never chicks or chickens at law, that is slang, derogatory. Publications that still use that term for particular writing, are marking that for reason of, specified, to say that there is subversive content, that is being directed at women, and that isn’t being handled correctly, or directly, and is difficult, though, usually it is materials engineering that wants to address it. With the name of the cartel café, ‘Weaver Cathleen’, it is weaver not of friendly variety, of spydare and ‘catho’ is violent weapons arrangement. That isn’t a business, it is cartel, that must be shut down and shut up, and violation on legitimate writing, with repeated attempts to name café littering, ‘liter IT' and ‘litter IC’ and fire at businesses that have literature qualifications and books.

Yesterday, 26-12-22, I asked that a cartel group at the café with iced drinks, that they pick up the napkin that fell from their table. They argued that ‘wind blew it’, then the conduct violation blew it further away from their feet. That they argued, affirmed that they were unreasonable to someone letting them know that they’d dropped litter. That the group then got aggressive, and loitered around my business, confirmed that which was there in espionage assaults, transmissions, that was data-theft, very serious breaches of conduct. Weaver Cathleen cartel staff then pushed for ‘bad review’ on my business. They’re always the same though this time attempted the word ‘racist’ on an Australian citizen, myself, whom, is being whitecapped by an intercorporate cartel, in a very obvious way.

That Weaver Cathleen is transmit, ‘she’s not an Australian citizen whom has lived here longest so she doesn’t count we were here before her as new Zealander set up next door and we don’t care if she lived in vic all her life’; is perverter of justice system. And usurp of that which is written for purpose of making certain that First Nations Australian people are given positions of Power, in Constitution, to make certain Australia is strength in thousands of years of traditions, and all 600 nations of Australia are recognised, that there is credit for First Nations Australians, and wages for their work essential to Australia.

That which is essential to Australian Forces, that is the other task. That is where I’m looking at a due diligence matter regarding the violations, that are directly involved with 240 years post invasion status of Australia, and spies evasion, and how to make certain that, anything that is hidden by the violators is outed, without being exploited by the people whom are in positions of power, that are strong for Australia.

Posting my photo, with the code, ‘white girl’ is racist. It isn’t something I identify with. I do not work for ‘white coat officials’. The colour coding attempt is totally off, if intended as that.

Australian citizen, civilian; no questions on that, is myself. If I did work for a colour code office, that might be different and I’d be able to action that of data-theft, and conspiracy to act outside jurisdiction of café, and have Weaver Cathleen shut down and shut up for that alone.

That I have to apply for wage-theft, is there. My business is Fine Art Gallery. I deserve credit, recognition and wages for the purposes necessary of making certain my business isn’t whitecapped, and my person never whited-out and other security matter that is something horrid, that officials are attempting and is being misdirected.

‘Yup’ is transmit, of Pfizer misdirect, ‘she’s gone too far, always goes too far for a blog bashie serves, we can’t cartel this one can you please make certain she doesn’t post IT either, we’re out of here this evening into the boxes so to speak with flying colours doctors and air new Zealand licences if permit to fly goes awry, can’t say it is weather patterning can they, oh the contrast I get it the raybeams too bad, can’t toaster it master no not that through a speech of hers or his got’, is totally subversive activity, and should not be firing at myself, a law-abiding citizen.

That the ‘yep’ intrusion, of AstraZeneca, is other, ‘we’re still not getting through to her we’re Pfizer forces or other, I mean metal head league in England and we, oh god what is this’ – is attempt to usurp purpose of military, that must be denied, is impostor attempt. That on Weaver Cathleen cartel isn’t business

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