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Code of Conduct and necessity

Author – Ms Initially No.

Putting together, understandings in regards to the necessity of purpose of being heard, for reasons of that which are – speaking to the truth, and that other people are not doing enough work to stop the espionage violations of a medico-pharmaceutical intercorporate, and are usurping the place of those whom are able to speak to the espionage, in order to name the crime enough, lawfully. Usurp the law-abiding, unarmed-civilian, whom has education enough to communicate the circumstances, and – then in come the false. Falsehood is not in the public’s interest. Truth is in the public’s interest.

Example, of an Pfizer espionage intrusion –

‘Attacked me before’; ‘on this code of conduct rule in Bendigo, in a bank, and I don’t want to think about how many people get to speak to the crime that she is able to and he isn’t able to speak to yet we can thrift her of her good heart and much else why she is there and say she is just feed’ – is a code of conduct violation, in that a person is being deliberately disenfranchised, deliberately excluded. That and there is theft, and then a blame-shift, that is perpetrated by espionage. False blame, and slander by induction, and usurping of purpose of that which needs to be said by someone whom is able to speak to that which another is given the platform to speak to, instead.

It is disappointing when people don’t recognise exactly what they are doing, and if they do recognise what they are doing – then, they’re sabotaging the person whom they should appreciate, and their own reputation. It does matter, how another person behaves towards the other, and when they blame-shift in a ridiculously nasty way, and don’t allow the person to speak to the truth, and then, accuse the person of attacking their way of saying things.

‘We don’t want you to tell the truth, everything will collapse and we’ll have nothing we know it, we’ve seen it before’ is induction in espionage, ‘we only want Pfizer forces to rule the world’ is horrible content people should recognise is part of that induction, ‘we don’t have much time to get this writ of mandamus turned around so Pfizer can use it’ is even more horrifying conspiracy by espionage device.

I’m not making stuff up, ignore me, and follow that of medico-pharmaceutical espionage, and stuff up, allow the intercorporate cartel to say you are part of their stuff that is a shipping infect – and ruin the country that you love.

Aiding and abetting criminal cartel is horrible, don’t do it.

Recognise the strengths of the people around you, while they are alive. And don’t say you are protecting them, by silencing the truths they speak to, write, sing, and give visual art understanding to.

‘She doesn’t understand what we have to do when we lecture we have to get all the peoples together and deny him and her at once so she understands what it is to truly be vilified until she jades it and leaves him, and forget the book slap on the head she’s not likely to do that, but I wish she would because then I could say to him there, see, everyone does the same thing to you as well – and now you know me’ is there, and intruding on a witness.

I do not want people whom get caught in conduct, and just are never able to get out of someone’s writ on them. Though, I never want to know that someone else does a violent act, then gets to prove, or say the violent act was justified, when there is legal term, that names the violent act assault.

Espionage weapons fired at a human, that is assault, a very disturbing kind of assault.

As a victim of psychiatrists’ violations, whom has been enslaved, tortured, arbitrarily detained, and thefted of biometric ID, business whitecapped – I have every right to criticise another attempting to belittle, or claim they are speaking to the situation, when they get things incorrect.

I will stand corrected, every time a First Nations Australian person corrects me on an understanding of matter, that isn’t my thousands of years of familial understanding, cultural understanding, and so much else. That and anything that pertains to locality of nations in Australia. And I will stand with, and stand aside while First Nations Australian person speaks to that.

It is necessary to the strength of Australia the everybody understands their limits, and where another person isn’t limited, and is necessary to the strength of Australia, and to stop sabotage, that the person that isn’t limited in that understanding, that is civil rights, and law-abiding, speaks to.

Across the world, there is never much difference between fundamental, basic law. When people need to speak to Crimes Against Humanity and the Commonwealth, please let them do that.

When people have some good ideas of how-to stop the Crimes Against Humanity and the Commonwealth, please let them speak to that. And if you see anyone whom is silencing a victim of slavery, torture, arbitrary detention and biometric ID theft – please, don’t allow that person to be silenced.

When there is an intercorporate cartel, the person whom should be heard, is also being fired at with espionage.

Australia must not murder civil rights activists, anymore.

Espionage isn’t hidden, and I speak out against espionage, because I know it is a slow attempt to murder, I do not want concealed by medicos, whom then attempt to profit by the deaths of people whom were fired at by espionage. Disease-mongering, it is called.

That which says - 'I don't want to hear about the intercorporate cartel anymore do you'; 'can we please make certain that their topics are limited to nothing much'; 'please dispose of toxins properly'; 'don't hurt people again' – all of that must be heard. Not just the first part of the sentence. And that is difficult, when espionage devices purposely clip the format, to make the data-theft seem like it were something that could be exploited for blame-shifting.

Understanding the actions on Code of Conduct in Australia, Victoria, recently

There was a security risk, cited in 2019, and necessity to find ways to get the population to be part of making certain that the risk didn’t get catastrophic.

There wasn’t an understanding that was reasonable enough, and the civil rights was never even spoken to, even though, that was crucial.

Asking people to cover their faces with masks, was a mandate issued a few years after people at rally were arrested, and censured for wearing partial facemasks.

There was a misdirection, where there was a fumes issue, and the espionage used by the aggressive medical worker loitering phoning in and arguing, with other pharmaceutical violators blame-shifting by device deliberately onto a person whom couldn’t be the breach. That was at the rally I organised, to abolish psychiatry.

(The people in this photo were law-abiding citizens of Australia. Permission to protest. There were pedestrians that stopped and argued, phoned, and did other things, as rally organiser, I don't exactly have control over pedestrians at Parliament.)

When a misdirection occurs, and people blame the blameless, that is when the violation increases.

It should not be a problem to wear a mask when there are fumes issues, when the person willingly shows their face.

It is a crime to use a device and chemical to fume the air into an espionage mask concealment, and blame the person they’ve made suffer, whom reacts by putting a mask on to stop the fumes being extreme.

The reason a facial mask might be accused, is when people have equipment, in that, which is communications device, not permitted. Evidence must be tangible object, if espionage is suspected.

Then, that thinking again, about the chemical mask, and how that might have been part of what was used to breach security, by the pedestrian with the electronic weapon that looked like a phone, and other hidden equipment, that get named medical, pharmaceutical, but are licences, restrictions, prohibitions for electronic weapons.

The medico-pharmaceutical antagonist, said he put both his wife and daughter into forced psychiatry, because they were improper thinking (though he used another more offensive term). He needed to be told to leave by everyone, not just by the women.

The other espionage misogyny misconduct, more extreme involving Productivity Commission. RANZCP fellow, allegedly interfered with stenographer, wine and aeroplane matter. The stenographer recoding appears as if the RANZCP fellow were interrupted. The footage taken, likely intention was to sabotage all evidence of Ms Initially No having productivity credibility, in 2019, that is there for all to compare and contrast. The interrupter was RANZCP fellow, Harvey Whiteford, and more hideous is espionage 'interrupter'. That is a breach, that really needs prosecution. The RANZCP fellow needs to be put in prison for life.

Details on a blog

Productivity session link to the stenographer's transcript, and difference to video.

Ms Initially No, Productivity Report.

Australian Productivity Commission_IN_web
Download PDF • 226KB

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