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Constitutional Candidates Only - fine art galleries are important to Australia

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer for Abolish Psychiatry, professional writer & editor, CEO of fine art gallery, The Painter And The Writer Gallery.

Constitutional candidates only for Victoria’s up-coming election, in November 26th, 2022 – they must remove the impediment to the Compliance Order on the Executive; the legislation that is unconstitutional must be made null & void, to prevent holocaust. Denial is not permitted. The 1946 amendment to The Federal Constitution of Australia Act, 1-V-51-xxiiiA, is in force. The unconstitutional candidates stand accused of treason, and must not further threaten fruit trees, instead much be subjected to impeach, and not hinder justice further.

When a Public Official is formally charged with crime of misconduct, that is also a breach of public’s trust. The public expect the tasks of the political office to be completed in a timely manner, or fashion – Australia doesn’t want cartel to instead take the task demanded and violate citizens with the power of that order on the executive, the conduct demand, turned into misconduct.

There is only null & void of legislation, that is non-compliant with the Federal Constitution 1-V-51-xxiiiA, the right to refuse medicos/ dental/ pharma. When repugnant legislation isn't made null & void, cartel reverse things.

That is the State of Victoria, right now, attempts to violate in horrible ways.

The Health Department, intruding on my Fine Art Gallery, while I care-take the property and make products that are fine art. The Painter And The Writer Gallery, want nothing to do with The Health Department. I have opted out of all digital files, opted out of ambulance cover, opted out of any kind of organ muck. Yes I have the paperwork, and I have opted out of the immune department, because they were acting muck with the cartel as well. Yes, I have the paperwork to prove that, and yes, it was an arduous task to demand that.

I, Ms Initially No, do not approve of medical departments.

I, Ms Initially No, do not approve of pharmaceutical departments

Yesterday, I was subjected to muck that had to do with espionage fired at my knee, and during the night again, the co-con talked up ‘make her trip and fall down the stairs’.

I had to quickly report via Twitter, that the espionage, that was political parties awry, was threat and menacing terrorism, again, through in a more obvious way, and that which party that pertained to, was Parade of Horror, ‘Grey T-shirt’ in Main St, Maldon, Victoria, 2 days prior. They have perpetrated Parade of Horror before, in that cartel arrangement, though this time, in Political Party registered. The known child murderer RANZCP fellow, Patrick McGorry, said to be involved, pushing a 1960s to 1970s testing of a concoction on children, to thrift old-military understanding, and USA First Nations People understanding.

Australia, isn’t USA, when there is no connection to a Tradition for First Nations Australian People, that party is an attempt to usurp ‘First’. And that the ‘Grey T-shirt’ cartel, pushing to South Australia, where there is said to be old bus conviction, via sniffer dogs, not permitted on buses, there.

That words here like ‘overturned’, must only be regarded in Legal sense, and not allow for terrorism, that was there as threat and menace in co-con of transmissions, that cartel perpetrated.

VEC were notified.

There is a demand, that there only be candidates that are obedient to the law. There must be no further espionage weapons assaults on humans, and signals, alerts or other mechanical contrivances used to campaign, where there is that, the crime of espionage needs to be immediately stopped.

I do not want Victoria to be declared war zone, though, very upset this morning, that political parties were not allowing me to even look at candidates.

When there are terrible subversive thugs, that sabotage Australia, that are running for elections – that is horrible cartel, and not lawful, means they’re fascism.

The crime of destroying, ravaging a country, murdering citizens, is that which the cartel is perpetrating – depopulation agrorum. The cartel medico-pharmaceutical need to be charged with those crimes. There are cartel medico-pharmaceutical that are subject to removal from a country, due to their illegal entry, that and all their property must be said to be Proceeds of Crime, if convicted of Crimes Against Humanity and the Commonwealth. That area of law is dangerous due to that which is said to be condemning criminal involving loss of citizenship, and forfeiture of all property, deportatio, that must never be blame-shifted onto Australian citizens, ever again.

That is why, when there is a deport issue, that is to be acted on, never converted into a medicalisation on Australian citizens, to cover their mouths, or shut them up, or say that their thinking was wrong to speak out against the intercorporate cartel, and the deport issue. It isn’t wrong to speak out against crimes of espionage, it is community duty to inform.

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, doesn’t cover what people whom are in Australia have been subjected to via persons with disabilities, and the CRPD got misused, to test spyware, and demand that workplaces employ people with disabilities, and have their workplaces sabotaged by the devices, that are out-of-control pharmaceutical muck on the economy.

Very concerning in Australia, is Fine Art Galleries, being attacked. As a CEO of a Fine Art Gallery, that has been subjected to white-capping, I am outraged, the violations were not stopped sooner. My workplace, doesn’t use electronic weapons, that require licences.

This part of the law should be understood, very well, world wide.

Nudes in a Fine Art Gallery, don’t cover for cartel criminals, and should not be accused. Life Drawing and painting, and fine art associated with understanding how a human looks, at a particular time, place, and where the light and shadows fall – is very important to Fine Art.

There must never be muck of that. That is why Galleries, rarely choose to sell, anything other than Fine Art. And selling wine labels and other packages for catering, that are ‘nakeds’ or ‘clean skins’ is a major faux-pas.

The Painter And The Writer Gallery, my business, put a display only, with a book launch, and the horrible espionage that got, says much of that which is difficult regarding any product, that is food or drink in a Gallery. That is why Fine Art Galleries, generally hire catering staff, for Exhibitions, when there is a Grand Opening, or special exhibition.

My business, a Fine Art Gallery, is never a catering firm, and yet, that intrudes via espionage, and Department of Health And Human Services, and Tax Fraud, related to making claims for catering employment, that are defrauding government, thefts from systems that claim to be Health Department, that are named Aged Care. Now, the care-take should only be related to, things, that are required, and that system, should never be forced on people, or it is arbitrary detention, slavery, torture, and theft of property.

The cover-up, via nudity, that cartel perpetrate; that isn’t permitted. It is unlawful exposure, violence, sabotage of civil rights – that must be stopped, recognised, as the crime. That the crime, isn’t covered up, and the criminals are never allowed to be political candidates. That there must not be data-theft from Courts, that are to do with censorship, for a very good reason. That must never be used by parliamentarians, whom claim to not know what they’re doing with the data-theft. Parliamentarians must regularly report the cartel espionage crimes, and not be neglectful.

It is important that political candidates are competent for Public Office. When an unlearned person is in public office – they must not get there by being a thug with an unlawful electronic weapon. They must not convert alerts, by firing at unarmed-civilian citizens.

Old saying is that an unlearned simple person in public office should never be seen or heard; and someone else added, and nor should the children of that simpleton in public office, because the horror of attempting to control a child that is essentially speaking the robotic guard.

Incompetence in public office – that has to be regularly declared, so that the work will be accomplished, and the robotic guard isn’t employed; or the interviews for jobs are child’s-play to a spy for monopolisation of government by intercorporate fascism (medico-pharmaceutical).

Spies are stupid robotic read-in, horribly harassing, and violent by stealth device; usually in a usurp, unlearned; when the spy is placed for reasons of ‘looks like’ or ‘sounds like’ and ‘can appear as though’ in a sabotage attempt on a country’s government and people.

Now, as a Private Person, I do believe that QT prosecution is necessary, when the intercorporate cartel is as obviously violating, as it is to my business and person, for more than 2 decades. That means, the intercorporate cartel haven’t stopped persecuting myself, and my business, and haven’t stopped thefting my work, and my biometric ID. The intercorporate cartel (medico-pharmaceutical) need to be stopped, with a prosecution, from furthering their horrible sabotage. There should be people supporting the QT prosecution, never usurping and sabotaging. It is in the public’s interest, given I can speak to that which is the crime, without aiding and abetting the crime, because I do not allow for the criminals, no matter how puffed up with fascist powers RANZCP fellows are, I do not allow for their Crimes Against Humanity and the Commonwealth.

If I were in Public Office, I would prosecute, when and where necessary, to stop the war crime on unarmed-citizens, civilians.

It is better for the QT prosecution, for this reason – I, as a citizen am civil rights, and not robotic. The law to be reinforced in this way, then to stop repugnancy, fascism, and foreign interference corruption, internal attack and sabotage. That isn’t idealism, that is necessity.

Public Office, is a system; and when that is in error, QT is more likely to be powerful and correct. That should not open up the courts to QT that is unnecessary, if the courts have means to recognise the issue with going too far with that which is not in the public’s interests.

When a person in Public Office says they were not ignorant of fact, they were intending to tend to that, but other obstructed, then, why didn’t the other get removed from office and imprisoned?

A legislative decision, a resolution or decree, and best efforts obligations are necessary. That there must not be delay, or denial, for holocaust-prevention agreement.

When espionage violation needs to be warrant, search, seizure, arrest – the raid, if not actioned immediately is subjected to fascism, and an attempt by business or union to hire employees or members from a competitor, is the least of the that which is horror reversal.

The horror, is cartel café with adjoining wall to my business, that which is WEAVER, CATHLEEN; ABN 31 988 927 787, perpetrates poisons standards breaches; and fires espionage weapons at humans, including myself, on this day 10-11-22, and prior.

To send (a measure) hastily through the legislature, Executive Government, so there is little time for debate, is legal matter – and must be something reasonable, that needs no further debate, such as null & void unconstitutional legislation.

That, or there is convicting of a person hastily by use of false charges, or insufficient evidence and Galleries told of the ‘framing’. Or, there is Structural Error Tribunals, that require automatic reversal, or they are perpetrating fascism slavery torture arbitrary detention on unarmed-civilians, citizens, whom are being exploited, while the spies evasion gets to perpetrate and get sent hastily else-where.

When there is a railroad send, as something that must also be law-abiding; and bad if criminal cartel are espionage violations, which was threat and menace on this day.

Propaganda that uses the term ‘derailed’ on a human, as a said to be medical condition, when it is terrorism – that is when the electronic weapons licences and conditions for use, or unlicenced electronic weapons have to be stopped, and that would include RANZCP fellows co-conspirators, needing to be hastily put into prison for their Crimes against Humanity and the Commonwealth.

My human gut, should not be of interest to detect. When that is fired at, that means the raid on WEAVER, CATHLEEN; ABN 31 988 927 787, and Patrick McGorry, RANZCP, should have been actioned.

Directional matters, in the Federal Constitution of Australia Act, there is an enabling clause, after said there may be provisions/ services given of medicine, dentistry, pharmaceuticals – ‘but not so as to authorise any form of civil conscription’ (1-V-51-xxiiiA). The direction is obvious, it is a holocaust prevention ask, don’t perpetrate forced human experimentation, allow the population the right to refuse. Only one way to go with that.

The Ratchet Theory, doesn’t get in the way. And the necessary to reinforce that people have the right to refuse was there in 1946 when the amendment was put into the Federal Constitution of Australia Act –

Here, was said, are provisions and services that include spyware, don’t they? For Social Services personnel, yeah? But we know now that is a very dangerous provision/ service for the unarmed civilians, citizens subjected to forced human experimentation, where horrifying war crimes are perpetrated to test the chemical, and electronic weapons – so please do not ever force that provision/ service on the population, because that would be war crime, forced human experimentation. Ipso facto – you may give provisions/ services but you must never force them on your people. Australian Government must null and void any legislation that forces medicine/ dentistry/ pharmaceutical. Only one direction for that, and please do abolish psychiatry, fascism is not permitted.

Don’t delay or sabotage the direction of the enabling clause, the enforcement power, is there is an Oath to the Federal Constitution, and an amendment that is an International, and agreement with the people referendum, to be honoured.

Ratification of Convention Against Torture, and other International Agreements, are also there. Though, a Constitutional amendment, in force, must not be redirected. The contract must be complied with.

Australia should not be rating Navy vessels, instead of complying with 1-V-51-xxiiiA, in all legislation.

Ratiocination necessary, not ratio impertinens, look to – ratio legis, the reason and purpose of law.

Arrive at that by reasoning, that law is follow, and if country chooses to not have law they have anarchy; though if laws are reversed that is fascism.

Must never have unconstitutional legislation, when the constitution forbids that. Law must be rational.

Violations of holocaust prevention are: Any tests for espionage electronic weapons, that is to stop intrusions, that are claiming The Federal Constitution of Australia Act 1-V-51-xxiiiA, is ‘some baby guts gurgle’ when the horrid intercorporate cartel, are firing at myself, or another civil rights activist, that speaks and writes to the truth.

Rationale for choice of words in a legal instrument

Written reason

A pertinent reason

And, a witness’s testimony, such as my own, as CEO of a Fine Art Gallery, that having the ground, a basis for legal claim, or argument relies on that for validity.

The reason for compliance with Constitution, is the law demands that. Witness, is accurate that the non-compliance with 1-V-51-xxiiiA of the Federal Constitution, is due to medico-pharmaceutical cartel, obstructing the one direction of the enacting clause – do not permit forced human experimentation in the guise of medicine. Do not allow medicos to force themselves upon the population. Do not allow medicos to perpetrate forced human experimentation in prisons, and certainly do not allow medicos to arbitrarily detain, and pervert the Courts/ Tribunals into Structural Error, and name that ‘someone’s house’ shifted.

The evidence is cartel medico-pharmaceutical, in Victoria, Australia, are power-grabbing, financially thrifting and putting Fine Art under duress, Raubkunst, and the country doesn’t profit from that fascism.

The cartel medico-pharmaceutical test the horrible espionage weapons biometrics, that is never a good science, to be subjecting the population to, it is sabotage of Australian citizens, and obviously so. The cartel testing their horrible espionage weapons, murdering by stealth, claiming radio communications – and pushing propaganda on the people.

Ration scientiae – means the witness’s testimony basis of knowledge, and legal claim. It isn’t to be said to be ‘science’, ever, in any way that might be perversion of justice.

People hate to think of what to do to stop intercorporate cartel after they arrest and charge them with war crimes in Australia. Hate to think whose grounds and area code are going to be used for that. That said people in Australia, have allowed Spitals to arbitrarily detain, torture, enslave, and theft biometric ID from law-abiding citizens, 80 thousand of whom are murdered every year by the RANZCP fellows horrible weapons tests. That is all psychiatry is, horrible weapons tests, for spies evasion, usurping of Government purpose and violation of citizens, whom are unarmed-civilians.


The Federal Constitution of Australia Act

Black’s Law Dictionary, 11th Edition; Bryan A. Garner, Editor in Chief; Thomas Reuters.

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