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Competition & Consumer Act, 3 volumes of that

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer

A workplace is a contract, and respect. If a worker says they’ve injured, it should not be a requirement to verify that. If the worker is being sabotaged, then the worker might need time off to think about how they word that, if that involves espionage, or anything else. Though, there should be that on forms, to do with injuries. Claims, getting in the way of workplace practices, shouldn’t be there. If a workplace is criminal, violation, they do need to be held accountable. It should be easier, for an owner of a business, to stop an intercorporate cartel violating their workplace, and injuring staff. The intercorporate cartel have no business violating another business, that is not theirs. An intercorporate that thefts biometric ID sabotages staff of another business, that is never acceptable.

Unacceptable conduct violations in Main St, Maldon, Victoria -

When personnel have an electronic weapon, or device, that requires updates, and interaction with their biometric ID; that personnel, has to be able to think with that device, and when that device isn’t working correctly, the thinking is ill/ improper on the electronic device, and when that is a weapon, that is serious improper/ill to interact with, and go-with, as the electronic device could sabotage the industry, or intrude on Government Office, and result in legal and custodial charges against those whom are responsible, or really make the office worker whom follows that direction look silly.

There are particular understandings with the way apps, things, and other devices work – and there are people that try to control something that isn’t their job to control in their position at work, intruding on that which is structure is improper. Though, if there is interference, or corruption then, there should be a means to report the intrusion. Systems vary from country to country, and from workplaces, that are not the same department. There should not be any assuming that there is uniform way in all countries and workplaces. That using foreign intelligence to interfere with a workplace device, app – people should know never to attempt that at a workplace, or focus on that which isn’t their task. When personnel attempt to direct, and press for a change to something that isn’t their focus – that has to be reasonable for the workplace.

If there were a workplace that was aiding and abetting crimes against humanity, that would be unacceptable and need to be something to press for a redirection on, or leave the workplace, or charge the workplace with unlawful demands.

Offensive ways of claiming control over people – such as dictators that are demanding that their way of life be sustained above all others, obstructing justice, civil rights – enslaving, torturing, arbitrarily detaining, espionage violations – that environment is fascist. Not a workplace, to be permitted. Licences for a business, is also a licence to be law-abiding in that business.

In Australia, there is something that needs to be done, very quickly to make certain that all people that visit Australia, understand, that medico-pharmaceutical violations, won’t be tolerated further. That the forced human experimentation, that was part of the violations of invasion, that horror, won’t continue. And the legislation that is repugnant, that should not be permitted to exist, will be formally made null and void, and people will reinforce the facts, about legal issues to do with electronic weapons, and theft of data, and espionage that involves exploiting another’s identity – that these crimes will never encroach on Australian citizens again, the way they have.

People encouraged to come to Australia, through, biomedical associations, and pharmaceutical companies – knowing that they were to be placed to sabotage, that really is, enemy combatant status, and something a workplace has to report immediately, because that gets dangerous for everyone at that workplace, and in the nearby community. Improper use of electronic weapons with licences, restrictions, prohibitions – horrible crime, and scam of industry, to take back to another country, and use to scandalise further.

Volume 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act, outlines that of health of the apps/ things/ devices. That should not be redirected into a human that isn’t personnel, and doesn’t even have an electronic weapon, and usually doesn’t know what that is, and for that person to be called a ‘consumer’ of something they don’t have, is ridiculous, and anti-competition. A workplace app that aided and abetted that, would be unlawful.

The names of electronic weapons, sometimes they’re secret, and medicos have sometimes noted them down and put them into manuals. That said – when medicos are perpetrating war crime against civilians, citizens, and sabotaging workplaces, then, medicos are not really the people that should be looked to, for the information gathering on the worlds electronic weapons, and that which they are named.

That criminal cover-ups, should not be permitted, and to name the truth here, isn’t sabotage of law-abiding businesses, and Government. That which, people have been convinced to allow, is forced human experimentation, really that is not something to cover up, it needs to be stopped.

A device that is used at work, and at home, to do something, a task. That should not interfere with anyone else, and it should not interfere with another person’s house or business.

When there is interference via the street wiring, that is a known crime, and difficulties of staff whom are employed to maintain, direct, and make certain that guides and directions of street, and frequency allotments are not usurped or sabotaged, is that employment. There should be a reporting system, for businesses, though, they should not have to report that regularly, or something is really corrupt with the Government employment, of that which usually includes CCTV.

Definitions in Part XI, Division 1

These definitions are to do with the responsibility for the devices, the things/ apps/ disabilities that are biometric to human interact –

· person assisting

· professional standards law

· proposed ban notice

· proposed recall notice

· reckless conduct

· recreational services

· search related powers

· search warrant means a warrant issued or signed under section 135Z or 136.

· smoking has the same meaning as in the Tobacco Advertising Prohibition Act 1992.

· state of mind, of a person, includes a reference to: (a) the knowledge, intention, opinion, belief or purpose of the person; and (b) the person’s reasons for the person’s intention, opinion, belief or purpose.

Part XI, Division 9

(4) This section does not apply if the exclusion, restriction or modification would apply to significant personal injury suffered by a person that is caused by the reckless conduct of the supplier of the recreational services.

Legislation must not be ambiguous. Legislation must be reasonable interpretation.

Volume 2 of The Competition and Consumer Act, can be understood to be about making certain that people whom are buying recreational devices, for workplaces, have a means to regulate them, and make certain staff are responsible use, and recognise when the device is awry.

There should never be humans exploited in devices, that are not employed at that workplace. It is criminal to allow that.

Security gets sabotaged so much, and so regularly by intercorporate cartel, then that is a very bad situation, or it isn’t managed correctly by a staff member, and there needs to be a review of position and employment. If however that personnel is being sabotaged, for no reason other than an attempt to corporate take-over the security equipment, bought by the company, then, that needs to be looked at.

Part XI, Division 9

(5) The supplier’s conduct is reckless conduct if the supplier:

(a) is aware, or should reasonably have been aware, of a significant risk that the conduct could result in personal injury to another person; and

(b) engages in the conduct despite the risk and without adequate justification.

The business external, intruding, when that is a supplier to another company that is testing a device on the public, on businesses, and people are aware of that, and want to prosecute the corporation that is perpetrating the tests. The worst of that is, they are fraudulently making false claims in the food industry, that the people they tested were eating the packets, when the people were eating something else, and were actively aware of being subjected to forced human experimentation and wanting to prosecute the intrusion. A brand name, that isn’t even close to that which the person cooked in their own house, or business.

False claims, and electronic weapon assaults – they need to be charged with, that are torture, when perpetrated too often and in extremes. That, is very destructive to a workplace, and industry.

That there is a violation, that fires assault, that is Pfizer and names that, ‘an app to soften the stool of disabled person’ – and is fired as a test into a house and business of a human that wants nothing to do with that. That and human isn’t a person whom needs disabilities equipment. The tests are outrageous sabotage. They’re not legitimate, when that is the tests, and when the paperwork attempts to then, push something else.

That whomever is talking about the tests, whom is a whistleblower, would be under contract, and former work with the Pfizer cartel. The human whom is being fired at with electronic weapons, has never been in the employ of, and isn’t aiding and abetting the tests, is actively attempting to stop a violation. Pfizer needs to be prosecuted for that crime, the Corporation, and the personnel responsible, and the personnel involved with the violations. There must not be any excuses for sabotage of workplace, and torture on humans, in their house and workplace.

That is where, arrests, formal arrests have to be actioned. Not home arrests for junior assistants to the MP and her staff. The arrest warrant here, is a very serious crime.

Bendigo West, Politician, isn’t permitted to torture a person because they are demanding investigation of cartel that are sabotaging business. That Maldon Incorporated, as a ABN look up, has various violators that use Pfizer devices, and fire at business and house of law-abiding Australian citizens.

When a very serious offense is perpetrated and attempts to name non-offense as that, serious cartel activity, that needs arrest warrants search and seizure of electronic weapons.

Division 6—Search, seizure and entry

Subdivision A—Powers of inspectors

135 Inspector may enter premises

The search has to be for a reason, of searching for the prohibited thing, unlawfully used thing, and electronic device that is awry. There must not be redirecting of searches, or whom is then writing that up as search again tomorrow, and then for that to be redirected again, seems beyond incompetence.

When there is corruption in Government, and an obvious redirection of search warrants, that then Government corruption needs prompt arrest, search and seizure; and the cartel that was meant to be actioned by watch, audit, and detect.

In Australia there must be strategy to make certain the violations are minimised.

The intercorporate cartel violators must not be enabled, their things/ apps/ devices that are unlawful intrusions must not be enabled. The word, ‘disable’ has been used to attempt to shut down devices, and the old response was ‘but we are disabled’ and ‘without the app we cannot walk free from the spyring’s thieves’; and then, other old films, and art works, to say – ‘au contrary’ and attempt to get the apparatus that might be under where the person is seated in a wheelchair, and all kinds of fuss made about that of disturbing the ‘seat’ and ‘how long am I to sit on an uncomfortable chair’. That is why disqualified, and unlicenced use, or non-licenced equipment, or known prohibited equipment, is cited. There is that and recognising how far people use that word ‘enable’ incorrectly. If the word is to only be applied to an electronic device for security reasons, don’t allow officials to use the word ‘enable’ in another way. If the word ‘enable’ is used by unofficial person, then, that is different, and doesn’t mean they’re criminal intent and actions, just means they’re using a word in a way that people prefer to not use it anymore. Officials have to recognise to be the best example of word use, given they have understanding of High Security reasons. Never cover with the crime, should always be there.

To be encouraging of disabilities, apps, devices – means huge responsibility to make certain that there is a reporting system for management that all staff are aware off, and no corruption of purpose, and outside reporting system if dissatisfied. There must be, arrests regularly for office spaces that encourage disabilities, apps, devices – that is why funding was given, to make certain that there were no other staff intruded on, that there wasn’t sabotage, foreign interference, trespass, and there was no violations external to the workplace, that the workplace is responsible for, for customers, or competition, including attempting to unlawfully lure known consumers.

That is why the app/ thing/ device was named a disability, to say that it could be disabled. It wasn’t to be said to be a person, whom was then disabled, but people started saying that. It isn’t a word to apply to a human. Disabled the weapon, and only if a person is fighting, are they to be disabled, if using their body as a weapon. That, is where the terms got mixed somewhat. Then, said was – well, have to be know how-to discriminate, meaning, know the criminal intent and action, and the person whom might have disabilities, though they’re not perpetrating the crime. That got, ‘don’t discriminate against me, I’m only a disabled person with an app on my lap after someone beat me up in fight’ – and the list of comedy routines. So, there was attempt to make legislation – that didn’t do anything worthwhile, because it was too ambiguous to pass, and sits like a joker, in the legislature, with all the horror of the violent perpetrations by electronic devices, not being prosecuted.

People lured in to identifying with words, that pertain to dangerous machines, disabilities, apps, electronic weapons fired at them – outrageous code of conduct breaches, espionage, treachery and war crimes against civilians. Weapons testing in Australia, via industries unscrupulous, and government funding that, and other disgusting crimes against humanity.

People whom were doing good work in an office, sabotaged by an inveigle into management, and then the company sabotaged and sold. Never good to allow for the crimes of espionage assault. Anti-competition, totally against all treaties, against fundamental law.

The people whom were sabotaged, then, wanted to let authorities know the information, so that they could get their position back, or another similar, or something else, not be blame-shifted. Sometimes the people were then, not even able to pay for regular accommodation, while the people with the apps/ disabilities/ devices claimed to need special accommodation, and got funding for that, while using a stalker app on the person they sabotaged. Angry, yes they were, that is why never allow people to be subjected to wage-theft, and never exploit people to do the work that is given a wage, employ them, if necessary.

When too much information, or understanding, is being hidden, by an intercorporate cartel, and the people whom have been violated, understand something authorities don’t – that is when the people violated deserve respect, as an authority, that has employment that is being overlooked by the authorities, whom cannot just employ anyone to do that task, and must not exploit the person whom gives them an understanding of that which is there.


Competition and Consumer Act Vol 1-3

Information Privacy Act (Vic) 2000, Act No. 98/2000

Copyright Act 1968

Copyright Regulations 2017

Local Government Act 1989

Interest in Act of Parliament, due to the definitions needing to be not ambiguous, and that things are disabilities, define, and limits of the licences, and conditions of the licences of things/ disabilities/ apps, must not intrude, perpetrate war crime, and, question as regarding scams, spies evasion tactics that need to be policed, and jailed as espionage offenses, war crime, enemy combatant. Such that then the legislation Disability Services Act 1991, is not to be used for funding.

Corrections Act 1986

Business Licensing Authority Act 1998

Public Sector Management and Employment Act 1998

Freedom of Information Act 1982 or the Public Records Act 1973

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 1998

Interpretation of Legislation Act 1984

There should not be apps that interfere with courts, or parliament, or other high security; claims of medical necessity may be false or contrived, or violations - Equal Opportunity Act 1995

Financial Management Act 1994

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